Murkowski to CNN: ‘Today I’m just pissed off’ about Ukraine-Israel-border funding package failure


Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of four Republicans who voted in favor the massive Ukraine-Israel-Taiwan-border bill that failed on Wednesday, is having a hard time with her Republican colleagues who voted against it, presumably including Sen. Dan Sullivan, who was a “no” vote.

“I have a difficult time understanding again how anyone else in the future is going to want to be on that negotiating team — on anything — if we are going to be against it,” Murkowski told a CNN reporter.

“I’ve gone through the multiple stages of grief. Today I’m just pissed off,” Murkowski told reporter Manu Raju.

The bill failed in the Senate, even though Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma was one of the lead negotiators on behalf of the Republicans.

Murkowski lingered on the Senate floor during the hours-long vote, spending her time chatting with Sen. Krysten Sinema, the Arizona independent (formerly Democrat) who was one of the sponsors of the foreign aid package that would have provided $118 billion in taxpayer money for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

Just $20.2 billion was set aside for the border security that Americans have become so concerned about, but the language was concerning and appeared to actually set no real parameters for the Biden Administration in securing the border.


As the vote appeared to be going against the bill, Sen. Sinema lashed out:

“If you want to continue to use the southern border as a backdrop for your political campaign, that’s fine, good luck to you,” she said. “But I have a very clear message for anyone using the southern border for staged political events: Don’t come to Arizona. Take your political theater to Texas. Do not bring it to my state.”

But conservatives have cautioned that the bill is a border sieve, allowing millions of illegals to come through unimpeded.

Liz Wheeler, host of the Liz Wheeler Show, wrote, “Hilarious coordinated narrative from all Democrats: ‘Republicans demanded a border bill & when we gave it to them, they killed it!’ No, you idiots. Conservatives demand border SECURITY. Your monstrosity of a bill allows ~2M illegals in every year, gives $60B to Ukraine (versus only $20B to the border), enables phony asylum claims, & allows Biden to stop a border shutdown if he wants to. THAT is not border security. That’s open borders & it’s dangerous.”

Vivek Ramaswamy, entrepreneur and former presidential candidate, said, “The first “border bill” allocated 3x more money to protect Ukraine’s border than our own. Now that failed, so they’re trying to push the same funding bill for Ukraine to while allocating ZERO to protect our border – which reveals what the whole game was about the 1st time anyway.”

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said, “Democrats kept their border bill text secret for four months because of the terrible provisions that don’t fix the border crisis. It would have normalized 1.8M illegal aliens per year, taxpayer-funded lawyers for illegals, and immediate work permits. This is why the bill was dead within 24 hours.”

Bradley Devlin, writing for The American Conservative explains what happened in greater detail:

“Since September, a revolving group of senators have been negotiating behind closed doors on a supplemental funding bill that would tie Ukraine, Israel, and Indo-Pacific aid to border security. For months, members of the Republican conference were asking for more clarity and detail on what was going to be included in the overly-hyped border deal. Claims made in various statements, leaks, and reports on the negotiations—which primarily involved Senators James Lankford of Oklahoma, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, and Chris Murphy of Connecticut—were wide ranging. One day, reports would claim talks were heating up or progress was being made. The next, negotiations were on ice and negotiators were at an impasse, particularly when it came to the president’s parole powers, which ultimately were not addressed in the final version of the bill.

“All of a sudden, negotiators dropped the full text of the bill like an atomic bomb on Capitol Hill. The final product spanned 370 pages and would cost American taxpayers $118.3 billion. Sixty of the $118.3 billion supplemental was directed towards supporting Ukraine. Another $14 billion was for aid to Israel, and $20 billion was to ostensibly secure the southern border,” Devlin writes. 

Read Devlin’s report at this link:


      • CBM, at least be honest with yourself if not the rest of us. The truth is, Alaskan Republicans outnumber Democrats 2 to 1 but still can’t win elections. And you blame it on RCV? Its blindingly obvious the Democrats are smarter and more organized than Republicans. Even when we elect a so-called Republican (Lisa), she’s really a Democrat. Conservatives don’t like to hear this truth. In fact this website is purging my comments because they hurt too much.

