Never-ending: Students must stay in masks in Anchorage schools, says superintendent


Superintendent of Schools Deena Bishop says the students in Anchorage schools will remain masked. Earlier the latest mask mandate was to end this week. Now, there is no end in sight.

In December, the Anchorage School Board overrode Bishop, who had previously discontinued the mask mandate in the fall.

The board, with member Dave Donley dissenting, put masks back on the students when they returned from winter break on Jan. 3. The mandate was to end Jan. 15.

“Changing topics to our COVID-19 mitigation plan, at this time, the mask requirement for all ASD buildings will extend. The total new cases per 100,000 persons in the past seven days was 2,210 as of January 12. For context, this number was hovering close to 100 when my decision was initially made last month to provide for parent directed mask use,” Bishop wrote in a letter to parents on Thursday.

“As mentioned in my previous update, ASD will follow new CDC guidelines and reduce the length of time to stay home from 10 days to five days for those testing positive for COVID-19,” she wrote. “If a student or employee tests positive, they must stay home five days after their first symptom or positive test, whichever is earlier. After five days, the student or employee may return to school or work when they have not had a fever in 24 hours without fever-reducing medicine and as long as other symptoms are improving,” she said.

Bishop said there may be suspended bus service soon for students.

“Another possibility in the coming days may be a return to temporarily suspended bus routes. As a courtesy to families, the Transportation Department has prepared a cohort of transportation routes that could transition into a three-week suspension period should COVID-19 staffing shortages impact transportation. This is contingency planning–please know the Administration aspires to continue normal service. To view the cohorts and to monitor COVID-19 transportation updates, click here,” Bishop wrote.

Anchorage schools have 964 active Covid cases, according to the data dashboard.

She said she wants to keep schools open and with in-person learning.

Read Bishop’s entire letter here.


  1. Disgusting. Grown ups using children as pawns. Utterly unforgivable. Merely says we have far too many weak people in government and in the voting booth.

  2. It breaks my heart to see indoctrinated KKK (Krazy Kovidian Kult) parents inflict these stupid, pointless, useless and dehumanizing masks on their children. I hope that there is a special place in Hell reserved for such evil parents.

  3. These kids are being trained in elementary school to be little Communists. Can any of them cite the Pledge of Allegiance?

  4. Anchorage needs to grow a spine and protect their children from these tyrants who are loving the power they are wielding.

  5. If Anchorage voters really wants to take back control of Anchorage, the most important vote is school board.
    Not mayor, not assembly, not senate, not governor. School board.

  6. So, they put a mask mandate in place, and the Kung Flu count went from 100 per 100,000 to 2,210 per 100,000…….and Bishop doubles down on forcing children to wear masks, even though over a 100 studies worldwide prove that A) they are ineffective at stopping the spread, and B) children are extremely low risk for mortality or complications if they catch the virus.
    Seems totally legit, and not about heavy handed power over the masses…… all.

        • Thank goodness for responsible government. I’m glad my daughter is protected at school. Her aunt, whom is a teacher, just tested positive and her whole family is very sick right now. Schools are not safe without masking and vaccinations. I’m glad the school board is willing to stand strong against ignorant, whining anti mask parents.

      • Cops carry guns to stop bad people. I’m all for armed citizens for exactly that reason. Let’s lower crime and mandate gun ownership while we’re at it.

    • They’re using masks and vax to extend the pandemic by preventing natural immunity – the perfect crisis to try to persuade people to give up their freedom and vote communist. Let no fantasy go to waste, Brandon…

    • There’s nothing wrong with that statement that you make. Indoctrination centers as you call them AKA schools taught many a young kid how to live in a decent peaceful society. They taught kids things that parents should have taught them. I’m not advocating Anchorage school system because I think they suck. But to say schools in general are bad is not accurate. In this case the board can’t win. If a bunch of kids get sick and heaven forbid we lose one or two of them then the public is going to be on their butt. If they don’t keep the schools open then a bunch of parents are going to call for yanking their salaries and wanting to put it in their own pockets, send teachers packing because they’re not working, the kids aren’t learning anything and they’re bored, I’m tired of babysitting my brat, blah blah blah. So they can’t win and you are evidence of that. So all they can do is pass a mandate so that the kids have to wear the useless masks and that way on paper it looks like they’re doing all they can to keep School open and protect children. It’s not rocket science people.

      • It’s Child Abuse! Free Americans Breath Freely. And the damned schools are Communist Indoctrination Centers, that is not even debatable anymore.

