Afghan refugees heading to Anchorage


Catholic Social Services says that between 50-100 refugees from Afghanistan will be settling in Anchorage starting later this month.

The news of the incoming refugees leaked out last week. A memo to parents of Goldenview Elementary School from the school said that as many as 300 refugees were coming to Anchorage, but the actual number is now said to be closer to 100, according to sources in the Municipality.

Memo to Goldenview Elementary School parents last week.

These incoming refugees are the lucky ones who were able to get out of Afghanistan during the final chaotic days of American involvement in fighting the terrorists in that country. They are considered allies to the U.S. interests during the past 20 years of war. Some are women and children, some are translators or people who worked for the U.S. miitary.

Catholic Social Services is the lead agency in Alaska that helps with refugee resettlement.

“Our hearts are with all those who are affected by the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan – both the people fleeing their homes and our military personnel,” Catholic Social Services said in a statement. 

“According to the White House, the United States has evacuated more than 116,000 people out of Afghanistan since mass evacuations began on August 14, 2021. As part of this effort, our Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services (RAIS) program will be welcoming Afghan evacuees to Alaska. These evacuees will be arriving in Alaska from September to March, fleeing their homeland,” the group stated.

“We are honored to welcome these new arrivals to Alaska, but we will need your help to make sure they have everything they need to resettle,” CSS said. Learn more about how to help the organization prepare for the refugees at this link.


  1. I Could have told anyone that that was coming. I bet most of them aren’t Afghans who assisted our troops either. They were not vetted before being loaded under those planes.
    And do you really think they’ll send the ones back who did not assist our troops in Afghanistan? If you do, think again. They are here to stay.

    • They’re whatever randos they shoved onto a C-17 during the chaos. So, who knows? At least I don’t live in Anchorage (also, keep them there).

    • These people aren’t making mistakes, they’re purposefully bringing villains to every state so that no place feels safe.

      And to rub dirt in our wounds, W. Bush, the so called CIC, that allowed 9/11 now turns to us and draws an equivalency between terrorists and 1/6! Biden is the left’s W. Bush, and we’re all in trouble!

    • And not only that. If they supported them from their association, it wouldn’t be so bad. I mean support via $$$. rent, medical, social services and whatever else, but as we all know once they et settled, they’ll be set up on welfare, Medicaid, which is already over the budget.. Only hope is those places that need help will hire these people, to replace the “loafers” that are refusing to work for unemployment.

    • Probably, the chicken feed money from the PFD is usually gone in a heartbeat. More than likely the state minimally, but the federal government is footing the bill. I always like to put the shoe on the other foot however. For instance if you were to show up over there with nothing except what’s on your back, and no way to make a living, perhaps you would like a hand out or to yourself.

  2. How much money does the Catholic Social Services get for changing the the religious and voting demographics of Anchorage? That would be an interesting story.

  3. What does Mayor Bronson say? We all know CSS has their own agenda and it’s not necessarily Anchorage friendly!!

  4. The Anchorage churches better get a move on a plan missioning and preaching the gospels and the old testament to the newest arrivals. Churches don’t need to send out church members so much outside the country, for those not able to travel they can stay right here and teach the Gospel unto the new arriving immigrants

    • Thanks to our politicians they are bringing the third world to us, those church members who can’t or won’t travel outside

      • Yes I have read the Quran. I own one and it is horrible and wrong on so many levels. There is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ everything else is a one ticket straight to hell! So if you love your neighbor you will tell them the truth instead of tolerating lies that will damn them.

          • They ask you about menstruation. Say: ‘It is an indisposition. Keep aloof from women during their menstrual periods and do not approach them until they are clean again; when they are clean, have intercourse with them whence God enjoined you….’” Quran 2:222,

            “Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: ‘Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.’” —
            Abu Dawud 41:5251 Hadith, not Quran and you should know the importance if you actually know about Islam.

            Praise be to Allah. Yes, they should be circumcised, i.e., the top of the piece of skin that looks like a rooster’s comb [referring to clitoral hood] should be cut. The Messenger of Allah said to the woman who did circumcisions: “Leave something sticking out and do not go to extremes in cutting. That makes her face look brighter and is more pleasing to her husband.”

            Majmoo Fatawa 21/114

      • Go through this YouTube Channel because I am not going to list everything wrong. This channel is run by a ex-Muslim that immigrated from Turkey. The video I am linking is about questions you should ask a practitioner and where he got his answers.
        https: // www.