    • Murkowski was one of only 4 “Republicans” to vote for funding Ukraine 3 times as much as our own border. You can tell where her concern lies.

    • Yes, she’s for surely not a Republican she’s in cahoots with the Democrats to tear America down. Everybody remember her name and where she lives

      • I only vote for her so I don’t have to work. My noodle stand in Anchorage wasn’t paying the bills. I don’t care if she’s a Communist. Government paychecks are great. Ask Nancy and Frankie.

    • The Honorable U.S. Senator from the great state of Alaska Lis Murkowski was born and raised in Alaska, won her last election easily, she never knew a defense spending bill she didn’t like, Ticonderoga destroyers,, Arliegh Burke class battle ships, Ford class aircraft carriers all have the Senators signature on them.
      Brings more federal money to Alaska than any other state per capita, broad band for rural, new highway construction and bridges, holds down many senate committee’s, highly respected among senate republican leadership, pro choice, anti resource give away aka pebble, pro commercial fishing, wiped out all taxes owe’d by fisherman after Exxon oil spill, and on and on and on 😉

      • Geez, Joe, you sound like YOU want to be her daddy too. All the big spending Democrats want to be Lisa’s daddy. Must be your Trump Derangement Psychosis. Or, maybe you are a RCV apologist. Whatever your fantasy about my daughter may be, thank you for including the word “honorable” as a modifier to the US Senate. It’s more than I ever received, or earned, amongst Republicans.
        You Democrats think of everything. Are you Catholic too?

  1. Yea well I’m pissed off that you are a two bit representative for Alaska. 60 for Ukraine but only 20 for the border. What did the lobbyist’s offer you for your yes vote. You are a sorry representative.

  2. Customs and Border protection web portal show the numbers of illegals, easy to look up, cpb contacts southern border, nationwide and getaways total around 18 million in the last three years. It takes minutes to look up. Trump pointed the number out in a Nevada rally recently.

  3. Incredible. When Lisa preached in her reelection campaign about not hesitating to walk across the isle to work with the other side, what she meant was move in.

  4. Lisa, you commie/fascist, you think YOU are pissed off?
    We the citizens of Alaska and we citizens of America are PISSED AT YOU for being a traitor to us all.
    You are a demoncrat, all the way.
    You are evil.

    • Perfectly said, Molly!

      My disgust with the invariably pro-establishment, anti-freedom and pro-globalist positions of Princess Lisa, Queen of RINObia, is exceeded only by my disgust for the lemming-like Alaskans who (supposedly) keep re-electing her to sit on her inherited throne.

    • I’m not sure that applies as stated. For her to be a traitor, it implies she had some core values to betray.

      Princess has many things, but core values aren’t among them.

  5. And Lisa’s lack of understanding why it failed is precisely the reason she needs to be removed from office, something Alaskan conservatives haven’t figured out how to do for too many elections..

  6. Was there money in the package for the Princess? Is that why she is so mad it failed? She’s an EMBARRASSMENT to Alaskans everywhere.
    That bill was another bs way to push us farther into something that is not our fight. Israel and Ukraine. Not our business. So why is this country so hell bent on sending money to them? Other than the POTUS Chinese puppet wanting to fleece more Americans with the high prices of everything?
    I’m glad the bill died! Let’s draw up a bill that is actually FOR THE USA and it’s people rather than the nonsense we are being fed! Princess can suck eggs if she’s so “pissed off”. Shows where her loyalty lies. It isn’t with Alaska or the Nation!

  7. Three years ago, the Democrats (and Murkowski) could sneak this stuff through without a second thought. America is waking up. Soaring inflation, crime, and illegal migrants filling our cities and shelters. People are starting to question. Vivek hit it on the head, $60B to protect Ukraine (minus 10% for the big guy), $20B for the US. Besides, the $20B is not about protecting the border, it’s for processing and transportation.

  8. “I have a difficult time understanding again how anyone else in the future is going to want to be on that negotiating team — on anything — if we are going to be against it,” Murkowski told a CNN reporter.

    And now here confessed, is the complete open honest statement on how government ‘Committees’are runs.

  9. “I’ve gone through the multiple stages of grief. Today I’m just pissed off,”

    I’m trying to imagine one of our Founding Fathers expressing such rot.

