New poll: Democrats sticking with Biden, Republicans still with Trump


Just days after former President Donald Trump was indicted on 37 federal charges relating to his handling of documents that he says he declassified, his backing among Republican and Republican-leaning voters appears to mostly stable, according to a national poll conducted by Quinnipiac University and released Wednesday.

The poll was conducted prior to Trump’s arraignment in a Miami court on Tuesday.

“A federal indictment. A court date on a litany of charges. A blizzard of critical media coverage. The negative impact on the former President’s standing with voters? Not much at all,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

The poll, which ran from June 8-12, presented Republican and Republican-leaning voters with a roster of 10 candidates seeking the GOP nomination for president. Trump emerged as the favorite, securing the support of 53 percent of respondents. His nearest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, trailed significantly with 23 percent backing.

Other candidates in the race found less favor among respondents. Former Vice President Mike Pence, former United Nations Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie each garnered 4% of support. Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy received the approval of 3% of participants, while former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson earned 1% support. All other listed Republican candidates recorded less than 1 percent backing.

In a hypothetical general election matchup, the poll indicated a tight race between incumbent President Joe Biden and Trump. Biden held a narrow lead, securing 48% of the vote against Trump’s 44% among all registered voters, close to the margin of error. This represents a minor shift from Quinnipiac University’s previous national poll conducted on May 24th, where Biden had 48% and Trump received 46% of the vote.

President Joe Biden is still strong among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters. Biden retains 70% favoring his candidacy. However, declared candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. garners 17% support, while Marianne Williamson follows with 8%. These numbers suggest that although President Biden has a strong base of support within his party, 30% are willing to look at other options.

Biden received a 42% favorable rating among all types of voters, while 54% expressed an unfavorable opinion of him.

Kennedy, Jr. has a 31% favorable rating, with 26% expressing an unfavorable opinion. Williamson received a 7% favorable rating, accompanied by a 21% unfavorable rating.

In terms of job approval, registered voters gave President Biden a negative 42% rating. However, this marks a slight improvement from the negative 38% rating recorded in a previous poll conducted by Quinnipiac University on May 24.

Among all Americans, President Biden received a negative 41% job approval rating, indicating a modest increase from the negative 36% rating in May.

When asked about specific policy areas, opinions were divided.

On President Biden’s handling of the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 45% of Americans expressed approval, while 47 percent disapproved.

In foreign policy, 39% approved of President Biden’s approach, compared to 53% who disapproved.

On the economy, 38% approved of his actions, whereas 57% expressed disapproval.

His ratings on the federal budget were also low, with 37% approving, while 55% disapproved.

Wednesday’s results are part of a series of close head-to-head results between Biden and Trump recorded by Quinnipiac University since they began tracking this particular metric in February 2023. The findings indicate that despite his legal troubles, Trump’s influence within the Republican Party remains strong, as does his competitiveness in a potential rematch against President Biden.

Read the results of the entire poll at this link.


  1. Let’s see three months from now. I’d expect them both to get bumps from the jihad/clown show.

  2. Democrats always stick with the sick, corrupt, mentally ill, cheats, liars, philanderers, criminals, and spiritually distressed. It’s who they are.

    • Tiffany, I think you need to listen to yourself. Would your mother be proud of how you sound? I think not. Turn off Fox, Newsmax, Bannon, and the like before it’s too late for you. Sounds like it almost is now.

      • She is correct, Whidbey. And most (RINO and neocon) Republicans are right behind the Democrats in the depths of their corruption, evil and illegitimacy.

      • Whidbey, thank you ever so much for reinforcing what I have come to expect from leftists across the globe.
        It is the automatic assumption that anyone you disagree with must be brainwashed by some outside force. While, at the same time, leaving the implication hanging that you are well read and free of outside influence.
        Here is a pro tip. Accusing someone of blindly following news sources you disagree with is not an effective debate technique. In fact, is makes you look stupid.

  3. When did so many republican voters become so stupid? Trump is a disaster. He grew the national debt by trillions of dollars. He repeatedly expressed his friendship/support for Hillary Clinton (before he ran for President.) He has said revolting things about women. He dodged the draft. He ran his businesses into bankruptcy, and recently he left highly classified documents in unsecure locations. He did not get the “wall” built in his four years in office. He only got 47 miles of a new primary barrier built.

    We need a candidate that does not embarrass us. Ideally- a candidate that is younger, a proven fiscal conservative, and one who has served our country in the military, and has prior experience in elective office.

    If trump is the nominee, we will lose important independent voters, and that increases the chance we’d have the head of the Biden Crime Family again- a disaster for our country.

    Recall Trump lost the popular vote twice, both times to the traitors, Hillary and Biden.

