Murkowski votes to block military funds for border wall



Sen. Lisa Murkowski was one of 11 senators who voted today to end the president’s national emergency that he declared on Feb. 15, 2019, effectively ending his ability to fund the wall on the southern border of the United States by using monies already appropriated for other projects.

The 11 Republicans who joined Democrats in the vote were:

  1. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
  2. Roy Blunt (R-MO)
  3. Susan Collins (R-ME)
  4. Mike Lee (R-UT)
  5. Jerry Moran (R-KS)
  6. Rand Paul (R-KY)
  7. Rob Portman (R-OH)
  8. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
  9. Mitt Romney (R-UT)
  10. Pat Toomey (R-PA)
  11. Roger Wicker (R-MS)

Senate Joint Resolution 54, sponsored by created by Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM), Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and Susan Collins (R-ME), terminates Trump’s national emergency declaration on the southern border and his ability to divert funding already appropriated for military construction and other projects to help fund the wall.

Murkowski explained her vote this way:

“My vote today is about ensuring we respect the separation and balance of powers that are fundamental to our democracy. The U.S. Constitution distinctly gives the legislative branch the power to appropriate. From the outset, I noted my opposition to this emergency declaration and what that meant, including my concern over diverting funds already appropriated for prioritized military construction projects. The administration’s recent announcement regarding the diversion of funds not only impacts important military construction projects in Alaska, but also many others across the nation,” said Senator Murkowski.

“This is not about whether or not I support the President’s very legitimate concerns over border security, because I do. This is about the administration overstepping Constitutional authority, forcing Congress to relinquish power that is fundamentally ours. We have and will continue working to address border security—by securing all our borders. But, in the interest of ensuring America can trust the system of checks and balances we have in place, we must do so through the appropriate channels,” she said.

Sen. Dan Sullivan voted against the resolution, which passed 54-41, with five not voting. The funds that were being withdrawn from Alaska military projects totaled $102 million, but Sullivan has a good working relationship with the president, and it wasn’t certain those funds would actually be diverted.


  1. Yeah, because opioids aren’t a problem in Alaska at all, right? Let’s just forego more border security for more cheerleading and sycophantic cheers in the Liberal State of Juneau, far removed from the cesspool of Appalachia and those poor folks’ problems everywhere else. Please, please, please, someone run against this very Progressive RINO who cares only about the adulation of the DNC-run Fake News Media.

    • Barry Dillinger: Step right up and run for office. In fact, run against Murkowski. Let’s see what you have in terms of political skill besides you usual paranoid whining disconnected from reality.

      • I already have a job, thanks, but I’m pretty sure that Murkowski is the answer to your dreams as she is just about as useful to the Republican Party as Pelosi, Schiff, Walker, Nadler or Begich. Paranoia would require something unseen or ethereal. Last time I checked, Murkowski is not a ghost, nor is she a Republican. But, sure, Geldhof, I’d take a run at the seat, if I had the millions that these senators have. Perhaps someone with some credentials and money will be able to unseat the woman who receives just as many Democrat votes as she does Republican. Her father lost to Palin. Nothing saying that Lisa can’t lose to someone who has the wherewithal to take her on in the midst of this impeachment frenzy she will undoubtedly support when the time comes.

  2. Lisa Murkowski we do not have a Democracy. We have a Representative Republic, I want you to finally understand that and start representing your constituents!

      • In her opening statement she mentions a form of Government that we do not have. “My vote today is about ensuring we respect the separation and balance of powers that are fundamental to our democracy.” So, she doesn’t understand. The founding fathers didn’t want a Democracy, what we have is a Representative Republic. In a Republic there is Rule of Law that protects individuals from democracy. Representatives are also not leaders. They’re not supposed to pursue their own agendas, they’re to promote the desires of those whom they work for. The American Citizens who’ve selected them to represent them in the Senate and House of Representatives.

  3. What’s new? I read on Facebook that’s she’s an honorary chairperson for the Elizabeth Warren for president campaign.?

  4. There is a crazy hispanic (illegal?) hobo dude that breaks into buildings in the Bootleggers Cove area and gets angry and violent when evicted by owners and police!
    I hope he finds her house so she can learn why we need a wall to stop illegals even in Alaska!
    And TRUMP has made the world a safer place with less need for a larger military force! ??