    Perhaps women should work in politics only 3 weeks out of every month.

    Mandatory one week off per month for feelings. Chocolate, steak, and coffee. Then, back to work.

    Can I say that?

    • Right on man.
      Say it.
      Women are by design “nuturers” not fighters.
      In world affairs, politics & war, we need fighters, not feelings.
      Apologies Suzanne, of course there are exceptions.

      • There may be exceptions, but they are few and far between.

        This world needs more apron strings and less high heels and chic business suits, in my opinion. Better for women, better for families, better for our nation.

        • I do desire to argue, however, having been following the war in Israel where many, many women (Young ladies) are in full combat situations. One tank company has several full women crews!! Two of which saved one close to the Gaza Strip in the first hours of the invasion. If you have a moment, I’d suggest you Google the content of female combatants
          actively fighting. (We too should revert back to the draft and include females, they don’t necessarily have to be in combat roles, but support as well as civic assignments if not direct military.-I know, anticpate the backlash to this suggestion.)

  10. Lisa with the Big Hands is upset because she lost Her Kick Back from the Ukraine! So much money laundering & She had Her cut spent before she got it. Lol

  11. Continually voting to print more money every chance she gets shows a complete disconnect that Murkowski has of the consequences to AMERICAN citizens for this idiocy. Every dollar they print, makes your dollar worth less. She is supposed to be representing the US CITIZENS, not the rest of the world.

  12. If the negotiation team had actually brokered a deal which represented us instead of being a democrat wish list, you might have had support.

    More proof the best democrats have Rs after their names.

  13. Here’s a novel approach , why not split the one pork filled bill into three bills ? One for each specific cause . After all , each one has nothing to do with the others .

    • As the House controlled by Republicans and led by Speaker McCarthy only passed 20 bills in 2023, do you really think that if this one bill was split into three that any of them would get a hearing or vote in the current House led by Mike Johnson and MTG?

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for any vote or hearing.

      They, House Republicans, are more concerned with attempting to impeach Myorkas then they are about governing.

      • Shoveling $ to the Ukraine, for pensions! of all things, is not governing.
        Grow up.
        The only Ukrainians we should care about live in Delta Junction
        (I dip net w/ them every summer)

        • I agree, we shouldn’t be sending tax dollars overseas until things are better taken care of here at home.

          However, my comment was in regard to splitting the bill into three individual bills. Due to the fact that almost nothing has passed out of the House while under Republican control, even if the bill was split, I don’t think any one of the three individual bills would ever get a hearing or vote.

          • I apologize …. this winter (& this world) is making me cranky.
            And I support $ to Israel, so I should probably shut up.

  14. It does not really matter if they are republican or democrat, or pretending to be one or the other. What matters is that they unhesitatingly gravitate towards squandering our blood and treasure on other countries, and are notoriously unwilling to stand for the Oath that they took to defend ours. The tree of liberty needs watering.

  15. Lisa, I was pissed off when you voted to keep Obama Care.
    I was pissed off when you voted for confirmation of O’Bidens nominees.
    I was pissed off when you voted for spending bills falsely named “inflation reduction act”.

    Deal with the anger Princess Lisa, embrace it, but remember that we too are PISSED OFF that the
    Border is wide open. We’re pissed off that you’ve spent untold billions propping up a kleptocracy in
    Ukraine and for what? So Mittens and John Kerry’s kid and Hunter could get rich along with Defense
    Contractors and Blackrock?

  16. I’m absolutely convinced, beyond the shadow of any measure of doubt, Daddy’s Little Princess hates and despises Alaskan // American Conservative Republicans. Frank(!!!), history will prove that you should’ve “pulled-out” in 1956, she will forever besmirch and tarnish the Murkowski name.

  17. Well. It looks like my comment will be the balanced and fair one. Ms Murkowski seems to represent not only the interests of Alaskans, but of the will and conservative considerations of a majority of Americans and American interests in the world. Better to have this global goodwill on board when and if out neighbors to the west come a-knockin’ and we don’t particularly wish to provide the muktuk.

    • Partition Ukraine, it is done all the time in Europe.

      Give it up on Taiwan, that battle is over, Nixon & Kissinger made China to powerful.

