Alaska rate of breakthrough Covid cases now at 42% of all infections


Alaskans who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 are experiencing breakthrough cases like never before. The November statistic from the Department of Health and Social Services Division of Epidemiology now says 42 percent of the diagnosed cases of Covid are among those who have been vaccinated.

The number is steadily rising. As more people are vaccinated for Covid, more breakthrough cases are being diagnosed. In November, 60 percent of Alaskans over the age of 12 were vaccinated.

It’s important to note that not all Covid-19 cases are reported to health agencies or doctors. Some are so mild or are without symptoms, so people don’t realize they have Covid.

According to the Department of Health and Social Services, the breakthrough cases tend to be milder than the Covid infections among those not vaccinated. The department also notes:

  • Covid-19 vaccines continue to provide strong protection, especially against hospitalization and death.
  • Most Covid-19 hospitalizations in Alaska might have been prevented by vaccination.
  • Covid-19 cases have become more common among fully vaccinated persons than they were in the initial monthsafter vaccine roll-out, but fully vaccinated people continue to be less likely to have Covid-19 than people who aren’tfully vaccinated.
  • Booster doses further reduce the risk of infection and hospitalization.
  • CDC recommends that fully vaccinated persons wear masks in public indoor settings in areas with substantial to highcommunity transmission.
  • While people can be infected with SARS-CoV-2 multiple times, prior infection confers partial protection against Covid-19.
  • Vaccination provides additional protection in those who have been infected and is recommended regardless of history of prior infection.
  • The extent to which prior infection confers protection against infection with the Omicron variant is unclear. There is evidence that even in persons with a history of SARS-CoV-2 infection, vaccination provides an added layer of protection.
  • During November 2021, nearly all circulating SARS-CoV-2 viruses in Alaska belonged to the Delta lineage. No Alaska-specific data are yet available on hospitalizations or deaths due to the Omicron variant surge in late December 2021.

Read the November report at this link.


  1. “Safe and effective” will go down in history along with Bernanke’s 2008 claim that “The subprime crisis is contained and will not spread to the broader economy”. In other words, a bald-faced government lie.

    • Safe and effective is a conclusion made based on data from every study, clinical trial, and health agency on the planet.

      What research do you have that might oppose that? Is Dr. Jenny McCarthy ready to present her vaccine data?

      • John- Group think…..dangerous waters. COVID Shot is not a vaccine. Take Tdap or Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis vaccine actually prevents infection and prevents passing Tdap to others. The COVID shot does neither. At best and well documented, the COVID shot is symptom mitigator. Directors of NIH, Allergy and Virus, and CDC have mentioned this numerous times, with the battery of shots it reduces your likelihood severe illness and masks are still required.
        All vaccines prior to these, have had extensive years-long testing to determine long term effect. So far within a short period it has been determined the covid shot requires boosters and still recipients get sick, are contagious and unfortunately die. Clearly it is not a vaccine. The CDC has formerly changed the definition of “vaccine” to account for this seemingly financial windfall.
        Do you think these companies producing the COVID shot would remain in business if recipients had the ability to sue for damages?

    • Jefferson, you cite nothing to support your claim that Covid vaccines are not safe and effective. In fact, the opposite is true. Study after study has shown that once folks starting getting vaccinated, the vaccines provided great protection against getting infected by the alpha and delta variants. During the delta variant surge, almost all persons who needed hospitalization, or who died due to Covid, were unvaccinated. Vaccinated patients who succumbed to Covid generally had numerous pre_existing health conditions that made them more vulnerable to developing severe illness due to Covid, while the vaccines are less effective at preventing infection by the Omicron variant, the folks needing hospitalizations are still almost all unvaccinated, meaning the vaccines protect against severe illness if you are infected with Omicron. Getting vaccinated is the single best thing you can do to protect yourself from the risk of severe disease or death due to Covid.

