Murkowski votes against amendment that would protect women athletes


Senate Democrats voted against an amendment in the Covid-19 relief bill that would have kept women’s sports for women, by barring schools from receiving funding if biological males are allowed to compete against girls or women.

Joe Manchin of West Virginia was the only Demcrat who voted with Republicans to save women’s sports, but Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska joined the Democrats to block the amendment, which then failed 49-50.

Murkowski was the only Republican to vote against the amendment to protect female athletes.

The amendment offered by Sen. Tommy Tuberville was intended to preserve the sanctity of women’s sports and the intent of Title IX. The amendment was proposed Saturday amid a flurry of amendments from both sides of the aisle to the $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan.”

Title IX was sponsored and championed by Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens to ensure that schools do not discriminate in funding and opportunity for women to participate in athletic and educational opportunities. Stevens was known for championing the rights of girls and women.

Tuberville, in announcing his amendment, said that Title IX “ensures that young women have the same opportunities as young men, and the same access to funding, facilities, and athletic scholarships. Title IX has given young women the long-denied platform that had always been afforded to men. And today, America’s female athletes are routinely the best performing on the world stage. Under this amendment, educational institutions would prohibit from receiving funding if biological males are allowed to compete in women’s athletics. This amendment safeguards fairness for equality for women.”

In a twist on equity issues, schools across the country are now increasingly allowing transgender males to compete against female athletes. Tuberville’s amendment was an effort to build more of a firewall, so that girls would not be forced to compete against biologically stronger boys.

The amendment, while failing to pass, was part of the greater bill that did pass the Senate without Murkowski’s support, and is now on the way back to the House for a reconciliation vote.


    • LAL, Lisa is swallowing leftist propaganda which at it’s core is designed to humiliate the populace. By use of these most unnatural propositions and obvious lies the leftist desire is to weaken your will to resist. Through color of law and public pressure you the citizen will eventually assent to their argument and thus become a party to their lies. You will lose all sense of probity and become a liar yourself lacking any self respect and or will to resist the next onslaught. Voltaire is credited with saying that those that make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.
      The question is… what is wrong with us if we let this continue.

        • Then you would love this one: “If God didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent him.”

          • “If God didn’t exist” is an assumption that He does exist.
            “it would be necessary to invent Him” re-enforces that assumption.
            One of the most misused quotes, by those attempting to discredit God.
            Voltaire was a believer.

  1. Too bizarre and thus beyond reason. Parents would be well served to abandon school sports and join or form club sports. Public education may be hopeless.

    • So what to stop this from happening to club sports? What are the chances of all this nonsense coming to a stop just because it offends someone.
      Dr Seussly yours,

    • I remember my school years, and the girls, their attitudes.
      If the transsexual competitor is young, cute, maybe bisexual, and has a nice car … the girls will most likely tolerate him/her in their locker room.
      If he/her isn’t most of the above, the girls will bail in a heart beat.
      Tell me I’m wrong … don’t lie.

  2. She keeps treating us like the Sheeples we seem to be by electing her. Elections have consequences.

  3. Can this lady do ANYTHING RIGHT in the senate that is in agreement with her Alaskan constituency?

  4. Many Alaskans ( including myself) are regretting their vote for Sen Murkowski about now. She may be getting so unpopular that even the passing of prop 2 might not save her.

  5. Once again!
    Lisa’s vote is Soooooo Wrong
    Any women running a race, when a fake woman enters the race.
    Just bow out, if asked say I’m in a women’s race with a dude (male person) running in the race.
    If you’re a male you’re a male, even if you cut them off, you’re a dude, so deal with it
    It’s Just Sick, stop it!!
    God made you who you are
    Red, yellow, black, or white
    Male =Boy Female =Girl that’s it end of story..

  6. I hope this amendment re-surfaces in another bill when Sen. Sullivan will be able to vote. With Manchin supporting women athletes, unlike our senior Senator, it would pass.

    • Dan, you are a voice of reason in a sea of crazies. Find some strong person to defeat Lisa. She is a progressive in Republican clothing.

  7. Murkowski was the only Republican to vote against the amendment to protect female athletes.

    “You must love Big Brother.
    It is not enough to obey him: you must love him.”

    • I truly wonder. Is all of this absurdity intentional? I hope every person that ever voted for her is paying attention. She will come back here and perform some lovely warm and fuzzy action and do her charm thing and the unsuspecting will again put a mark next to her name, or try to spell it.

  8. Lisa, RESIGN. You are NOT representing Alaska with this vote. Your compassion has blinded you to the truth that a trans is just a trans and can never be truly a woman with female chromosomes. What a mockery of justice. This is the last straw for me.

  9. She’s ok with killing females at birth, so what’s the big deal. We knew she doesn’t support females.

  10. Say what? WARNING! Political suicide in process.

    Could anything be more obviously wrong than men, well girly boys, in women’s sports and probably their locker room?

  11. Well this is what Democrat voters wanted. Don’t get mad. Let’s let them have it! Afterall they endured for Four long Horrible years under the big bad orange man ! Hahahaha Democrat voters will be choking on their own noose at the end of these four years unless we see one of the left’s spectacular riots before then.

  12. What in holy ____ was she thinking? She is a total disappointment on a monumental scale except if you’re a Demonrat.

  13. Oh, come on. Give poor Lisa a break. She occasionally has to throw a vote or two this way to cement her “Maverick” status. She’s also earning the title, “the most hated woman in Alaska”, but why should she care, as long as she’s in office.

  14. She has been dishonest with us Alaskans for a long time now. I regret standing on the street corners, going house to house to get her elected as a “first ever” write in candidate. We would have been better off with Joe Miller, at least with him we knew what we were getting.

