George Floyd defund police law: National standards for police actions pass House


Legislation that would ban chokeholds, eliminate qualified immunity for law enforcement, and a host of other police reforms, passed the U.S. House on Wednesday, 220 to 212, primarily along party lines. Just two Democrats voted against the move by the federal government to gain greater oversight into local policing.

Critics say it’s a step toward defunding the police.

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act would establish a national standard for operation of police departments, including mandating data collection on police-citizen encounters, to include mandatory body cameras for police officers; investing in community-based policing programs; more federal laws to prosecute the use of excessive force; and mandating independent prosecutors for police investigations.

There are penalties associated with this bill: Those jurisdictions that don’t comply with the bill’s data submission requirements, would lose access to federal funding. Their funding would be redistributed to those departments that do cooperate with the federal requirements.

In rural Alaska, Alaska State Troopers cannot use body cameras, due to bandwidth restrictions. The law enforcement view is that with wi-fi as poor as it is in rural Alaska, it would be unfair to have to require it on the road system, but not in rural Alaska, due to an uneven application of the technology.

In the Trooper Academy in Alaska, chokeholds are not taught and are considered the hold of last resort. The state does not does do “no knock” warrants in Alaska — only the federal government does that.

The act would establish a national registry of police misconduct managed by the Department of Justice. Last year, the Democrat-controlled House passed a similar legislation but it was not considered by the Republican-led Senate and it was opposed by President Donald J. Trump.

President Joe Biden has signaled support for the legislation, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he will move the bill.

Alaska Congressman Don Young voted against the bill. Iowa Congresswomen Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks issued statements about their “no” votes.

“It’s reprehensible that House Democrats would bring forward legislation to defund police departments while relying on law enforcement to protect our Capitol from imminent threats—in a Chamber safeguarded by Capitol Police,” Hinson wrote.

“I have supported bipartisan police reform in Iowa and would be proud to support bipartisan reforms in Congress. The bill we voted on tonight is a backdoor way to defund the police,” Meeks wrote.

Police officer Derek Chauvin of Minneapolis is set to face a trial on Monday over the death of George Floyd, after Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes. The bill is named after Floyd, who has been made into a martyr by Black Lives Matter.


  1. Go ahead glorify a Drug Dealer and Drug User. Democrats are about as stupid as they come. The day will come when We The People have had enough.

  2. What is next the NKVD
    All great empires have a beginning, pinnacle moment, and an ending
    America was a beautiful Nation

  3. They’re trying to erase history so we can’t compare the hell they are creating against the country we grew up in.

  4. How is it that the Dems can send $400-BILLION to the Iranians and yet they cut local Police? Simple Fact: There is no integrity, trust, logic, reason, and.or common sense with these Democrats!
    Surely, there must be some recourse, checks-n-balance, and.or consequences for this irresponsible behavior.

  5. The. Federalization of local police forces is a well known Marxist strategy. This was spelled out 60+ years ago and race issues were one of the stated means by which to accomplish it. Climate Change, Covid, or any crisis will suffice. The real crisis is the staged reaction.

    • Correct. I think many are carrying out the plans unknowingly, so of course they think your Marxist theory is a wacko conspiracy theory. But the truth is they are following Marxist strategies to gain power and self righteousness, whether they are aware of it or not. And many are very aware of Marxism and will only deny it until Marxism isn’t such a bad word.

  6. “Space Invaders,” HAHA! On the serious side though…why would ANYBODY want federal money? Everyone I’ve talked to is ready for private enterprise. The strings attached to that money comes with continued payback through taxation for the generations that haven’t been born yet. Business as usual hasn’t been working out…and now there are “space Invaders,” in the comment section (which is still WAY better than seeing grown adults in their PJ’s at the grocery store). ~Cheers!

  7. They’re completely missing the root cause of the problem. I am employed in law enforcement and have been witnessing this for years. It’s all about drugs and the opioid addiction. We now have Fentanyl getting mixed in as a kicker to low grade opioids. This has completely fried people’s brains and they act out irrationally with deadly behavior. George Floyd himself had a long history of drug abuse and Fentanyl was present in his system. Our current laws have been around for over a century, why have police/offender confrontations become so deadly just as of late? The drugs!

  8. Which is worse: tyranny of the feds and the criminal class, or tyranny against the criminal? Rogue cops should be prosecuted, but don’t wreck the system that has served us well over one or even a series of stupid actions by a small few. Stand down demrats! Stop hiding behind your walled communities while coddling those who prey on the rest of us and join America.

  9. Do they realize body cams actually protect the police against social media warriors and the police involved with Floyd had body cams already? And why is federal overwatch the answer when all of the local politicians involved in the areas with the biggest concern are already Democrat and already on the side of Black Lives Matter? In fact, many of them get funding for their campaigns from donations to Black Lives Matter Inc. This is all just deceitful political theater. If I lived in South Chicago, the first thing I would do to fix the crime, rough cops, and corruption is stop voting for Democrats. If the pro athletes all kneeling for the flag were serious, they would go to those local communities and use their influence to inform them of local politics and how to vote out politicians that only care about their suffering because they can exploit it to win elections. I would also suggest they just move out. It is truly a free country. Nobody says you have to live where you live and the price of a bus ticket is a good investment if you are living in a crime riddled neighborhood.

  10. Did anyone bother to check the criminal rap sheet of the Liberal’s hero…….George Floyd??
    Armed robbery of a pregnant woman. 1st degree assault. Multiple theft charges. Forgery. Passing counterfeit bills. Drug dealer to juveniles.
    And, he was extremely high on a combination of contraindicated drugs when he died. Respiratory depression due to a self-induced assault on his own central nervous system. Opiods.

    George Floyd was a menace to society, especially to women and children.
    The cop who subdued him was using a police authorized restraining procedure.
    A good defense attorney should help that cop justfiably walk with only an excessive force charge and let the City of Minneapolis pay the civil damages.
    This case is about trumped-up racism.
    A BS case if there ever was.

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