        I would also recommend looking into Jay Smith and his series on Islam if you think it is really an Abrahamic religion. There was a requirement for one to be considered a prophet and that was lineage, which Muhammed did not have. Go look up Jay Smith and watch some of that.

  5. “…but we will need your help to make sure they have everything they need to resettle,” CSS said. ” Isn’t that the job of CSS? They are getting tons of money from the gov’t to adequately resettle them. And they will immediately be put on welfare, including housing assistance, food stamps, medical care, etc. courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer; there, I’ve done my part.

    • This is how the Church runs their scams on the public that does not support them, especially with the amount of issues we have had in AK with the Church.

  6. I can only think of the problems that have occurred where refugees have been taken in. If they do not integrate them into society, as in not putting them all in a large group and getting them employment/doing things in the community. Isolation and ghettos are one of the biggest problems often created with these moves. No-go zones became such when Sweden grouped all of them in together.

    Just because they are fleeing the Taliban does not mean that they are allies. I am sure anyone else who has deployed has at least one story of one of our “allies” shooting people or whatever. Fleeing a government does not mean they have different beliefs. Understand that they will think differently and maybe go listen to some of the testimony given in British grooming gang cases, calling the girls trash that deserved no better because they were kafir.

    I do not really care what religion someone follows, I care about how they act. Being prepared for the worst is always a good idea, as people are not inherently good and some cultures are better than others. I can call my culture that does not allow female genital mutilation (I can argue where it is considered good in the Hadiths and Muhammed commented on it, as I studied Islam) better than one that does allow or pushes this barbaric practice. Although, I think we should get rid of male genital mutilation as well. Religion should not be an excuse to mutilate a body, the same way a 10 year old is not capable of determining that they are the opposite gender and require surgery.

    Grooming gang comments, so nobody says I am just being an ist or ism with no proof.
    https: //www.
    https: //www.

    Female genital mutilation is already an issue in other refugee communities.
    https: //

    I could also go into the Pew Report from 2005, but I will let people look for themselves.

    Britain is having to check teeth to ensure that people are the age they say they are. https: //www.

    • What really concerns me, Our winter is coming and they are NOT prepared for the Alaskan Winters. yes, they may have cold weather over there, but not the continued weather for 5 months straight. Do any of our Military that have been over there can gives us any comparisons of information on the their over there verses here in AK.I definitely know their summers are not compared to ours.

      • The temperatures in the country vary widely. In the Southwestern Plateau, daytime temperatures can reach highs of over 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In areas such as the Jalalabad which is among the hottest areas in the country, temperatures in July can go as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In January, high mountain areas may experience a drop in temperatures to 5 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Kabul, which is at an elevation of 5,900 feet above sea level, experiences temperatures as low as -24 degrees Fahrenheit.

        Should not be a huge problem. Most people wore full winter gear in country, especially the gunners who were also exposed to the wind/weather. Anchorage is not that extreme.

  7. Obviously, they’ve all had COVID screenings, COVID SHOTS, and MMR shots and POLIO et al. Better be at the airport to check their papers Mister Trooper Man. #nahthatwonthappen

  8. Thank Gawd, this place is too white and too male. Thanks catholic social services, I can’t wait to start paying for these unvaccinated unvetted immigrants. Please move some into my neighborhood. #Trumpsfault

  9. I know it’s the humanitarian thing to do. But I would like to get some clarifications here.

    Are they green card holders? If not, have they been vetted? And by who?
    What’s the plan when they get here?
    Are they going to assimilate?
    Are they going on public assistance?

    You would like to think there is a comprehensive thought process here.

  10. How do they know these are the translators when DHS can’t even prove who they took in? CCS doesn’t comfort in the idea they were vetted. Be weary Anchorage.

  11. These are people who fought for America and helped our troops maintain order. The good kind. Welcome to America!

      • While “Republicans” like you get outraged over a small group of people who helped America and who will do nothing more than give Anchorage some good restaurants, the democrats have seized permanent control of the entire state and country. This is why America is in decline

        • Wait until you see how they treat homosexuals.
          Have you been to Afghanistan? I have, and these people are very very different and opinionated.

    • Jon, you must be joking! Have you not seen the beheadings? Have you not seen the Beck project, the Nazarene fund? Have you not read that thousands of the good guys are in Afghanistan or have run to the mountains? No body is this stupid! This was a 9-11 gift to our enemy. Billions of dollars of weapons left as well.
      I hope the good kind of Afghanistan people are in this group, but nothing else in this botched retreat makes sense. Follow the money, this is a handout of taxpayers money to ccs to add insult to injury.