      • Rick, data out of many highly-vaccinated (sic) countries such as Israel, Scotland, Iceland, Singapore, and Gibraltar refute your claims. In all of those countries, cases and hospitalizations all exceeded the rates prior to the mass vaccination (sic) campaigns.
        Also, you completely neglect the almost innumerable cases of serious side effects and deaths as a direct result of the administration of the experimental jabs —- over 20,000 deaths just in the USA alone, with hundreds of thousands if not millions of serious side effects. Honest and real vaccines have been recalled multiple times in the past for having caused less than 1/100 such adverse side effects and deaths.

        • Sorry Jefferson. You are just wrong. I realize the claims you are making are commonly seen on internet blogs and in comments such as yours. But the overwhelming scientific and medical consensus is that the vaccines are both safe and highly effective.

          • Rick, you are simply blindly and desperately repeating a pro-establishment talking point and mantra, whistling past the graveyard as it were. Your statements are only supported by an evil political agenda and propaganda campaign, and have NO basis in science or fact whatsoever.

          • Rick, you are under a spell that will not allow you to think critically, these figures cited by Jefferson are not from whack a doodle internet blogs but actual news stories from real journalist in the countries concerned. Heck even in the UK the press is all over this. So keep watching CNN and MSNBC and stay focused on being in a hypnotic trance.Be a good little democrat…

          • Have you *actually* looked at the Scottish data, or just relaying what your saw on Maddow’s DNC infomercial last evening?

        • Don’t waste your time, Jeff. Liberalism is based on BELIEFS not facts. If the vaccine is not working it’s only because someone, somewhere does not believe in it. Just as if we all would believe that Brandon was a competent president, well then by golly, he would BE one.
          This is one of the reasons liberals are not happy just to get the shots and not worry about us. They truly believe if we don’t get them THEIRS won’t work.
          It’s a brain disorder.

      • When the definition of vaccine needs to be changed to fit the narrative it’s not a vaccine. Come on man!

      • Rick, I have 4 family members who are fully vaxed, as well as booster, who have gotten covid 2 times now. Hmmmmmmm.

    • Tell you what, James, I’ll trade you that bridge for a Wuhan Virus booster (good for the rest of your life or the next four months, whichever comes first) and a handful of magic beans.

  2. Bound to happen. Viruses want to live, so they adapt. A dead host is a useless host. The Spanish Flu did the same thing.
    The virus also hopped right over the vaccine. While a good idea, the vaccine is no more vital to life than a flu shot. Like the flu, most recover. So what to do?
    Live your life. If you get sick, stay home. Wash your hands. If it makes you feel better, mask up and stay home.
    But live your life. It’s past time.

    • Maybe the virus “hopped right over the vaccine” because it is not a vaccine but rather a molecular therapy to suppress immune over-response.

      • Did the virus hop right over all the other 20+ vaccines that have been approved worldwide that aren’t a “molecular therapy to suppress immune over-response”? You know that there’s more than one or two approved vaccines, right?

  3. “but fully vaccinated people continue to be less likely to have Covid-19 than people who aren’tfully vaccinated.”

    I personally know three people who have been vaccinated and boosted and all have gotten Covid twice! This jab does NOTHING for a person.. Except make your body sick.. Give me a break!
    When the fully vaxxed are now getting sick, that screams FAIL. Funny, the end of all articles, is always this pathetic wording. “being vaccinated is still the best way to prevent Covid” No, getting Covid naturally will do that. Not an experimental jab!

    • “I personally know” is usually a sign for me to take whatever comes next with a massive grain of salt.

      Regardless of the rest of your comment, your 3 people, while it may be like, for example, 3% of the people you know, is 0.000004% of the population of Alaska and way, way too many zeroes below that for the population of vaccinated Americans. There’s a reason why personal anecdotes don’t pass any sort of scrutiny.

      • Classifying all personal anecdotes as lacking credibility makes the one doing the classifying guilty of generalizing in the same manner he criticizes.
        I see the sun rises in the east every morning. I therefore conclude the earth rotates in that direction. Does my conclusion lack credibility because it is based on my personally anecdotal observation?