    • Trump is the only honest politician in history to tell it like it is, and do what’s best for America. He’s make good on every promise he’s made, and under him we saw the biggest economic growth in US history. All the news against him is liberal propaganda being used to discredit and divide.

    • We know what we’re getting with Trump. He has a big mouth, but he doesn’t hate America like the others.

  4. “Biden received a 42% favorable rating…”
    I should be able to collect repartitions from that 42%
    Seriously. Where are these people? I still see Trump T-shirts and hats, I see Trump bumper stickers. But, I have seen only one Biden bumper sticker since 2020. One. I have yet to see a Biden hat or T-shirt.
    In fact, the few times I do engage a Democrat, they cannot say what Biden is doing right, only say what is wrong with Trump. So, seriously, where is the support?

  5. Really? Half of Americans support allowing 9 million criminal invaders to walk across our border? That’s a first in world history. Makes you think the media in this country is run by the corrupt National Security Agency.

  6. 350 million people and these are the best we have. No wonder America is now a third world piggy bank with a rainbow military and crooked politicians. We have no true friends as we have screwed every country for our monetary gain. This is clearly the powerful ruling the masses. We are the foolish country with billionaires pocketing money straight out of the printing press. The game is rigged and we are headed towards extinction.

  7. Dig into it a bit and just about any Republican candidate could beat Biden. The seventy-seven year old Trump cannot. His negatives are just too high.

  8. It is hard to believe that there is even 1% support for the brain-dead, Chinese-bribed, WEF and Soros-funded puppet and traitor currently inhabiting the White House.

    • Actually it’s not. Generations of indoctrination via public Ed has created a large cohort of mindless socialists.

      It’s sad, but not surprising.

    • Alleged support from the public, as expressed in manipulated polling, is an illusion and meaningless. Polls are conducted to shape opinion not accurately gauge it. Biden was installed as puppet, to “hold” the executive position, not manage it. Any one of the candidates running are acceptable, except for Trump. The goal is for a handful of oligarchs to maintain power and wealth and keep the masses in ignorant servitude.

  9. Those not with Democrats and who aren’t a democrat can learn a lesson from them about loyalty. This crowd is willing to go down with the captain when the ship is sinking.

    • Nothing honorable about being a fool willing to follow a dangerous commander to your own death.

  10. According to the poll, a majority of respondents had an unfavorable opinion on ol’ joe for the Ukraine, foreign policy, and the federal budget. And yet the dems will STILL vote for him. And why? Because Trump puts out mean Tweets! Never mind that we had a secure country, stronger military, stronger economy, and respect from our enemies.

  11. When the Democrats spend most of their time and energy harrassing Donald Trump with phoney indictments, frivilous lawsuits, and unfound threats of jail time…….you know Trump is far ahead in the polls. The American voters will decide Trump’s fate.

  12. The bad taste should be from Teflon Joe who has sold out America to our adversaries for millions of dollars to pay for his crack addicted sons drug habit. Oh but wait… that was all done under the democratic Obama regime.

    • No doubt the Obama regime was one of the dirtiest and most crooked in recent history but they were giving him a blank check so he could do what he wanted to just basically because he was sort of blackish. He covered up for Clinton with Benghazi, he covered up for the millions of State money that went missing when Dad Clinton was taking care of the Haitian disaster, he looked the other way with Uncle Joe probably because he thought Uncle Joe was a joke and that there was no way the United States would ever elect him. Obama even looked the other way when Ferguson was on fire, when all it would have taken was one simple address to tell the folks to knock it off. Obama looked the other way when they were ambushing police, someone calling in a 911 and having a case there ready to take them out when they showed up. Yes, the anointed one left the White House with a pretty penny in his pocket. As far as I know he didn’t try to steal the White House china like Hillary did but in many ways he was the beginning of the end of this country the way we have become accustomed to living. He hates America so badly that he would like to see it in flames but what he doesn’t care about is who would come crawling up out of those ashes.

  13. You only have to look who the major supporters of DeSantis are,, Soros, bush,, Ryan, probably Murkowski that is if she isn’t supporting Biden,, to see where he stands, same old sh-t.
    Let trump finish what he started, to say he didn’t do anything in his term, is plain blindness. He is the only one talking about getting rid of the globalist scum among other things needed in this nation.

    • Agree, outside of Trump, the rest of the candidates are all globalists. Kennedy Jr is a wild card, preferable to any so called Republican or Dem, but he is not “in” with the permanent power brokers. His uncle was killed to remove him from the presidency. The problem is no government agencies respond to presidential authority. We have a permanent junta in complete control which goes through the 4 year election ritual to let the masses think their will matters. It doesn’t.

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