  15. Proposition 2 makes her untouchable.
    She can’t be eliminated in a primary. Hope all those who promoted and voted for Prop 2 are happy – they emboldened her. She is now unleashed: a full blown liberal, with no reason to pretend she is a republican. When your high school freshman daughter decides to quit track because she doesn’t want to compete against or share a locker room with a male – think of Lisa and thank your fellow Alaskans.

    And, BTW, Alaska’s senators have cast the deciding votes on Obamacare (Begich), on preserving Obamacare (Murkowski) and destroying women’s sports (Murkowski).

    Embarrassed to be an Alaskan.

  16. Regardless of how someone chooses to identify, you can not change the reality of having a “Y” chromosome. That biological fact creates athletic advantages. One of the cornerstones of athletic competition is fairness. It’s why Olympic athletes are tested for PEDs. It’s why sports have rules and referees. Allowing “XY” to compete with “XX” violates that fundamental principle and undermines the integrity of a “fair playing field”.

  17. She was probably recruited to the dark side on this issue by the same person working in her office that reportedly convinced her that the Pebble Mine endangers the environment, in spite of the fact the Final EIS approved by the USACE concluded it doesn’t.

  18. The end game is that any male adult taking remedial school courses will be able to compete in girls school sports … with access to the girls locker rooms. Just watch … somehow age restrictions will be lifted.

  19. What ever happened to the #MeToo movement??? I thought Murkowski was all in with this movement. Both Anchorage and Juneau newspapers gave front page headlines to the movement. Now, poof! Its gone. We have 3 women complaining of sexual harassment against NY Gov Cuomo and there’s not much of a stir. Now we have boys shamelessly beating girls in girls’ school sports. Hmmm, a bit fishy here.

  20. I am sure the interpretation of Title IX (when written) was never meant to include men competing against women.(transgender) I am Sure Ted Stevens would NEVER have approved of it in this case.

  21. We can only hope she’s voting her conscience this year, knowing she’s not attempting re-election. She’s not voting in the best interest of the majority of Alaskans, that’s for sure.

    • The RINO Protection Act (Prop 2) guarantees that Lisa Murkowski, Kelly Merrick, Sara Rasmussen, and Louise Stutes will all be reelected. It also allows Demoncrats to run as fake independents and show up as independents on the ballot

  22. She needs to look in the mirror and ask herself what State and which people she represents. It is certainly not Alaska and Alaskans.

  23. Lisa, I want you to explain to the high school girls that just lost any hope of athletic scholarships to big name schools. All their lives they’ve been working and training to earn that scholarship and with your ignorant vote you killed their hopes.

    Do you even THINK before you vote to trash us and our dreams? Explain to all those girls why you don’t think they should be allowed to win athletic scholarships.


  24. I understand that republican districts (14?) within Alaska have moved to censure her but, there’s been absolutely nothing from the Alaskan Republican Party’s (Alaska GOP) head office denouncing her actions. In fact, go ahead and write them and see if you get a response. You won’t. Yet, just as the sun rises in the east, that donation page pops right up after you hit “Send”.

    • Brad, perhaps it is because “little Lisa” donated almost 400,000 to the Ak GOP in 2016. Evidently, $ talks and Bravo Sierra walks.

  25. I wonder what Uncle Ted would say about this? This saddens me deeply and I worry about the consequences this will have on my grand daughters.

  26. Hey republican Chair Clary, what is the party doing to repeal/overturn/legally challenge Prop 2 before the next 2022 election to make sure Lisa the liberal who is responsible for more republicans leaving the party than anyone, would have to win a fair fight? Your continued support of her treachery, completely undermines your credibility. How much of this nonsense will you put up with before doing something? This is not what the republican party or Alaskans stand for. When are you going to do something? Your silence is speaking volumes.

    How about you, Lt Gov Kevin Meyer? You two need to be orchestrating this fight for fair elections and if you sit back and do nothing, you both should kiss your political careers goodby.

    Talk is cheap, are you going to demonstrate the leadership in fair voting, your positions demand, or sit back on your hands and do nothing? You should show some leadership and take back prop 2.

    You are being watched and if you do nothing, your lack of leadership will speak so loud we won’t listen to you or support you in the future, like I always have in the past. Doing nothing has consequences and guarantees your political future is over.

    • I’m with you friend but was recently told the Democrats & RINOS in our Alaska Legislature have shelved the election integrity bill proposed by Senator Shower. They are showing their true colors and need to be called out!

  27. What is there about Lisa Murkowski that causes her to so hate women?

    Does she have some little secret?

  28. There are regulations barring doping. There are laws being passed to protect a child’s “freedom of choice” regarding hormone therapy. Since when are children capable of informed consent. Some states mandate children’s right to chose experimental therapies . Some children never grow up!
    Keep hookers out of boys locker rooms. Keep pimps out of girls.

  29. I see some buyer’s remorse in the comments here.
    You knew what she was , but you still voted for her.
    I have never voted for this socialist , and her appointment was the one move that killed Frank Murkowski’s career.

  30. Figures, I will never forget the picture of Senator Feinstein backing little Lisa up in a doorway of a hall in Congress. It was during the resolution to vote against President Trump’s decision to build the wall on our now porous southern border which will soon be overrun. Lisa Murkowski is a America Last politician and must be removed or forced to resign her seat in the Senate. She is the epitome of what is wrong in our government and the Republican Party. Now is the time to pressure the Alaskan Republican Party to not support her reelection next year. They are soon meeting to discuss this. Trump will soon come to Alaska to support a true conservative candidate to run against her.

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