Murkowski votes yes on radical Haaland for Interior


In spite of a record of radicalism, Rep. Deb Haaland of New Mexico advanced out of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and toward a full Senate vote to become the new Department of Interior secretary under Joe Biden.

Her confirmation seems all the more likely because Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted in favor of her confirmation. Murkowski was the only Republican on the Committee to support Haaland, in an 11-9 vote.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, another moderate Republican, has said she will vote to confirm the anti-oil nominee when her name reaches the Senate floor for the final vote.

Murkowski is the immediate past-chair of the committee, and expressed that she had “some real misgivings” about Haaland, but then said she would trust Haaland would be true to her word in saying she would work with Alaskans.

Murkowski cast the deciding vote, but only after saying, “I will hold you to your commitments.’ Quite honestly. we need you to be a success.”

But holding Haaland true to her commitments is a knife that cuts both ways. Haaland is wedded to a radical environmentalist agenda and an agency now populated by environmental activists, climate change warriors, and Democrat campaign operatives at every level under the Biden Administration.

Murkowski issued a statement after her pivotal vote to place Haaland at the head of the agency that holds Alaska’s future in its hands:

“I seek to ensure every nominee who comes before us understands that. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to educate others about Alaska and our unique needs and our unique peoples. And I spent a considerable amount of time with Representative Haaland reiterating what is at stake for us.

“Alaska’s prosperity is directly linked to decisions made by Interior – whether through their trust responsibilities, their authority over responsible resource development, or their monitoring of hazards and other threats. 

“I’ve had two separate meetings with Representative Haaland that lasted for more than an hour each.  I participated in both days of her nomination hearing, asking many questions, and have reviewed the answers she provided to all of our members. I’ve also spent considerable time listening to Alaskans’ views on her nomination. They are paying attention to this nomination.

“I’ve heard two sentiments over and over again. The first is that many Alaskans – Alaska Natives in particular – are enormously proud to have a Native American nominated to this position. It is truly a historic nomination and they believe Alaska Native issues can be elevated to one of the highest levels of government.

“The second concern that I’m hearing is that many Alaskans are concerned about the agendas Representative Haaland will seek to implement on her own and on behalf of the White House. They are concerned by her opposition to resource development on public lands, including her opposition to key projects in Alaska and her questioning of the vital role that Alaska Native Corporations serve in our communities.

“Weighing on top of that is my experience from the Obama administration, when I voted for a Secretary who promised to be a good partner for Alaska, but proved to be anything but that after confirmation.

“So I struggled with this vote.  How to reconcile a historic nomination with my concerns about an individual’s – and an administration’s – conception of what Alaska’s future should be. 

“I believe Representative Haaland’s heart is there for Native peoples and all who treasure our public lands. I don’t believe that is the extent of Interior’s mission, but she has also told us that she recognizes that if confirmed, she will be serving in a different capacity. She told me that she knows she will need to represent every Alaskan, including those who know how to responsibly develop our lands. And she committed to me that she will ‘make sure that we are doing all we can to ensure that your constituents have the opportunities that they need.’

“Given the early days of this administration, I have my doubts about whether that will be the case. But I have decided to support this nomination today, to support the first Native American who would hold this position, and with the expectation that Representative Haaland will be true to her word—not just on matters relating to Native peoples, but also responsible resource development and every other issue.

“I also fully anticipate that she will have a strong management team in place with people who understand the value of resource development from public lands. She needs this—we need this—within the Department of Interior. 

“I am going to place my trust in Representative Haaland and her team, despite some very real misgivings.  And Representative Haaland, if you are listening, know that I intend to work with you because I want you to be successful and need you to be successful, but I am also going to hold you to your commitments to ensure that Alaska is allowed to prosper.”


  1. Once again Lisa betrays the people of Alaska by approving someone who will shut down development and the Alaska economy through environmental bullscat.

    • Murkowski does not represent alaska – nor America. She is showing she is a left wing nut commie. Nothing about upholding the consitution, justice, state or just common good. She is a backstabbing witch who is betraying all in America.

    • Unless I am mistaken, I believe congressman Young also supported the interior secretary nominee. Is he a rino?. Did he betray the people of Alaska?

  2. We will be spending many years working our way out of the holes Murkowski is digging for us.

  3. Lisa pandering for the rural vote.

    Most Natives out here are afraid of losing the oil revenue and our hunting and trapping Rights on Federal lands.
    Not too mention the loss of access by snow machine and boat travels.

    Lisa’s rolled the dice big, yet again.

  4. This reveals her flawed reasoning. Historic nomination over this candidate’s track record? Our so called senator has once again betrayed Alaska!

