Mayor Pierce to introduce resolution declaring Kenai ‘inclusive community’ where non vaccinated people are treated equally


Kenai Mayor Charlie Pierce is introducing a resolution that would declares the Kenai Peninsula an “Inclusive Community where Citizens are Treated Equally and Empowered with Free Choice.”

The mayor wants citizens and visitors on the Kenai to be able to choose if they want to wear a mask, get a vaccine, and to ensure them they won’t be discriminated against or disparaged in any way if they refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Assembly members Jessie Bjorkman, Richard Derkevorkian, and Bill Elam are cosponsoring the ordinance, which will be presented Tuesday at the regular Assembly meeting.

The mayor and the three sponsors said in a memo to the Assembly that the resolution “emphasizes that the assembly and administration are opposed to government mandates that would require proof of vaccination status for access to local businesses, places of worship or community events.”

Further, “This resolution also emphasizes the idea that empowering free choice includes not disparaging fellow citizens for their personal choice to get a COVID-l9 vaccination or their choice to wear face coverings.”

“While encouraging citizens to follow CDC guidelines and best practices, the assembly has not supported government-imposed vaccine inoculation or mask wearing mandates. This resolution supports citizens‘ free choice and opposes government mandated restrictions that may segregate and divide our community based on vaccine status,” the four said in their statement.


  1. As a resident of the Kenai Peninsula, this is good to see (of course I’d really like to see action at the state level, but that doesn’t seem likely). A lot of us have been watching the vaccine mandates creeping across the country with alarm, wondering when it’ll be coming here.

    • Homo, He Wrecked Us:
      Only when LGBTQ tries to seek extra-constitutional rights and lie about their real intentions. And stay the hell away from my young children.

      • So you side in favor of the virus? Does COVID-19 respect Constitutional rights? I think perhaps not. That may be the ultimate definition of extra-Constitutional.
        On the other hand, well, never mind…

  2. This is awesome. Treating people as equal regardless of race, color, religion, political belief (or vaccinated status), used to be the left’s mantra. No more! Now the left are the opposite of “liberal,” promote socialism’s tool; censorship.

  3. Dammed awesome! You hear that Anchorage assembly and state legislators? I do, it’s called the voice of freedom! It’s called leading by example! Learn it!

  4. I love it when Liberal tactics and language are used against them. They go nuts, even Liberals don’t like having Liberalism pushed on them. The vaccines and masks are supposed to be a suit of armor. If you’re vaccinated and wearing a mask, why should you care what the person next to you has? Wear two masks, or three, there is no mandate limiting the number of masks you can wear.

  5. Imagine living and working in a community where you are not daily discriminated against! Maybe I should move out of Anchorage after 45 to a community that better reflects my inclusive values?

  6. My Yard Sale sign read “YARD SALE, UNVACCINATED ONLY!” Most pleasant and profitable yard sale Ive ever had. No hagglers, no Karrens, no bad checks and no theft.

    • Are you being purposefully ironic? Or do words like inclusivity, equality, free from discrimination and disparagement only apply when they suit your one-sided perspective?

    • Hahaha. Might as well show the covid vaccinated what it is like to be discriminated against, since they been doing it to the rest of us. Besides we have a bigger concern than a teeny weeny virus named covid, like a bigger problem called Indifference in the church for one another’s salvation.

  7. Shhhhhh!
    Quiet Kenai Peninsula! You going to attract more freedom loving Democrats to your region. Those who are tired of being around the consequences of their groups freedom reducing policies.
    You don’t need to boast. During this time be wiser not to boast how much freer another community is living than other communities, while America is experiencing this shifting of residents from Blue areas to more Red areas.

    • It’s my understanding Alaska GOP already are aware Mayor Pierce is doing a fantastic job leading his community the Right way.

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