Murkowski works on bipartisan legislation to insulate, reduce carbon footprint of buildings


If Alaska can’t drill for more oil because of the Biden Administration anti-petroleum policies, perhaps it can at least put another sweater on its buildings, Jimmy Carter style.

Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia introduced the Investing in New Strategies for Upgrading Lower Attaining Efficiency (INSULATE) Buildings Act, legislation that has grants to states and territories, through the State Energy Program, to establish revolving loan funds for energy audits and efficiency upgrades.

The bill would give businesses and homeowners the resources to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and facilities. The bill would also prioritize funding for states with the poorest efficiency in buildings.

Bill text is available here.

“When it comes to energy, Alaska is a high-cost, high-consumption state. Unfortunately, the efficiency of many buildings, homes and businesses is lacking, which drives those prices up even further,” Murkowski said. “The INSULATE Buildings Act prioritizes energy efficiency improvements in states with the poorest building efficiency and gives businesses and homeowners resources to pursue improvements, clearly helping Alaska. This legislation is one more step toward my goal of making energy more affordable and reliable for all Alaskans.”

The INSULATE Buildings Act is supported by a broad coalition of organizations, including the National Association of State Energy Officials, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, and Alliance to Save Energy, among others.


  1. ‘The INSULATE Buildings Act is supported by a broad coalition of organizations, including’ everyone who can possibly milk it for dollars borrowed from taxpayer descendants.

  2. That seals it. She’s either not running in 2022 or running as a Democrat. Please Lisa, run as a Democrat. Because you’ve been one for at least 10 years now. Ever since you reneged on your word to “respect the voters” when Joe Miller beat you in the primary.

  3. How much time and money do they spend coming up with these acronyms? That was a tough one. Maybe there is a computer program that can do it.

  4. While I am all for increasing energy efficiency and insulating our buildings, where does all this money come from and who is going to profit from it? Lot’s of money floating around with little in the way of oversight I presume. Would it be safe to assume the largest expenditures will be for buildings and homes owned by the Democrat elite? I think so.

  5. Why nibble around the edges? If the goal is to limit the carbon footprint of Anchorage, the best solution is to eliminate Anchorage and the people that live in Anchorage. The same applies to most other localities in Alaska, save for the ones the National Park Service needs. That’s what Panda Joe and his people are doing more directly.

  6. Looks more like a payoff, a little something for Alaska Native Corporations, show’em what their Sugar Mom can do that Kelly Tshibaka can’t do.

  7. Just warming up into the New Green Deal. Giving away “free money” is what these politicos do to get relected. The money, however, just like the stimuluses, largely will end up squandered.

  8. I wanted her to pick up where I left off and get cozy with Big Oil executives. The jet we bought in 2002 had a huge carbon footprint, but it sure was fun to play around in. Lisa doesn’t listen to her old man that much. She should of had her own her jet by now too, while getting set up for a huge government retirement. But her house husband refuses to work. So I’m stuck paying her bills. Nancy gives me crap about this all day.

  9. OK. Efficiency is good. It was and is the backbone of the industrial revolution and the industrial age. Make and do more, quickly, with less material, less waste, and greater uniformity and quality.
    This bill is not and does not promote that. This bill grows the beauracracy, the very antithesis to efficiency.
    1. Give the beauracrats money to come up with new rules and criteria.
    2. Give money to the beauracrats to hire and teach more beauracrats all about the new rules and criteria.
    3. Loan money to the businesses and citizens who then pay the beauracrats to inspect their homes and buildings and then tell them all the ways they are not following the new rules and criteria.
    4. Loan more money to the businesses and citizens so that they can pay for the fees, permits, and materials to upgrade and come into compliance with the new rules and criteria, provided they only use contractors and materials that are properly certified by the beauracrats, for a fee of course.
    The only part of this that makes any sense is ummm…oh yeah: Murkowski groveling for federal money.

  10. Easy solution to stop this BS…vote for Kelly Tshibaka for Republican State Senator in Nov. 2022!! Get to know her…attend one of her town hall meetings!

  11. She’s just trying to buy her way back in. She feels the rope slipping through her hands and went back to her supporters that wrote her in. Only trouble is those people don’t support her anymore but she’s desperate. She’s such a weak person I hope the natives of Alaska don’t fall for it a second time.

  12. Energy waste, up to 50%, has been a huge problem for businesses and individuals for decades, but it hasn’t been addressed because energy has been artificially cheap for decades. I don’t know if this program will work effectively, but it’s a step in the right direction. Not every government program is worthless. How many of you on Social Security are willing to give that up. And we now have clean water. Well, relatively clean.
    If people in Fairbanks could improve the energy efficiency of their homes by 50%, they wouldn’t have such high energy costs. It gets cold there. If you have to use half as many cords of wood to heat your hovel, you are alleviating air pollution. And working, or paying, less to stay warm.
    ‘Course, if you believe that spending twice as much for heating your hovel is FREEDOM, well then, never mind.

  13. Campaigning is what she’s doing. This is stupid, the government can’t fix anything they can only make things worst for the citizens. This will help special interests and only them.

  14. The US Gov’t can’t figure out how to immunize everyone against the flu but they do have this one flip floppy Senator that can correct the temperature of the earth and she can do it w/ just a little more funding.

  15. My copy of the U.S. Constitution doesn’t have anything in it about giving the federal government power or authority to waste taxpayer funds to help people who built or bought poorly insulated buildings or homes to correct that deficiency.
    Maybe Murkowski has the “interpreted” version of the Constitution…that’s what the liberals and other Democrats all use.

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