Nancy Pelosi and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day



It’s been a rough few months for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She was dragged unwillingly into impeaching the president, and it has damaged her brand badly.

In October, she accused the president of bribery. Then it was Ukraine and the quid pro quo talking points. Then it was a cover up.

She could have kept the impeachment articles in her pocket in December, but didn’t.

And then, she invited the president to give his State of the Union address, timing the impeachment proceedings to lead up to it for maximum damage.

When he arrived in the House of Representatives on Tuesday night, he was greeted by cheers from Republicans, who shouted “Four more years!” and by the sullen faces of Democrat women lawmakers, dressed in white and sitting silent during nearly every part of his speech.

He approached his podium and handed both Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Pelosi copies of his speech. Pelosi reached our her right hand to shake Trump’s hand, but he kept moving. He wasn’t going to honor a phony gesture.

In the end of the nearly hourlong speech, Pelosi organized her copy of the speech into three distinct piles, and waited.

As Trump nearly finished his eloquent remarks with uplifting and hopeful words that inspired his base, Pelosi prepared to pounce. She stood. He was not quite done saying “God bless America,” when she ripped up the speech, section by section.

She told reporters,  “Because it was a courteous thing to do considering the alternative. It was such a dirty speech.”

The White House responded on Twitter:

Speaker Pelosi just ripped up: One of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen. The survival of a child born at 21 weeks. The mourning families of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller. A service member’s reunion with his family. That’s her legacy. – The White House

Pelosi had sat dour during much of the remarks, which were perhaps the most poetic and well-delivered of Trump’s career. Her guest in the gallery, Fred Guttenberg, was ejected by security for an outburst. His daughter was killed in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla. in 2018. “What about my daughter?” Guttenberg yelled during the speech, before being removed from the room.

Trump hit all the right points, from the right to life, school choice, Second Amendment, legal immigration, building infrastructure, planting trees, family leave, military strength, jobs for all, cheaper medicine, and the strongest economy in history. His words were soaring and statesmanlike, and he did not shoot across the bow of the impeachment leaders in the room, but ignored his impeachment entirely. Across the country, the response from conservatives was largely positive, with many lauding him for giving conservative talk show personality Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Democrats groaned audibly during that ceremony, as Melania Trump placed the medal around Limbaugh’s neck.

Meanwhile, things were already going badly for the Democrats in other parts of the country, something surely on Pelosi’s mind. The Iowa Caucus on Monday was a pageant of incompetence, and results were still coming in late on Tuesday, but under a cloud of suspicion by most candidates.

Joe Biden, who Pelosi backs, was doing poorly, attracting just 15 percent of the vote, with 71 percent of precincts reporting.

It also became evident this week that the Senate would not convict the president of the charges put forth by the Democrats in the House. On Monday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski issued a stinging rebuke of the work done in the House, and on Tuesday, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine also said the House had failed in its duties, and she would vote to acquit.

For icing on the cake of this very bad week, on Wednesday, Pelosi will face yet another crushing defeat as the Senate holds its final vote and acquits the president.


  1. It was the best SOTU I’ve ever heard!
    With Democrat comedy, made it even better, ensuring an win for Trump in 2020.
    God bless America!

  2. To see the Speaker of the House do that on camera before a national audience… If nothing else it shows how far out of whack things are in our government. That level of disrespect for the whole process is egregious, too egregious to go unchecked. Yes, this is America, and because it is America we are free to express ourselves. Tearing up the State of the Union speech before the whole country… what is that an expression of ? It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to pack it up and go… She crossed the line of decency. And I don’t mean political correctness. This is a direct assault on our political institution. Hit the road, N. Pelosi. You don’t belong in our Nation’s Capitol !

  3. Love your work. I also love how the commies in the house are going to have their work cut out for them to rebuild their party on what platform. Socialism doesn’t work.

  4. I watched the entire President’s address last night. It is appalling to me what the Democrats have done to this country. They have divided it up so bitterly that civility has vanished. Nancy Pelosi’s unprofessionalism was the crown of thorns. A real witch. Trump may have been impeached, but we will never rid those images of her ripping up President’s SOTU speech. After four years of harrassing, belittling, conducting phoney charges, and tormenting Trump……it comes down to this……the Democrats are going to lose in a very big way this fall. The majority of the American people can no longer support their actions and policies. They have overplayed their hands in all aspects and they will be spanked hard this coming November.

  5. That’s right..President Donald J. Trump is not going to entertain Pelosi and her 2 face antics before, during and after the SOTU. Pelosi and the Democrat Traitors are dirty politicians!

  6. The behavior of Nancy Polosi as reached the bottom. It’s time to forcibly remove her from office. My fifth graders act and have more class then this individual every did or will. Thanks for all you write about. You are the best.. And of course keep us abreast on Pebble. Thanks NNN

  7. Can you imagine if Trump would have torn up a copy of a speech as the person giving it was just finishing?

    Pelosi knew impeachment was not a good idea but got bagged by the Left. That allowed her to hold on to the speakership but won’t be good enough to keep it. Warfare amongst the Democrats will be good entertainment.