      • Pat, Many of us have gotten Covid-19, beat it and enjoy natural immunity, which according to studies done is infinitely more effective then that poison jab. Given that Pat, why do we not hear that those of us with natural immunity get an exemption to the ineffective poison poke? Still think this is about Public Health? How about it is about Political Power and Profits Pat…

    • Sorry Rise Up, but you are wrong and simply spreading vaccine misinformation. Readers of this blog should not get their medical advice from anonymous posters. Ask your doctor, if you have questions.

      • As if doctors are the know all and end all of knowledge. I too have family members who took the experimental gene therapy and later tested positive for covid. Some of us who didn’t receive injections have had mild cases and recovered quickly with no problems. Whether it was the wuflu or seasonal flu, don’t know because we never got tested. Do whatever you feel is right for yourself, but allow others to exercise the same freedom to make their own decisions.

  4. The harsh reality that a lot of Americans are waking up to is the Vaccines do nothing to stop the spread of the virus and in fact are exacerbating the production of new variants. The higher percentage of hospitalizations is the vaccinated not the unvaccinated. Sorry folks, you were lied to about these harmful vaccines that are doing nothing but attacking your bodies immune system, causing heart inflammation and creating blood clots. The reason so many athletes are dropping dead on the field are the vaccines. Dr. Robert Malone has talked extensively about this. You have been lied to in order to fulfill an agenda that is hideous and an international crime in order to depopulate the planet and make billions of dollars doing it. The American people became too trusting of their government agencies which are run by globalist bureaucrats following the orders of whoever fills their coffers. You are looking at the greatest criminal event in human history. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but it is absolutely true. The sooner you look into the facts and realize we are at war with this international criminal organization, the sooner we can hopefully regain control of our country before they ruin it. The only mainstream media outlet telling the truth is OAN. Other than that you must go to alternative sites like Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, RevolverNews, GETTR and soon to be available Truth Social, due out in February. You are experiencing an information war for your mind. They want you confused and fearful. Don’t be, seek the truth and listen to your heart, not the hype. I forgot to mention Alaska’s own Must Read Alaska. Suzanne has given Alaskan’s a voice and without her platform we would continue to be censored by pitiful outlets like ADN, Facebook and Twitter. Get off those platforms and let them die. GETTR is the Twitter Killer.

        • Just as the radical leftist extremists love to do, you are simply projecting here, Cliff. Your record of spreading misinformation and disinformation here is well recognized, and hardly just by me.

          • Just keep repeating the same thing over and over as if it’s true, Jeff. That’s a surefire way to fool the gullible, but they are low hanging fruit. Try and use facts, reason, and logic to convince someone for a change.

    • Or it’s a once in a century pandemic and some people have no historical point of reference in which to get their bearing.

      • But it is NOT a “once in a century pandemic”, Steve. That is just more fearmongering exaggeration and hysteria. The Wuhan Virus (mild) pandemic is comparable (if possibly a bit higher) in mortality rate to the Asian Flu of 1957-1958 and to the Hong Kong Flu of 1968-1969, which I remember hearing about as a young child.
        Note that NOWHERE in the world were there any society-wide lockdowns, mass mask mandates, or any such nonsense in response to either of those pandemics. I guess the world was a saner and more rational place back then.

        • Look who’s finally informing himself and learning things. Jeff, I’m so proud of you right now, you have no idea!
          I’m glad you are now opening yourself to learning about this disease and the history of how people have dealt with pandemics of the past. Wow, Jeff after all this time I didn’t think you had it in you. Please tell me more about what you’ve learned.

