Newly hired Alaska Airlines employees will have to be Covid-19 vaccinated


New hires with Alaska Airlines will need to get the Covid-19 vaccine, the airlines said in a statement Thursday.

“Our goal is to have as many employees vaccinated as possible,” the statement reads. “We have not yet made a decision on a vaccine requirement for current employees but did implement two new policies to help us reach this goal. All new hires at Alaska and Horizon must now be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by their date of hire.”

Seventy-five percent of Alaska and Horizon employees who have shared their vaccination status are vaccinated. Employees who provide the company proof of vaccination will receive a $200 payment, and those who are unvaccinated are being forced to take part in a vaccine education program.

If they get sick with Covid or who have been exposed to it and must quarantine, they will not be paid for their quarantine time.


  1. Alaska Air is a science denier. Vaccines are unnecessary when you have medication’s that can cure or some thing like Covid. HCQ and ivermectin are both curious for Covid. This means vaccinations and mandates and lockdowns and masking are all make-believe stupidity.

  2. “If they get sick with Covid or who have been exposed to it and must quarantine, they will not be paid for their quarantine time.”

    This makes no sense at all. The vaccinated can contract and pass Covid just as easily as the non vaccinated can.
    Why take away pay from someone who contracts the flu? This is discrimination.
    Furthermore, if any of there employees feel ill, they surely are not going to tell anyone for fear of “unpaid punishment”. This will ultimately lead to more infections at Alaska Airlines making it a breeding ground.
    So here’s your WARNING Alaska…. Stay away from Alaska Airlines! It will be a hotbed for Covid-19 and variants!

    • What does quarantine mean? Literally and “legally”. Quar means 40. Forty days you can’t bother a “widow” about who owns her domicile that was provided to her by her now dead spouse. Forty days. So when we quarantine someone now it’s talking about someone who IS sick and has Ebola etc. after forty days that person sees a private doctor who will say the person is still sick with Ebola or writes a release from quarantine. NEVER well people who are not sick for any days are lawfully Way out of bounds here with stuff made up here all unlawful I believe. But the seriously mentally ill want this maladministration. This is not lawful / Constitutional.

  3. Racist graphic on Alaska Air jet. Get rid of it and quit being disrespectful to our people. We have to listen to, “Flying Eskimo,” and “Smiling Eskimo,” and a few things not printable at MRAK. Alaska Air is opportunistic and out of touch.

    • How exactly is a picture of an Eskimo “racist”, Tookalook?
      Or do you think that ANY representations of living people are somehow ‘racist’?
      Frankly, I don’t think you know what the word “racist” actually means.

    • There is absolutely NOTHING racist about that graphic. It is meant to honor Alaska natives, Eskimos included. I told my Eskimo gentleman friend that some people were saying the word ‘Eskimo’ was racist. I didn’t think he was ever going to stop laughing.

  4. In July, 86% of new COVID cases in Israel (which is 84.4% vaccinated) were people who had already been fully vaccinated.

    See the pattern yet?

    • That has to do with the fact that most people in Israel are vaccinated. Those who remain unvaccinated are young and healthy, and are less likely to develop severe COVID. Also, if what you guys say about the vaccine, shouldn’t we be seeing no one in the hospital who isn’t vaccinated? I mean, if the vaccine is so bad, and COVID isn’t a problem, there should ONLY be vaccinated people in the hospital. Which is it?

      • George S, you are pointedly and completely refusing to address the clear and irrefutable facts presented by poster “Damon”. Why do you digress into non-sequiturs and irrelevances, instead of directly confronting those damning statistics out of Israel (among many other places)?

        • Nothing damning about statistics. They’re just numbers. It’s how you use them that is the concern. If you’re afraid of a little context here, then you should show yourself the exit. Otherwise, feel free to address the context being most people in Israel are vaccinated. And nearly every person with known health risks are vaccinated. So it’s not surprising that most people in the hospital are vaccinated. The question is, are people dying or getting seriously ill who are vaccinated. And the answer is no. Sorry to frighten you with information.

