Event: Anchorage legislative constituent meeting will once again be remote, via Zoom


With all the uncertainty around the budget and the Legislature’s special session that ends on Friday, will there actually be an Anchorage Caucus meeting next week?

The caucus meeting is not in person this year, even though the state and Anchorage are no longer in a state of emergency. Instead, as it was last year, this one will be a meeting via Zoom, on June 23 at 6-7:30 pm.

The Zoom meeting ID is: 992 5782 5591 Password: ANC21

The Anchorage Caucus constituent meeting is hosted by Rep. Tom McKay, Sen. Tom Begich, and Rep. Liz Snyder.


  1. Now you all know not everyone as computer access to zoom and participate.

    The Library closes at 6 pm so the computers are unavailable, even then you still can’t participate because of no mic as well as the room is “no talking” while there is no writing chat feature with Zoom so people can write their questions and responses in.

    Just bring back the in-person meetings. This Zoom was always ridiculous and now that people feel safer after their experimental vaccine, they are still hiding. Zoom Absurd!

  2. It’s interesting to see how Covidian-hysterical the Alaska state legislature still is. Interesting, and also embarrassing, disgraceful and disgusting.

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