National poll: Most Americans think Biden went too far with his Covid shot mandates


Most Americans think that President Joe Biden has overstepped his authority in mandating vaccines for Americans in the private sector. Last week, the president issued an executive order that says vaccines are mandatory for at least 100 million Americans, including all who work at businesses with more than 100 employees.

When asked, “Do you believe President Biden has the constitutional authority to force private businesses to require vaccine mandates for employees?” 58.6 percent of respondents said that he does not have the authority. 29.7 percent said he has the authority to mandate shots.

Even Democrats who answered the question are divided on whether the president has the authority. 55 percent of Democrats think Biden can mandate vaccines, while 27 percent don’t agree with that position.

As for Republican voters, 83.5 percent say the president does not have the authority. Only 10.7 percent of Republicans think he does have the authority.

For people who have either no party registration, or a third party, more than 68 percent say Biden doesn’t have the authority, while 21 percent say he does.

When asked if they think governors should oppose Biden’s nationwide vaccine mandate on private businesses, 56.1 percent said that governors should, indeed, oppose the president, while 40.1 percent oppose that idea.

It splits out by party: Democrats are against governors opposing Biden, while Republicans strongly favor governors opposing Biden on these mandates. Unaligned or third party voters side strongly with the Republicans.

Read the poll details at this link.

Conducted 09/10/21 – 09/12/21 • 1098 Respondents
• Likely General Election Voters
• Response Rate: 1.46%

• Margin of Error: 2.96%
• Confidence: 95%
• Response Distribution: 50%


  1. What’s next, a one child policy, all in the name of curbing global climate change? He could mandate that, if he pulls this BS off so easily. Time for people to wake up people! #2030agenda

  2. So, let me see if I get this straight.
    The vaccine will prevent you from contracting the disease, but if the person working next to you is not vaccinated, you can catch the disease?
    Which pretty much means the vaccines do not work.
    So, why mandate a vaccine that does not work?
    And, if mandating the vaccine is so damned important, why is the USPS exempted from the mandate? The USPS has one of, if not the, largest workforce of any of the Federal agencies, and they also have the highest amount of direct face to face interaction of any agency. But, the USPS workers are not required to get vaccinated.
    So, it is not OK for a OMB employee to remain unvaccinated because it is too dangerous to others, but it is OK for a USPS worker who touches hundreds, if not thousands of people’s mail every day to remain unvaccinated.
    I am not a lawyer, but in my opinion, even if the mandate is Constitutionally sound, it will not withstand a lawsuit because of the USPS exemption.

    • One theory: They now know the vaccines don’t work, they have no idea what to do, and so they’re scapegoating the unvaccinated.

      That’s probably the least bad explanation I can think of for what’s going on.

      • Dehumanizing a group is the first step toward genocide.
        When the late night talk show hosts have not qualms whatsoever when discussing re-education camps, denying unvaccinated healthcare, etc… it is just one step toward removing the “undesirables” from society.

    • The vax is suppose to lessen the effects of covid if you become infected. This helps the hospital with less critical cases and overloaded bed space. It does not stop you from getting or transmitting covid as we have seen around the world.

      • OK, theory looks good, but at what point was a hospital ever overwhelmed with COVID cases? At worst, the hospitals in AK had maybe 40% of their patients infected with COVID. (Note I said infected, not in the hospital because of COVID.)
        The claim that the healthcare system is in any danger is false. Before the vaccines, hospitals were never overrun. Field hospitals went unused.
        Across the State of Alaska, COVID positive individuals represent about 20% of hospitalizations. I am pretty sure out of the remaining 80% of patients, some could be released early, or postpone their treatment if COVID starts spiking.
        There is no healthcare crisis.

      • Just looked at a study about hospitalization numbers during COVID. Turns out half of COVID hospitalizations are not COVID related at all. The patient just happened to test positive when admitted.
        Search for: The COVID-19 Hospitalization Metric in the Pre- and Post-vaccination Eras as a Measure of Pandemic Severity: A Retrospective, Nationwide Cohort Study.
        If we apply this to the AK numbers, about 10% of the people in the hospital are there for COVID related illness, not 20% as reported.
        Again, there is no healthcare crisis.

  3. The 45th president was right when he said America will never be a United socialist/communist/marxist country. I would not even underestimate how likely a longtime American democrat would pull out a gun to defend their property, business, and civil rights alongside a longtime Republican.
    Americans are used to Freedom its only thing today’s American generations know. Americans would take up sides to fight the tyranny in the streets against one another once the U.S. constitution and law enforcement is gone. The only reason why AnTIFA, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, illegal immigrantion, and Critical Race Theory peoples are still here is because of the current constitution and law enforcement is protecting these groups. If their protection is changed and removed, its chaos and every man for themselves!

    • Jen, I wish I shared your optimism. Any democrats that would do that, have already left the left. Those that stayed are totally fine with the radical, in most cases totally nonsensical, but manically authoritarian version of their party in 2021. Sadly-They would be the ones with the brownshirts, and the guns pointed at you, as you sought to defend your property and freedoms. This is where we are headed.