      • The beheadings were unvetted random people. These are people who helped America in Afghanistan. You can’t tell the difference, or do you think ALL people of a certain race have beheading genes?

        • Plus I’m pretty sure he was talking about the terrorists and the Taliban in the beheadings, not these people who fear the Taliban. They always got to twist it don’t they?

  12. Personally, I could use a little more masala in my life.
    But there are a lot of questions to be asked.
    I’d like to know how they are getting here so quickly without being completely vetted, vaccinated and written off by a doctor, along with the Border crisis down south that we already have. Not to mention all the homeless and Anchorage already. Including veterans.
    This looks like the beginning of a nightmare.

    • Good questions. Also, I know people who have been waiting years to come to this country, and now some are getting to skip to the head of the line. Doesn’t seem fair.

      • It’s fair because these people have the US militsry special assistance over the years. We have “genius visas” to allow other beneficial people to skip the line

  13. If the breakdown is 80% 20-30 year old males, then it’s safe to say these aren’t “families looking for a new life”..

  14. The Catholic Church has been helping foreigners move into our communities for years. They don’t care who they are.

  15. They are muslims, not Christian’s, they are not going to assimilate to our culture, we will have to accept and accommodate theirs. Schools and employers will have to make accommodation so they can practice their religion and faith, we will have to make changes, not them. Our world and way of life are over, were being fazed and pushed out. Look at what happened in Michigan and Minnesota, they’ve had so many immigrants it’s like it’s not even America anymore.

    • Do you know even the first thing about Christianity? It’s not a race, it’s a religion. Christians are supposed to welcome non Christians and believe that they can be converted and redeemed

      • What’s your schtick dude?
        Why so hot and bothered to convince ppl that the dumping of third world foreigners into their neighborhoods is a good thing, especially when it has clearly been proven to be a disaster all over the Western world?
        What dog do you have in this fight? Are you tied to CSS or are you just another suicidal progressive hell bent on turning the West into human soup?

        Everyone reading this who is not progressive ideologue knows this will cause nothing but problems and will eventually result in thousands of Afghanis ‘settling’ in Anchorage.
        We valley ppl have already been seeing the disease that is Anchorage creeping into our own communities. There is nothing unreasonable about ppl wanting to keep their communities the way they are.
        CSS has no business, nor legitimate right, to arbitrarily decided to alter the social and demographic make up of some one else’s community, and there is not a thing wrong with saying that.

  16. I’m not convinced that this would be a good idea. In fact, it could be quite bad. We’re looking at the beginning of winter, and most of these folks are probably used to warmer climates. I see this as something else to be concerned about. Our economy is already going downhill. Our plates are already full.

  17. Disgusting.
    That vile culture treats women like dogs – limit education, if at all, can’t own property, drive cars
    Genital mutilation of girls.
    Pedastry is common – which is the raping of young boys – very common.
    Oh, and did I mention they throw gays off of building.
    Other than that they’ll be a great addition to our community.

    • They are fleeing a pagan culture that was just recieving Christ before Taliban reclaimed the area. Now! It’s up to Anchorage’s churches leadership and attendees to continue sharing the Gospel with the newest 150 arrivals. I am not too sure if the Anchorage Churches really got as involved as Catholic Social Services helping immigrants and refugees. I see for sure the Catholics has had very little spiritual impact converting the new arrivals into Catholicism than how successful this type of church has been giving out a bunch of free stuff for meeting their physical needs for Democrat votes.

        • It appears we are the only two actual Republicans in this comment section. Totally full of isolationists who think American culture is too weak to incorporate foreign people

          • I’m kind of used to it. They threaten, lie, manufacture anything they can. And you are correct they don’t know what it’s like to be a Republican. Just what the Republican party has become in the last 20 years.

        • I doubt Jesus appreciates racists that lecture other people on their ethics. You should really look hard in the mirror and maybe go outside & touch some grass. I guess I should not expect anything else from a leftist, the mask slips as soon as they relax.

  18. Jon Alderson – thank you! I feel the same way. These are people that were fortunate enough to get on a plane out of Afghanistan with only the shirts on their backs. I cannot imagine gathering up my children and my parents to get on a plane headed for who knows where. Likely to never see my family again. They have been put in a situation not of their choosing. I’m as conservative as they come but I am also a human being with compassion. My heart hurts for these people. How can I help? God bless these people.

