Names to know: Murkowski staffs up with five new hires


U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski announced that she is growing her staff with these changes:


Angela Ramponi is being promoted from senior policy advisor to the position of legislative director. Angela has managed Sen. Murkowski’s healthcare portfolio for the past four years, advancing the senator’s priorities as a senior member of the Senate HELP and Appropriations committees. Angela also covered many state and local government issues and played a key role in drafting the bipartisan infrastructure law. Prior to joining Murkowski’s office, she acted as legislative liaison and policy analyst for the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. She holds a master of public health from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. She graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a bachelor of arts in Public Health and Biology. Angela grew up in Soldotna.

Mike Songer joins Senator Murkowski’s D.C. office as the new National Security Advisor after serving as Murkowski’s Pprofessional staff member of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Mike worked in the office of the late U.S. Congressman Don Young as his Senior Legislative Assistant and Defense Policy Advisor before joining the Indian Affairs Committee. He served in the USAF, including deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, followed by a term serving as a Hill Vets fellow. He holds a master of business administration in Aerospace and Defense from the University of Tennessee.

New Staff: 

Emma Ashlock joins Senator Murkowski’s D.C. office as an Intern. Emma is from Anchorage and graduated from Alaska Middle College School. She earned a bachelors in Politics Science from the University of Alaska – Fairbanks. She previously served as summer intern in Senator Murkowski’s D.C. office in 2018. Emma will assist with Arctic policy research and correspondence until July 2023.

Major Robert Bruce joins Senator Murkowski’s office as the new United States Air Force (USAF) Fellow. His most recent assignment was serving as a fellow for the office of the Air Force Reserve Legislative Affairs with duty at the U.S. Department of State where he coordinated legislative activity and correspondence between the State Department and members of Congress. After enlisting in the Air Force in 1998, he graduated in 2007 from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Education and then later commissioned.  He has served in a variety of tactical and staff level positions and most recently served as the Commander of the Force Support Squadron at Travis AFB.

Gabe Crabtree joins Murkowski’s Anchorage office as a staff assistant. Gabe grew up in Anchorage where he graduated from Grace Christian School. Prior to joining Murkowski’s office, Gabe worked on Murkowski’s 2022 campaign team. 

Doson Nguyen joins Murkowski’s D.C. office as the new HillVets fellow. Doson has a bachelor of science from the University of North Dakota and is currently working on completing his juris doctorate from the University of Akron School of Law. Doson served as a judicial extern at the US Court of Federal Claims in D.C. prior to joining Murkowski’s office. He previously served as a fellow at the Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology as well as a student director at the Akron Law Alumni Association. He is a former combat medic in the U.S. Army and a medical sectionleader with the National Guard from 2010-2018.

Aaron Stuvland, PhD, joins the office as American Political Science Association congressional fellow. Dr. Stuvland will support Murkowski’s Energy and Lands team. Dr. Stuvland teaches political science at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. He previously taught in the Connecticut State Community College system and served as the managing editor for Congress and the Presidency at American University. He earned a PhD and MA in Political Science from George Mason University and a BA in Political Science from Northwest Nazarene University.

“As we kick off a new Congress, I’m proud to announce these changes to my growing team as I continue my work to represent all Alaskans. These individuals each bring unique skills, experience, and knowledge to the table, which will help us better serve the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities that we face in our state. I look forward to all the good work we have ahead and benefits it will bring Alaska,”  Murkowski said.


  1. Surely RINOs, one and all.
    Anyone who would chose to work under this unprincipled, self-serving political opportunist must almost certainly be as beholden to the deep state power structure, and globalist agenda, as Princess Lisa is. She has certainly long forgotten, and repudiated, the interests of Alaska, or even of the USA.

    • Gosh. In jest, I was going to say the same thing! Jefferson, you drop boxcars of accusations on someone because of the slightest insult to your ideology. You get triggered and hurt so easily. If a leftist praised Monarch butterflies, you’d condemn him cuz the colors black and orange are clearly part of the woke agenda. Butterflies are teaching weakness and flitting behavior is very much like drag queens.

      Your failure to employ reason is your weakness Jefferson sweetie. You write well tho.