      What are you waiting for Mrs. N?
      The Dems to start sending our boy’s & girls over? As the great Democrats of the past did – FDR …. JFK …. LBJ and GW Bush?

  18. Ukraine is a clear example of over-reaching by the United States. As much as many would like the United States to rule and police the entire planet, we lack the ability to do so. Fighting a proxy war against Russia – to the last dead Ukrainian – is not rational. Squandering our nation’s resources on Ukraine is a poor idea. We need to win the winnable fights if we are to be effective representatives of freedom and democracy.

    • The cost to fund Ukraine with weapons is a boost to our economy, at least 85% of the money stays in the USA. The impact to our budget is about a McDonalds hamburger of Taco Bell Taco a month out of the average taxpayer. Since a good portion of American taxpayers are obese support for Ukraine could be considered healthy

  19. Well Senator we are pissed you say you are a Republican but most of the time vote with Democrats. Perhaps you would like to go spend six months in Eagle Pass, Texas, them see if you change your mind. You wish to give more money to Ukraine where a corrupt President refuses accountability for tax payer money. Yeah, guess there is much to be pissed about these days and usually it is because of many in Congress.

  20. Part of the need to secure the border is to interdict fentanyl illegally brought in with illegal entrance into the nation. The fentanyl is laced with heavy tranquilizers called “trank” which tranquilizers horses. It of course kills people. Young Alaska’s would never believe anyone would do this purposefully to others. I have heard this is so dangerous it is permeable through skin contact. Wear gloves when volunteering to do spring clean up. Apparently democrats don’t care to slow this illegal importation at the southern border of this dope.

    • 97% of fentanyl is smuggled through legal border crossings. The Senate bill had more funding for interdicting illegal smuggling at the border.

  21. Every single one of our Alaskan reps in the senate – demonrat or rino – need to be removed and put in prison until their court hearings held by we the People!

  22. In my 25 years of political office, I never once used the word “pissed.” I’m a bit appalled. But it’s
    pretty obvious to Alaska Republicans that they got a sh*tty deal with RCV and our little psycho princess.

  23. The Conservative Border Patrol supported the Senate bill as a great step in the right direction. I believe the minority Conservative Cabal is nearing the end of their influence and will go down the drain with Trump

    • Frank, I recently read a poll where Democrats, Republicans and Independents were questioned about top issues facing the Nation. Republicans said the Border Invasion was #1 with the Economy as #2. Indies put the Economy as #1 and Border Invasion as #2, Democrats put Gun Control as their #1 issue followed by Climate and other hogwash that didn’t make the top 5 with the other groups. The ability to influence has clearly been lost by someone here Frank and I’m not too sure it is the “Conservative Cabal”.

      • Bobby, too many on here want to blame Murkowski rather than their next door neighbors, relatives and friends (all Alaskans) who voted for her. Why do they waste energy criticizing the symptom rather than the problem? By the way, in your vivid account, was it in 5th grade she tried humiliating you by shouting you away from her little klatch of friends? It seems the symptom of her daddy’s pampering was on full display even then.

  24. Lisa I’m still passed off that you got your political position based on nothing but pure nepotism. You obviously aren’t a Republican yet the AK party still embraced you and, parasitically, your obvious love of abortion and your contempt for your country and your constituents. Daddy gave you your position and it’s been downhill with you ever since.

  25. Alaskans don’t care about your stages of grief, Lisa. We don’t care that you’re pissed off. And we won’t care until you figure out how missed of Alaskans are. What we want to know is why you are part of Team Obfuscation and tuck these items inside of bills so that they have a better chance of passing. EACH of these items (Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan) should be voted on separately, so the American people can decide, through their representatives, what should be funded. That would be the way of transparency. That would be the way of integrity. Do the right thing. Until then, every time I hear you say, “good public policy,” I’m holding onto my wallet. Because, I know you’re trying to screw us over to implement your leftist agenda. You’ve been a disappointment.

  26. Her handlers are not happy! Her and sell out Sullivan better do better…there are wars to be had, blood money to be made.

  27. Did no one else notice that chart published by USA Today? How utterly disingenuous!! Creep liars, lying creepily!

    That $60 billion dollar bar should be three times taller than the $20 Bn bar for the border.



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