    • Thank you. The love and understanding in this thread is ridiculous. Whatever happened to the part where they it says give me your tired, you’re hungry and all that? Does that only matter now that you’re here? These people were brought over here legally, not like the wetbacks that stormed our Southern borders. These people been at war since the beginning of time. I think they’re probably relieved to have a day off. As Americans, why don’t we show them how it’s done instead of bickering about how much is it going to cost and where are we going to put them and not in my neighborhood damn it. Where’s the compassion? Freaking ridiculous and embarrassing.

      • It appears the whole concern about “legal not illegal” immigration was just a smokescreen to screech “No foreigners allowed!

        • Are you talking to me Jon? If so the term wet back isn’t racist, it identifies a person who crossed the Rio grande illegally into our country. Now if I had said something about Cinco de Mayo or tortillas you might have a point but again I’m not sure you’re directing that towards me. I’m about the most not racist person there is being part native and beat on regularly by black people when I was a kid, I know what racism feels like.

        • Jon, as you know anyone that crosses our Southern border swimming across the Rio grande River can be considered a wet back. Race doesn’t play a role in it at all. It could be a white Nicaraguan, or a black Brazilian or a Mexican. It really doesn’t matter they all classified as wetbacks. Also as you know let those without sin cast the first stone.

        • No, only legal foreigners allowed. And you know the difference between legal and illegal. There’s a method in this country to establish residency, did you just inadvertently say that you are for open borders? If so that would be very unrepublican of you.

  19. I don’t think that they are any different than anyone else.
    Love them as your neighbor.
    What happened after that is up to you.
    Decision Little House on the prairie

  20. I hope they are vetted and do not have Covid or are carriers of Covid. But since there is so much of Covid being flown around the states, including Hawaii, in the persons of the illegal immigrants being let in on the southern border, I guess Alaskans can just hope for the best. Hopefully these people will make Alaska their home and eventually contribute to expanding Alaska’s economy with some good home-grown ideas. If they are Muslims, they already have a large masjid in Anchorage that should help with the process. Kind of interesting that it is the Catholics that are bringing them in. And yes, be prepared for more democrat party voters, as this is the way the old political machines worked it, a flop, a job and food for your vote. Worked quite well for over 100 years.

  21. Our country and our State is being invaded. Evil politicians are doing this by design in order to ruin the middle class, and CSS and others are going along with it.
    Mayor Bronson and Governor Dunleavy need to stop this RFN.
    Furthermore, we are broke. We don’t have the money to take care of everyone in the world.

  22. Honestly so long as Anchorage finally gets some decent middle-eastern food out of this I see no issue. Having spent a decent amount of time overseas these people are not much different than you or I and given a bit of time the younger ones will soon look and act no different than our young and if we do our best to include them they will integrate. Sure they pray differently, look different, and have a completely different culture but if we get to know them and they get to know them we will realise we have more in common than not. Give them a chance before you judge.

  23. They will by CSS be considered “refugees” and that “entitles” them to everything that you and i have to work for. I.e. house, food, etc etc etc. I’m not saying they are bad people, just diff. Will they assimilate into the “American Culture”? or, like all others try to change ours?

  24. There’s plenty of horror stories out there of immigration gone wrong, but you hear less of the success stories. When we were stationed in Ohio, we lived in Beavercreek, which is a very nice ‘suburb’ of Dayton. There was a small population of Muslims living there, and their children went to school with ours. Our daughter was seated with several of the boys in a group desking situation, and she reported that they were conservative, thoughtful, and smart. The kids all discussed the differences in their religions in class; Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Jewish, and Muslim kids all just telling each other what was interesting or different about how they believed. The teacher asked the boys to explain to the class when they had religious holidays what the holiday was about. It worked really well. They got along with everyone. We saw the ladies in the grocery stores, and they smiled and went about their business. It wasn’t a problem. They were good neighbors. I think the greatest influence in whether a group “assimilates” or not, is whether or not they are ostracized by their new community. Being welcoming doesn’t mean you stop going to church and throw on a burqa. It means you act the same to them as anyone else. We can’t stop them coming and it’s not our job to ‘vet’ them. Our job now is to not make a horrible situation worse for these people who probably would prefer to stay in their familiar homeland with their extended families, if they weren’t certain they’d be killed.

    • Being welcoming means recognizing that this is a political solution to a political problem. Alaska’s political seat is Juneau and political asylum should be the welcoming arms of Juneau neighborhoods .