  5. Why am I not surprised? This will give her a lock on the Bush vote and the only way to push her out is primary. Prop 2 must be overturned and Leeza can run as the democrat she is. One person, one vote.

  6. So basically she voted in favor simply because the person is a native American. The nominee should be judged by what he/she stands for, their associations, past writings and public statements-NOT their ethnicity. This woman is clearly anti development of natural resources and a climate change alarmist. Murkowski is a coward. She was afraid of being called a racist if she voted against her. Typical.

  7. Once again, Alaskas highest profile RINO rolls over for the Democrats agenda. In two years, all those statements she’s made about watching the nominee and her success is Alaska’s success will be used against Murkowski. It’s going to be interesting to see Murkowski spin this vote during the primary in ’22 as unemployment is back in the high teens for us and gas is over $4 on the rail belt.

  8. AK Constituents … Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be, as Daddy’s Little Princess continues her betrayal and reckless ways? Unfortunately, she turns a deaf ear to logic, reason, and.or common sense. Is she seeking advice from either D-Young or D-Sullivan? Possibly, conferring with Glen Cleary and the leadership of the AK GOP? Likely not, just another demonstration of arrogance and narcissistic methodology towards Alaska and Alaskans.
    I find it amusing that she can cast a dissenting vote for Kavenuagh, cast a vote for impeaching Trump, and then cast a vote in support of a “Clear & Present Danger” to AK. What more evidence do you need, open your eyes, understand her true nature as a RHINO!!!

  9. So, our senior Senator will vote to confirm a known radical to this important cabinet office. Yet she would not vote to confirm the conservative and respected Justice Kavanaugh. Her pontifications in such matters are always an astonishment.

  10. Blaw blaw blaw, RINO Lisa throwing Alaska under the bus, again, what a load, traitor princess strikes again. Get rid of her Alaska!

  11. This lady’s home is DC. Why would anyone think she would do anything to advance interests in Alaska if her OWN interests in DC are threatened?

  12. I think I’ve seen this before. Starts with Lucy promising to hold the football for Charlie Brown.

  13. Lisa realizes that oil is on the way out. She is tied by history to support oil at all costs. She resists. This is not a shortcoming, it is a virtue.
    The world is, and will continue to be, moving away from petrochemicals for its main sources of power. This is a good thing. This will allow our grandchildren to live on the planet in a relatively normal way of life. Attempts to revitalize oil as the predominant source of power are doomed, as the attempts are to keep coal that power. Their time has come and gone. If we hitch our wagon to that star, we, as a state, will be gone, too.

    • Yes, ‘It’s a good thing’ (the actual title was ‘It’s a Good Life’ and it aired on Nov 3, 1961). It’s a good thing to rid ourselves of petrochemicals so that our children and grandchildren are less spoiled living in their tiny crowded concrete cells (apartments) huddling in the cold trying to equally share the limited food allotted by the all knowing governing elite because chemicals are evil. It’s a good life, not living in prosperity and plenty like their ancestors. If only our forefathers had been wise and used the might of government past to protect the livery stables and outlaw those evil combustion engines. If only our government had been wise like the Soviet Union to properly force people to live responsibly. Why what a great country this could be! Or we can allow capitalism and economics (something foreign to AOC and the rest of progressives) to play out and winners in the marketplace lead us to a better way. My F350 today is a far stretch from a 1948 F100, but that’s the way the market works. But never matter, I’m sure that YOU know what is best for me, Anthony Fremont. Yes, It’s a Good Life.

    • Wong. We are heading towards a de-industrialized, centralized, planned service economy and getting rid of fossil fuels – jobs which are high paid and unionized – is crucial to that effort. Crucial also is the demonization of the climate and the compliance of people to believe that lie in order to make it a reality.

    • You first Greg R. lead by example get off oil ASAP. Bet you don’t make it a day. Start by throwing the electric breaker, you know electricity is produced by natural gas. No automobiles and bicycle tires made from rubber, so you’ll have to walk.
      Oil and gas is relatively a clean energy.
      Wood heat is not allowed in Fairbanks because of pollution. Guess you’ll have to cook by solar!

    • Greg R, Oil on the way out? Nice catchy little slogan to mutter… riddle me this, how are you going to propel a 240,000 pound aircraft with 110 souls aboard at 500 mph though the atmosphere without jet fuel?
      Name something made without plastic. What fuel do Cargo Ships use? As for electric cars, where will you get the power to recharge these car batteries?
      I am all for market driven changes Greg, just like coal oil replacing whale oil it has to make economic sense.

  14. Greg… you must be using aerosol paint in an unventilated room. Alaska’s wealth came from oil, and hydrocarbons are needed to produce electrical energy, plastics, tires – you name it. Visit the North Slope, Greg. It’s probably cleaner than many people’s yards; you may have chosen the wrong state to live in. Go to ThoughtCo online (Examples of Petrochemicals and Petroleum Products) and check out the list. If you still feel the same way, start re-gifting most of what you have in your house.