      • No, Lucinda, you accuse me of exaggeration only because so many in our society today, such as you, grossly UNDERexaggerate the degree of insults, propaganda, gaslighting and stripping of our remaining freedoms heaped on us by the power-mad ruling class and totalitarian globalist sociopaths (I refuse to call the “elite”, as they are not). I simply refuse to sugar-coat or moderate my discussion, or moderate my condemnation of the rapidly accelerating downward trends in our contemporary society, as we are long past the point where being ‘nice’, and politely hiding the full extent of the political and social degradation, has any relevance or effect.
        But thank you for the compliment on my writing, even with your disapproval of my sometimes multiple and sequential use of adjectives and commas. If you think I am bad in that regard, though, have you ever read any writing by the well-educated in the 17th or 18th centuries? Just read the Declaration of Independence! The complexity of language, and thought, inherent in it is far beyond seen today. Editors of anyone writing like that nowadays would go ballistic! But actually, that is essentially just another condemnation of our society, and the level of education, today.

        • Excellent comment. I agree with everything in it, including your, (I do to), refusal to call the ruling class etc. etc. elites. Your description is apt, and I have a few additions; not even cuss words!

          • Lucinda:
            You are EXACTLY everything you accuse Jefferson of. The Democrat’s way. You define yourself perfectly. You need a new brain.

        • You stated the facts well.
          Lucinda needs too get a life and stop putting Patriots down all the time. I find her words condescending and hateful.
          She seems too be very miserable. Someone who needs pity.

  2. Lisa Murkowski promotes the murder of sweet little babies. What’s not to hate about her? And just why won’t her staff answer the phone anymore, what are they afraid of?

    • None of them answer their phones, they are afraid of US, we the people they choose to MISrepresent.
      Try any of the politicians, with the exception of several true republicans, none of them return phone calls, emails, or snail mail. They know they are doing wrong and cannot and will not face us. I dont know how they can even look into a mirror…. Fugazzi politicians treating us like serfs, get used to it if you keep electing them and dont work to get rid of them and their rcv crap. Princess Lisa, resign already you fake fraud commie.

      • Molly, I think you are spot-on regarding the refusal of these corrupt, and corrupting, politicians to answer their constituents’ well-justified complaints and challenges to their abuses of power.
        I will note that the letter that I recently posted here on MRAK (in another thread), strongly criticizing Kelly Merrick and her RINO cohort in the state legislature for teaming up with far-left Democrats, rather than working with their conservative Republican colleagues in an EXISTING majority, received no response from Kelly Merrick. Nor did I realistically expect any response — because wrong-doers and sociopaths are, at their core, all cowards, realizing at some psychological level that they are wrong and/or evil.

  3. Ah, I see the State Department has implanted a political Commissar on Murkowski’s staff to keep her toeing the Uniparty line!

  4. Why does Lisa need such a large staff? She does nothing but hand out her Uncle Joe’s funny money then pat herself on the back for all the “hard work” she’s done. She needs to put that capital “D” behind her name.

  5. Maybe she’s upset about someone who came to her office about Ukraine. Office staff said she was busy. People are dying. But. Hey. Who cares? Welp. That visitor went over her blonde hair and notified the global powers. Aw. No more money.
    Seizing assets isn’t working well for you is it? Better change up that crew now. Hurry. Hurry.

  6. What concerns me the most is that she and the other were sent represent us. Not DC think tanks or special interests but us, Alaskans. Of the names above how many are Alaskans? No offense to Bruce, Songer, Nyugen, and Stuvland but what experience do they have living, working and raising a family in Alaska? Do they understand first hand the epa limitations on wood stoves in fbks and the cost of heating oil? Have they had to work on substandard Arctic grade combat equipment at -20? Alaska does not require State Department experience, we need Alaska centric experience reflected in Washington.

    • That would be like actually supporting Alaska interests. She is not allowed to help, her job is to hinder and funnel that fake money to other fakers, now called her staff. Funnelling our money to influence peddle and sell us out, thats what lisa does best.

  7. If you know Muskowski, you know few can stand being around her very long. She needs a fresh crew regularly to sling her communist / socialist agenda. Once the crew finally discovers they are actually working for foreign governments they begin abandon ship and the cycle continues.

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