    • We’ve always had groups like that here. Remember the klan, Martin Luther King Jr using religion to whip up riots, the mob? Even the Nazi party used to have somebody on the presidential ballot every year. There are even gays in the Bible. This has been going on and it will continue.

  4. I believe most Americans really do not fully understand mRNA therapy or that metals like Graphene Oxide may be used in the vaccine suspensions…pushing a new type of “vaccine” without public trust will not gain support from the majority of Americans & this will be a BIG problem for the Dems going forward.

      • Yep and the death toll from the jabs is growing daily. You are all walking lab rats and won’t survive this just like the lab animals before you. :You are such a fool!

      • Greg, that is only because nowadays, a majority of the population are cowards and spineless sheep, abject conformists with not independent judgement or critical thinking ability, who believe themselves to be somehow “virtuous” in their automatic obedience to corrupt auhtority. Like you, in fact.

      • According to gbmnt agencies, the majority have taken the clot shot. How many times have they lied to us before? Oh right, commie regimes never try to sway citizens by gas lighting and propaganda.

  5. So as hospitals and clinics beg for help, they senselessly fire many of their most qualified.
    If I offered you a lottery ticket with a 99.85% chance of winning, would you buy it?
    Had COVID (wasn’t that bad), don’t need and won’t take shot.

    • Hospitals and clinics are not being overrun by COVID patients. IF there is any scarcity of hospital beds at all, it is because of all the delayed procedures from 2020.
      Per the AK State DHSS, 20.4% of hospital patients are COVID positive. If there is scarcity of services, it is not because of COVID.

  6. The one thing positive I can say about our “Chuckle Head in Chief” is that at least he can still read. He does have that and based on some of things that have come out of his mouth that is saying a lot. Many tax payers have reached their limit with this clown and the band of criminals that are calling his shots. I think/hope we are about to see the tide change. Hopefully the Supremes will toss his idiotic mandates in the trash.

  7. I work for a federal contractor and am looking for an exit now. Fortunately, I have transferable skills and am already getting interviews. A lot of my coworkers are doing the same, and I think you’re going to see an exodus of the best talent from the defense industry (General rule: You always lose your best people first). That’s not great for national security, but what’s being done to the military is even worse.

    • You lose your best people first because it was their standards, morals, values and ethics that made them the best workers. The same traits that won’t stand for tyranny no matter the cost. A great number of people have been gluttonous and self absorbed for so long, they have no idea the sacrifice that was required to make this Country free. And the only thing they are willing to sacrifice now is their honor and dignity so they don’t have sacrifice their materialism.

  8. You have to destroy something before you can build it back better. This is happening right before your eyes and what do you do about it? Feed the Monster? At least a Buddhist Monk has enough introspection to self-immolate. All of this was laid out 70+ years ago and whenever anybody pointed it out they were ridiculed. Yesterday’s conspiracies are today’s legislation.

  9. This issue above reminds me of a scene from the movie “Outlaw Josey Wales”, wherein a carpetbagger, (snake oil salesman) attempts to get Chief Dan George to try his cure-all elixir. Chief Dan asks’ “what’s in it?” The Salesman replies, “lots of things”. Chief Dan tells the Snake Oil Salesman, , “you drink it” and then walks away. The Snake Oil Salesman responds with, “Well, what can you expect from an non-believer’.

    The poll above is really a question of Faith, Faith in your Government is central here. It was not too long ago that China Joe and V.P. Harris both stated that they would not take the m-RNA treatment because Trump was involved in getting it fast-tracked and available to the public and that it had not been properly tested.

    Obviously the “Elixir” with unlisted content and doubtful proper medical vetting now available is the same one Trump pushed, so how is it that China Joe is now mandating it’s use? Every citizen despite where they fall in the political spectrum should be asking him/herself that one simple question.

    • RAS,
      You nailed it! What is in these experimental vaccines that sleepy joe has pushed and to this level? Certainly a dictator (by the way he’s accused the 45th President of being one yet look at sleepy joe’s actions).
      By the way, great way to share Chief Dan’s actions.

    • Very good response. Sadly people today are educated not to think for themselves. From the ‘news’ comes every answer from every perspective, so deciphering truth becomes most difficult. None of the networks retain any credibility.
      What is in the shot? What are the long term effects? Why are other countries finding forbidden ingredients? If it is so great, why are so many medical professionals refusing it, to the point of sacrificing their careers? If existing chemicals are proven safe and effective, or at least to cause no harm, why do governments ban them?
      ‘Those who do not read the news are uninformed, those who do read the news are misinformed.’ paraphrased from Mark Twain.

  10. I can see clearly China Joe is attempting to split the country. As it is said, “United we stand, divided we fall”.
    Faith in God is where our forefathers stood, united they stood.
    Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

  11. If “Facebook/google/Twitter is a private company, they can do whatever they want” then my private company can do whatever it wants….. no masks, no mandates, no way!

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