    • The sad fact is that your post is full of false anti-vaxxer misinformation Michael. There are numerous medical studies that have shown that the risk of developing severe Covid, or of dying from Covid, is much greater in the unvaccinated population than the vaccinated population. These studies have been conducted in states across the U.S. (including conservative states like Texas) and around the world, and all have reached the same conclusion. Doctors who treat severe covid patients have said, time and time again, that almost all of their severe cases are people who did not get vaccinated. It’s true that most people who get Covid, whether vaccinated or not, do not get severely ill or die. But it’s also true that Covid has killed nearly 850,000 Americans and that you don’t want to be one of the unlucky ones who gets severe Covid,

    • You are absolutely correct!! Also for a vaccine they say is so safe why do they want to wait 75 years to release the info on it? The vaccinated will find out years from now the damage caused by getting the jab.

      • And I suspect that the ‘vaccinated’ (sic) will discover that damage to their immune systems not too many years down the road, either, Anne. Very possibly it will take them not even one year, if initial data is correct.

  5. Just about everybody is going to get it. The numbers are already starting to fall down here indicating that the latest strain is burning itself out. The good news is that 2/3 of the people have had two shots and 1/3 of them are boosted and hospitalizations and deaths are way down. The vaccination isn’t preventing illness but it is reducing hospitalizations and death.

    • Let us see peer reviewed studies of how many obese people with comorbidities are in that “dead from COVID” group.
      CDC director said just the other day that 2/3rds of those who died *from/with* COVID had four or more comorbidities, so one must ask. How many people with ZERO comorbidities have actually died *from* COVID?

  6. And very few of the vaccinated or the unvaccinated are dying. The media just report cases, cases, cases! This overblown hysteria is media-driven because they won’t critically look at the facts. This is not the Plague. This is a bad flu season. And now all of a sudden the government wants to lock us all down? If you don’t smell chicanery, you aren’t paying attention very well.

    • It’s roughly 10 times what a bad flu season is, but thankfully vaccines and omicron are helping to easy this once in a century pandemic. The government overreach is certainly a course for concern, but they used whatever crisis came before and whatever crisis will come after to do the same thing…that is nothing new.

      • No, wrong again Steve. Once one takes the wildly inflated but commonly quoted statistics of roughly 800,000 Americans dead as a result of the Wuhan Virus, and corrects that number for the actual CDC estimate of 6% of those killed DIRECTLY as a result of the virus — as would have been done in any prior pandemic, PCR analyses (not “tests”) not having existed in prior pandemics — then one comes up with roughly 48,000 dead FROM the Wuhan Virus, as opposed to WITH the Wuhan Virus, right in line with recorded deaths from many bad flu seasons in the past.

        • Jeff,
          You’re really starting to sound like a CDC shill with your constant repeating of their narrative. You’ve already admitted you believe they’ve somehow changed the definition of the word vaccine, even though we all know that the CDC doesn’t write the legal, medical, or common use definitions and they certainly didn’t write the one for what a vaccine is.
          Now you continue to be the “subservient and servile conformist and establishment lackey” as you said, of the CDC and that you falsely claim others to be by repeating the years old 6% nonsense? Didn’t you read that “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.” That’s the same standard they have for any death.

  7. * Time to stop listening to the fear porn! Covid is a bio-weapon and so are the gene therapy jabs! The jabs don’t work, that is why they push constant boosters which will continue to cause more harm than good. Why do you think so many doctors are opting out? Hippocratic Oath or first do no harm needs to prevail. Zink should be fired! She is not interested in public health only pushing her eugenics theories.

    * Masks don’t work and there is scientific evidence that breathing in your own exhales increases risk of contracting illnesses!

    * PCR test has lost the Emergency Authorization and so should the dangerous jabs! Natural immunity is lasting and effective against the variants. Boost your natural immune system with zinc, vitamin D, quecertin, vitamin C and a healthy diet.

    * Time for civil disobedience and end this war game against humanity! Follow the money! Connect the dots!

  8. So, why are we calling them “break through cases”? There is nothing to break through. The vaccine does not prevent covid, it merely mitigates the symptoms. They should, if anything, be simply reported as vaccinated who developed covid. Personally, I would like the media to quit reporting cases (not really newsworthy) and only report hospitalizations and deaths. But that would change the narrative.