  5. I see her logic and I certainly agree with the constitutional based requirement for a separation of powers. However a national emergency is just that and would normally preempt a normal procedure with regard to funding as I see it. If you don’t have a secure border then how can you have a secure nation? And the security of the nation is a presidents TOP priority.

  6. Any excuse to block President’s policies will do when it comes to Lisa’s decision-making. If you believe that what he is doing is for the purpose of protecting American lives, then let go, Lisa, give up a moment of your power-hungry struggle and support our President and our homeland security.

  7. I think her vote puts ALASKA’s interests first. But her larger point is that congress has or should have the purse strings. I’m glad for that.

  8. Murkowski represents no one but herself. POS wouldn’t support anyone or anything except issues with a big D in front of them. She is no more a republican than a humpy salmon, looking for the path of least resistance. As a matter of fact, a humpy has more class than she does. At least, one knows what a humpy will do in most given situations. Say one thing to get elected and do the opposite when she lies her way into office. That’s murcowski. Daddy still knows best, as far as she’s concerned. Nepotism to get in office, failure to represent Alaskans the entire time. Her own liberal/socialist agenda drives her like no other loyalty to constituents or nation. A disgrace for Alaska. Her father was voted the worst governor in America. She’s following in his footsteps.

  9. She will never support border security. She hasn’t even been down to the border to see what is really going on. Now we have raw sewage leaking into the ocean from Mexico into the area of San Diego, California. She doesnt seem to concerned about that issue either. She is a centrist and not a Republican. She tows both sides and yet she is not called out for it by Republican leadership. She should be called out by the Republican National Committee but as we can see they wont ever do that. It’s all about the money folks. Look who donates to her campaign. That’s the folks she works for. She is pro migration even if it means illegally. She is all about following the rule of the law when it comes to Trump but not when it comes to her following the rule of law called the constitution. Our sovereignty is what needs to be protected not the illegals rights.

    • We need border security in the Alaska Republican Party. All RINO and other POS who invade the party should be given one-way passes back to Democrat Central. ……and I vote

  10. When Roy Blunt, Lamar Alexander and Roger Wicker are accused of being “RINOS” you know things are getting extreme. Maybe this was just a terrible idea and it is the true Republican Party that is trying to keep itself from walking off a cliff.

  11. ? She voted for democracy and military spending, and yet she continued to remain silent about Trump and his corrupt and evil administration.

    Nope. Sorry. Not good enough. ?

  12. S5669 was voted on today and introduced by Mr. Udall. S5669 is too late…the US Supreme Court went over the issue of averting monies for the wall and gave it to President Trump to do to finish the wall. The idiot, Lisa Murkowski can’t do a thing about it. It’s done, and the monies have transferred by the end of August in the Federal System. Lisa Murkowski is a real dummy….You ought to see her performance record in the Senate. Absolutely junk.. She works 2.5 days a week and can’t get anything done very well. She wastes time and money in more ways trying to cover up the junk she perpetuates, than actually working.. Most of the senators on the list are up for re-election. They are scared and don’t want to lose their Senate seat, so this is the “tough” stance, to go against the President to make themselves look good.. S5669 is a great way to produce a “cover” for political purposes. Murkowski is not popular in Alaska anymore and in the Senate about the same. Anyone who votes for L. Murkowski, the idiot, needs to go to a shrink.

  13. He had use extremes because all of you in Washington have failed and are continuing to fail to do what elected you were to do.
    You are part of the legislative branch, starting fixing the immigrant laws.
    Immigration is one thing and illegal entry is completely different. Illegal aliens are criminals. We can not continue to have open borders. We have serious issues like homelessness to work on.

    • I’m not sure how you can actually say that because historically she’s been on the fence her entire career. She only comes down off that fence when the coast is clear and she knows which side can best represent her agenda. Just look at Pebble mine she was on the fence on that for a long time throwing her native constituents under the bus. She hates men especially native man because she thinks all of them beat on their wives. I’m not sure why she went against Brett kavanaugh. Even Gingrich said he was a very nice man. I think her agenda is just whatever is anti Trump which means anti-republican then she has a knee-jerk reaction to that and her stripes are quickly becoming visible. Her stripes that is. I think she is fearful that’s the Republicans hand saw through all this which we have and won’t get the nomination like she didn’t before. She had to rely on the write in from Alaska natives to win but since she’s now thrown them all under the bus she doesn’t have that support anymore. so she’s just flailing around trying to kick up something that’ll make her look good and all she’s doing is causing a shit storm.