          • Sorry to frighten YOU with information, but yes…there have been people who are fully vaccinated who have been hospitalized and died. The vaccine is not “bullet-proof”. I have pretty much all the co-morbidities that they say will kill me if I got Covid. Well, I had the Wu-flu recently. I didn’t even bother to go to the doctor. I was sick for about a week and while it wasn’t fun, I’ve been much sicker with the flu or pneumonia. I personally know people who have had severe reactions to the vaccines. Mandating vaccines is wrong. If the vaccines work so well, why are they afraid of people who aren’t vaccinated then? Oh, by the way, I CAUGHT the Wu-flu from a “fully vaccinated” person!

      • If the “vaccine hesitant” are actually the problem we should be seeing an over representation of them in the hospitals.
        If the “vaccinated” are actually enjoying any of the advertised benefits of the mRNA shot, the primary benefit being protection against severe symptoms that require hospitalization, then we should see very few, proportionately, in the hospitals.
        What we seem to be seeing in reality is exactly the opposite.
        Use some common sense…they’re telling us one thing but real world evidence tells us something different.
        Trust what you can actually see rather than what someone tells you.

  5. Terrible to see this I’m just glad there are 2 people flying the planes in case one suddenly has an adverse reaction.

  6. If the unions aren’t getting kickbacks on vaccinations from pharmaceutical companies, one expects the unions to conduct a strike vote and to sue the company for invading employees’ medical privacy.
    To be consistent, the company must force fat employees to take part in a weight-loss education program.
    If employees get sick from being fat, they will not be paid for time off work.
    To be consistent, the company must force smokers to take part in a smoking-cessation program.
    If employees get sick from smoking, they will not be paid for time off work.

  7. This policy shows how group think can over ride logical fact and critical thinking in a population. Vaccinating people for the Delta variant of the virus with the vaccine developed for last year’s variant is scientifically an idiot’s errand.

  8. Time to stop flying Alaska Air. Likely time to stop flying commercial.
    Cancelled my Christmas tickets with them.
    I hope they choke on low employment and low sales.
    Need a real Alaskan Airlines.

    • Sadly, they won’t choke on low sales. All of the commercial airlines are part of the bail-out model and have been for well over a decade. if anyone questions why they are jumping on this vaccine mandate, just go research who their real revenue source is. We are all paying for them but it’s not through purchasing their services, it’s through the money the government is stealing from us through taxes and inflation of the money supply.

  9. This whole thing about vaccination cards is a joke. I worked security at the Alaska Airlines Center and I saw many loose official covid cards. Easily able to forge. What a joke

  10. Of 514 patients in Israel hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Aug. 15, 59 percent were fully vaccinated, according to an Aug. 16 article from Science that cited national data tracked by Israel’s largest health management organization. The figures suggest breakthrough infections may be more common than the term implies, the report suggests.

    Most of the vaccinated patients who were hospitalized, about 87 percent, were at least 60 years old.

    “This is a very clear warning sign for the rest of the world,” said Ran Balicer, CIO at Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest health maintenance organization. “If it can happen here, it can probably happen anywhere,” he told Science.

    The country has one of the world’s highest COVID-19 vaccination levels, with about 78 percent of those ages 12 and older fully vaccinated, mostly with the Pfizer vaccine. At the same time, Israel now has one of the highest infection rates in the world, potentially a sign of waning vaccine immunity as the highly contagious delta variant spreads, Science reports.

    In response, Israel began administering booster doses to people ages 60 and older July 30. The country has since expanded booster dose eligibility to Israelis who are at least 50 years old.

    Given the large number of fully vaccinated Israelis, some breakthrough cases were expected, health officials say, and a growing body of research has shown those who are unvaccinated face far higher risks of severe illness or death from a COVID-19 infection.

  11. That way they can be Spike Protein Bioproduction Facilities and spread the spike proteins all over the aircraft and infect all the passengers.

  12. What a stark contrast between this employer’s approach to employment and Bernadette’s.
    One loves freedom and liberty for their workers, and the other hates it…..

    • The least free place is in an ICU bed hooked up to a ventilator. If you die there, finally you will be free.
      Perhaps Bernadette’s moto should be COVID Forever.