    • Well said Kevin!
      All the public measures surrounding the Wuhan Virus have NOTHING to do with public health, and everything to do with the pursuit of a control agenda by sociopaths in power.

    • How would it change the narrative, by showing that the unvaccinated disproportionately make up those hospitalized and those who die from covid? We already know that.

      • Wrong again, Steve.

        • Do you have anything, anything at all, to support your false narrative and political agenda that must be defended at all costs? Or do you imagine that using all caps and the same tired talking points that proves absolutely nothing will suffice?

        • Sorry Jefferson. You are just wrong. I realize the claims you are making are commonly seen on internet blogs and in comments such as yours. But the overwhelming scientific and medical consensus is that the vaccines are both safe and highly effective.

          • Rick, repeating nonsense and pro-establishment talking points does not make them true. But apparently, like your hero Goebbels, along with the corrupt and self-serving corporate media, you believe it to be so.

  9. This news (sorta) quietly puts to an end one of the primary pillars of the orthodoxy that supports and demands compliance with restrictions and requirements. Given the many other errors and contradictions that have occurred in the last two years, it makes one wonder what pillar is next to fall. The pillar of the efficacy of masks is teetering. The demand of uniform vaccination is starting to shake and crumble.

    The damage to our economy and our society from this cult has been immeasurable.

    Twelve months from now, I predict that most will recognize how very wrong Doctors Collins and Fauci were about the Great Barrington Declaration. This error in judgment may be about the worst in the past one hundred years. And to this we can add the obscenity of trying to obfuscate the origins of the virus. “Experts” should not be trusted.

  10. Any info on what percentage of hospitalization? Vaccines never claimed prevention. Serious illness still a concern.

    • Depends on what timeframe. For the most recent report going back about a month, from November 27 to January 1 there were 49 vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations and 12 deaths reported by DHSS. During that same timeframe there were 139 hospitalizations and 82 deaths in the unvaccinated reported by DHSS. The vaccination rate for Alaskans 5+ years of age was reported as 61% to 67.8% during that time. That means 26% of those hospitalized and 13% of covid related deaths were vaccinated, while 61-68% of the population was vaccinated in the last month. Put another way 74% of those hospitalized and 87% of covid related deaths were unvaccinated, while 32-39% of the population was unvaccinated in the last month.

  11. Here’s how I see it: the vaccine is a tool to transform the Kung Flu into an ordinary Flu, in terms of severity. The problem is that the Kung Flu is already not that bad, so there is no need to mandate the jab

    • On average, 10,00 to 50,000 Americans die every year from the flu.

      More than 400,000 Americans confirmed dead in the first year COVID circulated. Another 450,000 in the second year of circulation.

      For some context, 416,000 US soldiers died in World War 2. Spread out over 4 years, that’s 100,000 deaths on average per year.

      60,000 Americans died in Vietnam. And that was over 10 years.

      If you see a mortality rate on average 10-40 times more than the flu, and you see that as being “not that bad”, then what in your opinion rises to “that bad”? Certainly not Vietnam. And apparently, not even World War 2. So what in the world does?

      • John, those numbers you are cavalierly throwing out there are patently false. 850,000 Americans have NOT died from the Wuhan Virus; most of those merely died WITH the Wuhan Virus, as the CDC has quietly admitted.
        When one takes the CDC’s own estimate of 6% of those 850,000 having died directly FROM the Wuhan Virus, rather than with it, then one comes up with roughly 50,000 having died directly as a result of the virus, as would have been the determination in any past pandemic prior to the (inappropriate) use of PCR analysis (NOT “test”), and right in line with deaths recorded from many years with bad flu seasons in recent decades.
        In other words, please stop lying and spreading your malicious disinformation and Covidian hysteria. The facts and the science are NOT on your side, at all. Your Krazy Kovidian Kult is the scourge of humanity, and history will condemn you in the strongest terms.