  14. We have
    And undocumented democrats

    It’s getting to the point that the most active party is the undocumented democrats.

    know who you are voting for and why. Learn the impact of careless voting. Get more involed before you grab the ballot. Engage with candidates then research what you can about them. Talk about voting at home, with your peers, only voters can make a difference as to who gets in roles of leadership.

  15. Our Senior Senator just cannot seem to help herself ,,,Hate is a poison and she has drank to much of it ….and has poke her finger in the Presidents eye at every chance she can and in doing so she is poking it into each of our eyes as well….

  16. That is not an explanation Lisa – it’s a damned poor excuse for your again failing the citizens of Alaska! I don’t know why you don’t just move to the other side of the aisle where you spend so much of your time…

  17. Yup always knew Murkowski was a turncoat in the state. She would rather have an unsafe border along with the other liberal idiots. Disgusting she represents this great state…. When her mouth opens bat’s fly out of it.

  18. Another RINO/Globalist/Marxist that the Republican Party not only allows in their midst but openly supports. When the Republican Party cleans their house, that’s when I’ll give them my monetary support. Till then…………………go suck on a Lemon GOP.

  19. Ashamed and Disappointed I ever voted for her in 2004. Never voted for her since, I’ll never make that mistake again!!!

  20. Shameful move by Lisa Murkoski…Absolutely shameful. We need to stop being so dependent on the military here in Alaska. A border wall is a much higher priority. We are Alaska and Alaska needs to be responsible for its own economy. Illegal immigration, however, affects all Americans. I think Alaska would benefit more from a reduction in illegal immigration through the tickle down effect all states would feel from losing this burden. All this for some cheap military dollars.

  21. Alaska is not the only place with deranged democrats posing as RINOs. In a vote against their President, these RINOs voted against President Trump on the border wall funding. The 11 GOP senators who voted against the emergency and the wall included Collins, Romney, retiring Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN), along with Sens. Roy Blunt (MO), Mike Lee (UT), Jerry Moran (KS), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Rand Paul (KY), Rob Portman (OH), Pat Toomey (PA), and Roger Wicker (MS).

    Collins spoke during the brief debate and vote, saying she supported additional construction at the border.

    Several GOP senators declined to vote.

    Trump will likely veto the resolution, and the 54 votes in favor are not enough to overcome the president’s veto.

    Trump announced the emergency in February after Democrats blocked the funding for the border wall. Trump’s emergency declaration uses powers that prior Congresses voted to give to the president.

    Defeat these traitors the first chance you have.

  22. I learned some time ago that there is quite a difference between what people SAY and what people DO. Our Senior Senator often SAYS that she supports border security but when opportunities arise to actually DO something about it, there is a reason (any reason?) not to take concrete steps to secure the border. Frankly, it isn’t much different than when most Democrats talk about border security: They always say they favor it but never do anything when presented with the chance.

  23. As her daddy Frank said when he appointed her……”we’re making history.”. Let’s make more history and impeach her ass.

    • Yeah, well the Clinton’s wanted to make history as well with Chelsey, but since the foundation went crooked, that’s out the door. We changed the law right after ole Frank appointed her so we wouldn’t allow that mistake to happen again.

    • She could only be removed by the Senate itself. You cannot recall a Senator by an action of the citizenry.

  24. She’s the epitome of the ruling, political class, and acts accordingly. Very little she does, is a surprise to anyone who has observed her political career. She was appointed in single most corrupt political act in Alaska’s history-and yet- she was re-elected, seemingly in endorsement of that act. Lisa Murkowski is a reflection of the electorate- and as long as they keep electing her, they have no one to blame, but themselves.

  25. I am doing all I can to get people to vote her swamp loving America hating values out to the pasture where she would be happy.

  26. Murkowski is trying to hide her true motivations behind a constitutional red herring.

    The president’s state of emergency declaration and the reallocation of funds are both authorized under the National Emergencies Act of 1976.

