News group will cover Alaska social issues


A bold new entrant into the journalism scene in Alaska is led by the former editor of the Catholic Anchor, who in partnership with the president of Crystal Clear Creative, has launched the Alaska Watchman, a news organization that will be covering mainly social issues from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

Joel Davidson had been with the Catholic Anchor for 13 years, but had long dreamed of starting the Alaska Watchman, he told Must Read Alaska. He wants to cover issues that are hot-button items for people of faith, and issues that pertain to the attack on family values.

With video and web, the Alaska Watchman will explore social issues including free speech, religious freedom, marriage, abortion, LGBTQ controversies, and more.

Davidson and Jake Libbey are raising money for the project with this video, released today:

Davidson is a life-long Alaska who lives in Palmer with his wife and children. Besides his longtime experience at the Catholic Anchor, he was a reporter for the Frontiersman from 2004-2006.

The website for the news organization is already launched and populated with several stories, including a story on Drag Queen Story Hour, Planned Parenthood sex-ed materials, Alaska Bar Association freedom of speech issues, and more.

Davidson will appear on Wednesday at 5 pm with Jim Minnery on the Family Matters radio show on KVNT 92.5FM or 1020AM to discuss the project and its unique niche in the Alaska news landscape.


  1. I am not a fan of organized religion, but I try and respect their way of being (as long as it isn’t pushed on me). However, this whole transvestite story hour is WRONG. Parents who are okay with this really need their heads examined.

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