  15. Wow. I have to wonder if Lyin’ Lisa has a brain tumor.
    Or Democrats have some “pictures”.
    She no longer represents Alaskans and appears to be actively working against us.

    • They may have threatened her life. Remember when feinstein had her on the ropes in that hallway giving her the what for? They may have something on her. She’s such a turncoat at the drop of a hat it makes you wonder.

  16. There’s more to this than what the eye can see. The world once again is seeking “clarity”.
    Most of the real issues have become so muddled that everyone has forgotten where they started, and have no idea of how they will be resolved.
    Yes, we will seek “clarity” and many will suffer. Only problem is that the clarity which we seek so often, lasts so briefly.
    I suspect that it isn’t clarity we want, but the suffering we endure to find it. After all, suffering is about the only thing we’ve ever been able to guarantee ourselves. Suffering is our security blanket, our comfort zone, the one thing we can rely on.

  17. Socialism on Indian Reservations be hard for Rep. Deb Haaland to see when she doesn’t collect food stamps, housing vouchers, free clothes, dependent on Medicaid and IHS for her health care. Hopefully oneday soon her eyes be open and she will see what Government done to us Native peoples, and she’ll stop supporting this globalist agenda and start bringing sovereignty back to Indian country free from our masters and shackles.

    • Oh get off the dumb acting Indian vocalization will you? I’m native and you make us all sound stupid. They just gave Gamble the title to the whole island. They are their own country now or they could be. Surely you’ve been assimilated enough to know that what you just said isn’t true. You sound like some dumb native it’s only been out of the cave a few years. Natives aren’t stupid actually they’re very intelligent so why act like and talk like they are?

      • If my calculations are correct, St. Lawrence Island is about 2,800,000 acres. The incorporated villages of Savoonga and Gambell are now sharing ownership of 1,068,104 acres. That’s less than half of the island.
        The military had polluted a great part of the rest, and won’t convey title to it because of liability issues. Most of that pollution still hasn’t been cleaned up.
        Truly intelligent Natives don’t bark at their fellows like junk yard dogs.

  18. Lies A Lot balances things out for the left.

    Alaska’s leftist, nepotistic, senator does it again:

    Murkowski is one of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s swing votes, along with committee Chairman Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.). Murkowski, a senator from a major oil-producing state who was heavily lobbied by the industry to oppose the nomination, said she would back Haaland “despite some very real misgivings.”

    “If you’re listening, know that I intend to work with you because I want you to be successful. And quite honestly, we need you to be successful,” Murkowski said.

    At least one other Republican, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, will support Haaland’s nomination, making her likely to be confirmed with at least a 52-48 majority.

  19. For all the afore mentioned reasons, well done citizens, my gut twists tighter when reading Murkowski position babble. Where’s the substance? Great representatives dismiss the first person singular, for whom you ask, their constituents.

  20. Murkowski displays her flawed logic once again…Haaland has already stated she will go after the oil and gas industry, Biden has already cancelled tens of thousands of Jobs in that industry!!! Yet Lisa is going to hold her to her word? What an ignorant buffoon Lisa is…

    • The veil is off, the leftist wolf removes its sheep clothing. First we need to overturn Prop 2 (the Protect Murkowski Act) then remove her from office.

  21. Betrayed yet again by Frank’s daughter. Oh, but she will hold this woman to her word. Awesome. The word of a leftist is golden. This nominee is a known anti-oil activist, and that speaks loud and clear as to her intentions.

    Our state needs oil. Our airplanes and vehicles need fuel. Our villages need diesel. Our state needs the tax revenue for schools. Get with the program Lisa, you pandering coward.

    Murkowski is a failure in so many ways. Grandstanding and virtue signaling while Alaska and America go down the drain.

    • Lisa quit listening to Frank and I in 2003. Now she listens only to her house husband, who Frank has provided for since 1987.

  22. It’s shameful that Senator Murkowski is playing Identity Politics. Lisa sided with Alaska Natives and threw Alaska’s future under the bus. But that Alaska future may include the Alaska Native community as well. Identity Politics as usual. Shameful.

  23. I feel it’s time to investigate Lisa Murkowski. She has been bought and will continue to sell out Alaska for what I presume is for personal gains. I imagine she keeps a token “home” here but I’m sure she’s got another real home somewhere besides Alaska. She’s in it for the money and we need to know who’s paying it.

  24. Finally people have seen the light and they will vote her out but not likely because all of the swamp republicans will fund her campaign and fix the vote.

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