    The Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by the then president so Murkowski’s statement that the president is somehow violating the separation of powers or usurping congressional authority is dishonest.

    The truth is that Congress authorized the president’s actions and presidents have been using this authority for decades.

    Murkowski is either clueless about how the federal government actually works or she’s hoping the rest of us are.

    If Murkowski actually feels that the president shouldn’t have this authority the proper action would be to sponsor legislation to revoke the Act.

  27. Sullivan is okay with ripping off the military for Trumpy. Next time he pats himself on the back over his great support for our military families, lets remind him how he voted.

  28. The trouble with Lisa claiming Constitutional Reasoning to explain her vote is that Daddy’s little monster has a long record of voting to usurp the Constitution.
    On this vote she may actually be correct and having joined Lee and Paul she has good Constitutional cover. But, Lisa has little time for the Constitution in the course of her daily life. Her motavations are all about Lisa. Her bosses are those who elected her in a write in campaign long long ago.

  29. It’s not really an emergency if only 100,000/month are coming across. And the military has more important things to do in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia then to worry about our southern border.

  30. The interesting thing about Murkowski’s border stand is this. She wants open borders, meaning no barrier. The rest of us want secure borders, meaning a controlled, but open border with defined points of entry. Big difference.
    Murkowski’s choice is controlled chaos, drugs, rape of 80% of all females coming into this country illegally, and more dead bodies in TX, AZ and NM from exposure, uncontrolled drug transport, human trafficking and exploitation by substandard wages paid by the rich libs like Murk and the corps wanting unskilled, very cheap labor.
    The body count of those found so far in TX since 2009 is over 700 dead illegals who succumbed to heat and thirst after being abandoned by the traffickers.
    Rape trees are not an urban legend, where the clothing of females 10 and over are hung as trophies by the traffickers.
    Entire swaths of public lands in AZ and NM are controlled by the drug cartels, with signs advising Americans to stay away, because of the danger.
    The cartels have mountain top ops just like the USAF did in the RVN to monitor NVA and VC troop movements. U.S. land–this territory being controlled in the military sense by an enemy hostile to the U.S.
    Then, there is the disease and crime committed against Americans by the illegals.
    Entro-virus D68 was introduced to the U.S. by illegal migrants, and produces a polio-like disease that has killed and left many U.S. kids dead or crippled.
    Both legal and illegal migrants brought in have brought drug resistant TB, drug resistant STDs, and every disease we had eradicated back to the U.S. plus more never seen in this country.
    Then, there are the criminals, the terrorists, and the pedophiles who prey upon our population, rape, kill, injure, and terrorize. MS13 members and more.
    This is what our Senator wants for us? This is what she has supported.
    Murkowski is a RINO who supports killing the unborn, she supported Obama’s assault on the Constitution and the Rule of Law to the detriment of millions of Americans who have suffered at the hands of criminal illegals and the drugs illegally brought in.

  31. I wonder if Lisa has picked out her retirement house yet…she’s going to need it soon. Apparently she is failing to remember that she represents Alaska, not California.

  32. Jumping Lisa has to go, the sad part is, most of the military contractors are from out of state, so it’s really not a big win for Alaska but a big win for her friends on the other side of the aisle, which she spends most of her time jumping over to…….

  33. Don’t believe everything that a few Senators put to the public. That particular bill had nothing to do with what she tried to bring out to the constituents. Trump’s money from the agencies was granted to him by the US Supreme Court and was distributed and used by the end of August 2019. The Senators on that list are having a hard time in the re-election cycle. Murkowski lied, as usual. Its a god cover to distract you a voter from the visiting time of the Senators and congressman here in Alaska. They had to put on a show for the Secretary of Education, Devos, and then on to the University where Johnson has been abusing the Federal Funds for Students along with grant monies from the government on particular research issues or so Johnson claims. The whole university is in a meltdown due to is management and abuse of federal and state and family/student money. So, remember, Murkowski is a practiced liar. Look at the real issues. Research the Bills passed in the Senate and House. She lied to the federal group of retired employees over COLA. This Senator doesn’t stop with the junk she puts out because she knows she can get away with it and no one has voted her out since Joe Miller. Maybe, third time is a charm for him. Let’s hope!!!

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