  12. “The number is steadily rising. As more people are vaccinated for Covid, more breakthrough cases are being diagnosed. ”
    “As more speed limits are lowered, more speeding tickets are being written.”
    Am I the only one here that understands mathematics and logic?

    • EXACTLY … Do the math and you’ll find that +99% of those who’ve contracted the Covid-19, including any variant, SURVIVE!
      Maybe(?), compare the past statistical data of how many cases of common cold and influenza occurred and decide for yourself if the reportable numbers seems whacky.
      Same with past death rates of those inflicted with cancer, obesity, diabetes, and abortion. I’m guessing the death rates are much higher than those of Covid, as well as, I’m guessing the reportable numbers will seem disportionately lower for the last couple of years, primarily due to those deaths being classified as Covid.

  13. I’m sure it’s more than that.
    Hospital administration has been manipulating those numbers to work for them.

  14. Consider quotes from the above article.
    “It’s important to note that not all Covid-19 cases are reported to health agencies or doctors. Some are so mild or are without symptoms, so people don’t realize they have Covid.”
    “Covid-19 cases have become more common among fully vaccinated persons than they were in the initial months after vaccine roll-out, but fully vaccinated people continue to be less likely to have Covid-19 than people who aren’t fully vaccinated.”
    Let me translate. We really don’t know how many cases are out there because the mass injections we falsely called “vaccines” do not prevent infection but rather only ameliorate immune over-response. So, basically, we prevented our population from developing herd immunity and turned those injected into so many harbors and spreaders for the virus. It serves our agenda to classify those not reporting mild-symptom infection as uninfected. Mutations such as Omicron do not fit our agenda so we just spew vague terminology such as “unclear, less likely, or there is evidence…” etc.

  15. Breakthroughs! What a farce, sounds more like poor creative writing term then a medical description. How about using the term FAILURE ? How about discussing the adverse effects caused by the jab? How about admitting that their are alternate treatments for Covid-19 that speed healing? And what of Natural Immunity that studies suggest is 26 times better then the jab?
    Is this about profits and political power or Public Health?

  16. The “vaccines” are failing miserably! The most highly vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing , by far, the most cases of the Omicron variant. The risk to benefit factor of the clot shot just doesn’t make sense to a lot of people now, yet Beijing Biden is doubling down like a drunk sailor in Vegas. Fire everyone associated with the old Covid protocols & start treating the disease which has become endemic.

  17. I survived COVID at age 57 as an asthma sufferer. I had fatigue with hot and cold flashes for a few days. Fully recovered, have had hundreds of contacts with those infected, never been vaccinated, and here I sit healthy as can be. I went to visit vaccinated relatives in Washington state last week but could only see my 88 year old mother, the rest were all sick and had tested positive. Go figure…

  18. I see a tremendous amount of misinformation and gaslighting here. You can find anything on the internet “Farmers find ‘unicorn’ among their sheep in Iceland” (BBC). COVIDiots are deeply steeped in their theology and will not budge from their faith in the poisonous jab; just a shot, then a booster, then another booster, then a monthly booster, a weekly booster….must keep Pfizer profits high. The ‘vaccine’ (it’s not a vaccine by the traditional definition, the CDC uses doublespeak) is for some and does benefit some. So do zinc, maybe ivermectin, maybe even HCQ. But it must be a free choice on all of them with risks understood and true consent to the adverse effects. I’ve survived COVID, had three random tests pop positive without symptoms, and still refuse consent for experimental injections into my body.
    A vaccine so great that it must be mandated (and coerced) for people to take it, for a disease so severe that people must be tested to even know if they have it.

  19. According to recent surveys, the most popular name for baby girls born of radical leftist extremist parents in 2021 is “Vaxine”.
    The most popular name for baby boys among the same demographic: “Booster”.
    Last but not least, the most popular name for transgendered babies of radical leftist extremist parents in 2021 is “Pat”.

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