      • Modern public schools are not that different to “assimilation” boarding schools in the late 19th century. Only the motto has changed, “Kill the Conservative Christian in him, and save the man.” #everythingchangeseverythingstaysthesame

  7. Reminder:
    The goal of leftists is to replace all interpersonal relationships with an all consuming love of the all powerful State. Every other relationship is secondary.
    The intendent ( I will not use the letters S-U-P-E-R to describe them) fully well knows that masking children impedes their ability to form interpersonal relationships. They know it will result in socially hindered adults. They do not care, because flexing the muscle of the State, and forcing compliance of the populace is more important.
    The data does not support mandatory masking of anyone, and it is especially meaningless in children, but here we are. Because the collective is more important.

      • Some would say ‘educators’ brought it upon themselves demanding that they, rather than parents, instruct their students within social constructs, rather than simply basic educational constructs…

        ‘Teachers’, as it were, were NEVER intended to be babysitters, but as instructionalists within the most basic of skillsets, and ONLY as that, and anything BEYOND that would, and should be left unto the parents, within the HOME of said parents….

        Just sayin’….

      • You are not incorrect there Greg.
        However, it is much worse than all of that, and it pre-dates the panicdemic by decades.
        Parents brought it on themselves by subcontracting their parenting to the State. It started because some feminists started convincing mothers that their career was just as important (if not more important) than their children. An entire day care industry started because mothers did not want to give up their jobs, so they contracted out their parenting. Schools is just the next step.

  8. Remove the Superintendent with someone that will actually make decisions based on the science of masks instead of following an agenda. Masks do not stop viruses, PERIOD! You are harming your children by allowing these sycophant’s to employ their political agenda that is not based on science. Wearing a mask only decreases their oxygen levels and increases their intake of bacteria which can lead to Bacterial Meningitis. There are 2 clear choices here, either remove the leftists running your schools with real people that will look at the facts or remove your children from the government school system that is indoctrinating, not teaching your children. Bottom line, protect your kids from an agenda that is using them as cattle rather than American citizens with unalienable rights from birth under a Constitutional Republic. We the people have the ability to alter the madness the left has concocted to control you. Don’t let them!

  9. Any critically-thinking person has long ago realized that mask mandates are NOT about public health in any way whatsoever, but are simply badges of conformity and compliance, as well as tools to perpetuate fear and dehumanization.

      • The only dead horse in the conversation here is the blind, unscientific and evil belief/fetish that forcing dehumanizing and ineffective masks on everyone will somehow stop the spread of a viral disease, in all contradiction to all pre-2020 medical and scientific knowledge and accepted fact.

  10. Foolishness. The number of new Omicron cases has skyrocketed to over 1 million per day, but the number of deaths worldwide remains in the low hundreds. It is ridiculously contagious, but its symptoms are “incredibly mild compared to past variants of concern. For most people it’s barely a cold, if that. Sniffles, a headache, and some tiredness.” (‘’)
    The Omicron variant is a blessing in disguise. When we all eventually catch it, it will produce natural immunity and take us a huge step toward beating this thing. Masking our children will not prevent them catching it, and will only delay their bodies producing the antibodies they need.

  11. On a cold day when you can see your breath when you exhale, put on a mask. Notice you still see your exhaled air come out around and threw the mask. They are worthless, and they are hurting our kids.

    This is nothing more than Liberal self importance on the part of the majority on the ASD School Board. They have a deep burning need to be seen as Doing Something Important. And they have a burning need to be in control of your child. After all, your children are future voters.

    And masks on faces are a very visible sign of obedience to the dictates of the Dear Leaders.

      • Better leave science to those that know oxygen does not cause the condensation when you exhale on a cold day.

      • When I see Fauci et al wearing a bedazzled CCP made cloth mask whilst cooking up COVID-20 over in their lair in Wuhan, I’ll buy into you rhetoric Greg.

  12. Sanity left the building a long time ago. It should be obvious now that masks don’t work. Especially if the eyes are not covered with goggles. Within minutes masks cause the CO2 levels in the kids’ blood to exceed safe limits and they turn into moist, warm petri dishes if worn all day. Not doubt several years in those damn things is doing wonders for their brains. Another good argument for homeschooling.

  13. The science has not, and does not, support this. Even propaganda outlets such as CNN have recently cited virologists who now claim that cloth masks are merely facial decoration. The mask study that CDC director Wallensky has been touting for days now has been thoroughly & spectacularly debunked by scientific experts. When health officials & those in positions of authority knowingly promulgate dangerous misinformation there MUST be criminal penalties! This insanity has gone on long enough.

  14. Well said Sheryl! Parents have much more power then they think!!!! Parents need to push back and push back hard, non-stop!!!! Take control of what is being forced upon your children!!!

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