  8. Of course having the POTUS process start in Iowa is almost as goofy as Alaska’s Legislature meeting in Juneau.

  9. Speaker Pelosi has indeed been having a lot of bad days and they are all of her own making….she has drank far to much of the Hate Trump poison and for a long time now has been unable to think or act in any form of productive manner….she has made a bad mess of her job in Washington and her home state has also gone over the cliff and do in large part to her actions in both places…
    President Trump has done a great job for the Nation and certainly could help repair many of the things the Speaker has fouled up but only if the speaker at least trys to help..!!
    I have mananged to get all the way to 85 this past October and watched a lot of State of the Union speaches in my time but the one delivered by the President last night was the best I have seen and heard to date….perhaps because it was to filled with truth and hope for the Nation..!! spite of Pelosi and her friends!!!

  10. The Democrats have been frantically seeking some sort of issue for the upcoming elections. They don’t have one. All they can do is try to stir up hatred. They will lose against the positive message of Trump.

  11. The democrat actions, especially Pelosi, are reminiscent of a kindergarten exercise in temper tantrums, incompetence and disrespect. And to think Pelosi is one of the “leaders” of our country is very disturbing, although it fits with the democrat MO. The antics displayed with lies, accusations and insincere rhetoric, are SOP for them. A glimpse into what America would be like under their “political” auspices. Garbage in, garbage out. That’s what I see. No thanks.

  12. I love seeing it. It shows that she’s hurting and I want to go on hurting her for what she’s done to our country and to this president. Was she micd up back there or was she talking to herself all those times when she disagreed with what the president would say? She sure gets to ringing those lips to like she’s got a sour jawbreaker in there. The more angry she and her Representatives get the more it proves that President Trump is doing a good job for the country.

  13. The thing is the Democrats and the socialists hate Trump more than they love America. I can’t really tell you why they hate Trump, only that like sheep following each other over a cliff, they just do the same thing. Do we really want to lose oil independence and have open borders? Do we really want bad players in the world mocking us rather than fearing us? Do we want other countries paying their fair share of their defense budget rather than highest paying for everything? Do we really want to be like Canada. Even Great Britain saw that form of government doesn’t work and got out of the European Union. We’ve got to be leaders in the world and not followers. I’m too old to be bending over grabbing my ankles like Obama had us doing for years.

  14. Nancy dressed in white along with her coharts looked like the grand wizard in charge of the Ku Klux Klueless.
    Her disdain for the country was written on her wicked face.
    Remember she is third in line to take the seat of President.
    May God bless President Trump and Vise President Pence.

  15. Democrats are just utterly despicable and disgusting. Even as a newly minted voter at age 18 in 1972 I knew Democrats were not the type of people who I wanted to represent me. The current crop is particularly vile and evil. And now the DNC is once again rigging the primaries against Bernie. No, I would never vote for this outright communist, but what the DNC is doing is a slap in the face to all those who do vote for him. The spiked Des Moines Register poll and the caucus debacle are just the first attempts to thwart the will of those who vote Democrat. No sane person believes the lame sorry-ass excuses about what happened in Iowa. The whole system is being rigged against Bernie.

  16. Yo Nancy, do you have anymore of your pens you were so solemnly handing out when you wrote up articles of impeachment? May I buy one from you for a dollar, a real investment to pay future dividends that I will donate to the homeless in your sorry-lame state of California . Cry me a river, Nancy, Adam, and Jerry. Haters, hypocrites, and dividers is what you are. May you reap the whirlwind.

  17. I wouldn’t have turned my back on her that’s for sure. She was ripping up those papers and on the last one she actually turn the papers towards Trump’s back almost as a gesture that she had scissors and was like tearing Trump up in his suit. She should try to contain her emotions since she’s 79 years old and could drop dead at any time. Blood pressure is nothing to fool with. I never knew anybody could be such a big bawl baby at such an old age. I wonder what bathroom she went in and destroyed after the ceremony? I would have hated to be her husband. He likely had to play a role that night that he was not used to.

  18. What was so offensive about my post? The fact is, that you, as a purported ‘speech writer’ rightly knows that your man does not speak the english you learned. C’mon!

  19. OK. Why is that when I come to this site that I do not see posts extant? I only see what was posted afterwards when I post again. I apologize for my last post but what is with that behavior?

  20. It’s a shame that these leftists are in positions of honor that we used to teach our children to respect, even if we had differing viewpoints. We respected the office and showed respect for their humanity in general and service to our country. Pelosi, et al, have brought these high positions in our government so low with their lies and disgraceful behavior. It’s frightening to think that Pelosi is second in line after the VP to be president. President Pelosi? Dear God in heaven, please have mercy on us and don’t ever let that happen. Today they’re playing a video of Nancy pants saying she thinksTrump was sedated during the SOTU address. That’s funny, because that’s exactly what I was thinking about her while I was watching his speech. She looked like she was going to nod out on that little silver tray she had beside her. Pence didn’t have one of those. He just had a glass of water and his copy of the speech. What was on Nancy’s silver tray? Vodka? Xanax? Yeah. She was sedated.

  21. The madness of Craig Toomy – Langoliers (1995) Paper ripping.

    The madness of Nancy Pelosi – SOTU (2020) Paper ripping.

    Toomy acted his part well. Pelosi wasn’t acting.

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