      Five bucks says the capital move would make much more sense soon.

      Spent any time in Germany lately? Ask any of your German friends how the Muslim population has integrated into their culture and you’re likely to hear a strong 1940’s echo.

      Interesting that at least a couple of posters presumed to be women here appear to be welcoming. Unless you enjoy forced masculinity, your children endangered and future daughters presupposed role as uneducated concubine you may want to reconsider. Unless of course you’re already an uneducated concubine in which case Shelia knows the way to a local clandestine hub where female genital mutilation and the like are hot topics. Something like our good old Metzitzah B’peh friends but different.

      Religion is the spice of the stone age life and nothing screams stone age better than an Afghan war zone refugee. If anyone needed another reason to loath the hair sniffer, look no further.

    • Muslims from the US are not the same as those from the Middle East. Look at Britain or any of the other countries they are having issues in. I hope you remember this the first case of female genital mutilation that comes up or the first sexual emergency (rape). They have to give counseling saying it is not okay in Europe as part of orientation. People are also so scared of racism that girls got abused in England for how long? Refugees are not always on our side or want to assimilate.

    • Yeah, the pilgrims coming over here and later on the Irish, the Jews, the Germans the Italians all of those people was a bad idea. Probably just should pack up and go home. I joke. It all depends on what perspective you’re looking at through the spyglass with.

  25. Thank you MRAK for spreading awareness about the humanitarian issues with our exit from Afghanistan. This is the next step in helping with all the atrocities that happened. I hope all of us offer to help seeing as the suffering pointed out by MRAK has shown that these people need help. These are people who risked their lives to help Americans.

  26. Good. Maybe we can get some of these “refugees” to works some local jobs, unlike the free loading wellfare slaves who do nothing but get fat on WIC food and watch netflix while driving around in their government issued free car.

    Nah, they just gonna suck off the government tit or become taxi drivers. Refugees couldn’t stand up to the problems the left in their home land, now they bring their problems here for us to deal with.

    I can’t wait till the whole system collapses and the people are left having to get it by their own hands again.

    What a disgrace humanity has become.

    • I bet they’d be proud to have a job. For a decent wage? You betcha. These people have heard about everything in America and dreamed to be able to live it and experience it themselves one day.

  27. If you can believe anything the Soros Junta is telling us we got 5K-6K people out who had something that passed for a US Passport. We got something less than 10K people out who had something that looked like some sort of US credential, though very few of them had the special SIV visa for those documented to have been directly linked to the US effort in Afghanistan. The other 100K and so that we herked out are basically undocumented Democrats to be dumped into election districts that the communists, excuse me, Democrats think they can flip.

    The best intel I can get says there were 34 Consular officers at Kabul airport; just how good a job do you think they could do of vetting 100K people in that environment in just a few short days? Ever stood in line at Customs at an airport? The only thing we know for sure about these people is that they somehow got past the Taliban perimeter guard at the airport; that doesn’t inspire confidence in me.

    Assuming all the best, we’re still bringing in people with few or no resources and an education and culture from at best the medieval era. Add to that a religion and culture that teaches them that we, the infidels, must be either converted, subjugated, or killed. How many generations do you think it will take before they are assimilated into the American “melting pot?” It took us a century, a Civil War, and two World Wars to somewhat assimilate the 19th and early 20th Century immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Southern, and Eastern Europe, and the religions and political culture they brought with them at least had origins in the shared Greco-Roman and Christian traditions we shared.

      • Yeah my Irish people were too. But they didn’t stop in New York, they went all the way to Oklahoma, the Indian Territory at the time. Some folks never get assimilated. I would say that it’s safe to say that some African Americans still aren’t. The Japanese I think were the fastest to be assimilated, slowed down by World War II.

  28. Confusing why refuges are flown thousands of miles to places significantly culturally and climate different. Away from surrounding countries with their cultural & climate.

  29. Are they going to find beds at the Sullivan Arena?
    If CSS can find “everything they need” for refugees, why can’t do it for our local homeless people?

    • I’m not sure what the answer to that question is but it could be CSS is focused on doing more planetarium missionary work and will step back and let the assembly and the mayor take care of a local problem. Just a guess.

  30. It would be good to see a history of the immigrants that CSS has brought here over the years and how many are successful versus those on the public dole still today.

  31. Every flag-waving patriot who supported “our troops” and plastered “NO FEAR” stickers on their trucks in the 2000s should be forced to house some of their freedom-loving Muslim friends, of course, like a good Christian.

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