      • No, the least free place is the Orwellian totalitarian Hell that you spineless cowards and Karens are desperately trying to shove the entire world into, all based on exaggerated and irrational fears instilled into you by a self-serving and sociopathic oligarchic elite who care NOTHING about you, your health or your freedom, but only about concentrating total power in their own hands.
        Any five year old should be able to clearly see what is happening today: the rapid rise of totalitarianism, egged on by the oldest strategy in the world: those in power whipping up hysteria and wildly exaggerated fear in the mentally and morally weak, such as yourself.

      • I don’t know why I’m even bothering to reply to you, since we already know you’re a troll afraid to use your real name, but…here we go. There are a lot of reasons one could be hooked to a ventilator, not just the Wu-flu.

        I’m 61 years old and have all the co-morbidities (most of them anyway) that say I will likely end up on a ventilator and die if I get Covid.

        Well, I’m here to tell you that I did get Covid, and I did not end up at the hospital. I didn’t even go to the doctor. I was sick for a week, and while it wasn’t fun, I’ve been much sicker with influenza and pneumonia. Oh, and I was infected with covid by a “fully vaccinated” person.

      • How free a person could feel on an ICU bed is all in the perspective of the person. Hahahaha. The hum hum of a ventilator would be more soothing than the constant drippings of a nagging wife.
        It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house. KJV

        It’s all in perspective of who is the patient.

        • You’re always dripping with venom regarding wives. Why is that? You’re married and still trolling? Real Christian don’t do that. Might ought to take the whisk broom to your brains and here’s why: Typically females support the morals of civil society. You take the lead in disrespecting females participating in the God-given institution of marriage. You don’t believe in it do ya. There’s a reason predators do that. They were taught badly.

  13. Alaska Airlines can go pound sand! I will choose not to fly at all or choose another airline that is not playing doctor and forcing an intervention on employees that is problematic!

  14. Science no longer matters because they loose that argument every time, this is becoming a religion. A worship or practice of idolatry, group compliance and identity.
    This vaccine no-longer holds any legitimacy to anyone with the ability to critically think for themselves.
    Its becoming more and more evident to the nefarious nature of these jabs.
    How many more “conspiracy’s” need come true before people wake up?

  15. Go to Rumble and search for this Stew Peters video: AIR TERROR! Pilot Has Terminal Stroke IN-FLIGHT, Jab Mandates Continue…….watch it and then ask yourself how safe you feel flying on a plane where the pilots are mandated to get this “vaccine”

  16. If you are negatively affected by agency or corporate behavior that results in diminishment of your unalienable rights or unequal treatment caused by policies attempted by individuals, corporations or agents or agencies file a written protest with the legislature petitioning an urgent inquiry into the usurpation or discriminatory treatment. The people have sovereignty in this resplendent republic. Send the perpetrator(s) a copy of your written protest with a cover letter asking them to cure their unconstitutional acts and policy. Itemize their wrongdoing (who when where what and why) If you can itemize the Constitutional Articles they have broken it will help but if you can’t the petitioned thorough legislative review will cure that for you. If they engage in interstate trade, international trade, or receive transportation subsidy or if they received US trust funds they must have Constitutional practices. Ask for an investigation into the practice and ask for the business license to be deactivated. Send a copy to: the Court Clerk for your region, to Alaska Supreme Court Clerk, the Alaska AG, Federal AG, And the Governor. If they renege send same request to Secretary of State and ask for a Congressional Investigation, And the Commander in Chief and Secret Service. This is being done in all fifty states right now with preliminary results already. The US Constitution does NOT say take it to the Judiciary. It literally tells us to petition our legislators for our grievances. They are our court of justice and court of record. If they refuse to defend the Constitution per their oath to defend the Constitution they may be discharged from duty. This is due process. No one knows it because it is substantially never taught so the Constitution cannot work as intended and we can easily be invaded etc.

  17. How is putting an Eskimo on the plane a sign of racism? Your using a picture of an indigenous person as the face of your company! Why wouldn’t that make you proud? Tookalook? Respond and defend your remark because otherwise it’s just humorous and makes no sense.

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