Murkowski a yes, Sullivan a no on border-Ukraine-Israel-Taiwan bill that failed in Senate


It was a “no” in the Senate on Wednesday to a massive Lernaean Hydra of a bill that would have provided weapons for Ukraine, aid to Israel, support to Taiwan, and a border package that many said was intentionally flawed in a way that would allow millions of illegals to continue to cross the border.

It started out as a border bill, but before it hit the Senate floor, there was something for everyone, including a $118 billion bill for American taxpayers.

The bill needed 60 votes to pass, but only received 49. Among the Republicans who voted for the bill was Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, along with the Republicans’ lead bill negotiator Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, Susan Collins of Maine, and Mitt Romney of Utah.

Some Democrats voted against it: Sens. Alex Padilla of California, Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, and Bernie Sanders, who is technically an independent, of Vermont.


Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska issued a statement about the bill and why he voted against it.

“On day one, the Biden administration created this border crisis with their self-imposed open border policies,” Sen. Sullivan said. “In the last three years, Americans in all fifty states have felt the impacts of this administration’s decision to do nothing, month after month, year after year, as the crisis on our southern border quickly became the largest invasion of illegal aliens in American history. It is a humanitarian, health, and national security crisis of epic proportions. President Biden has refused to act and use the tools already at his disposal, and now, Senate Democrats have refused to force his hand.”

He said the time frame for evaluating the bill was inadequate for lawmakers.

“Despite the hard work of Senator Lankford, this bill appears to give broad discretion to the President, leaving open the possibility that President Biden will not secure the border as intended by this bill. Indeed, the last three years are strong evidence that he won’t,” he said.

Biden told reporters that it was Donald Trump’s fault that the bill didn’t pass.

It’s doubtful that the bill could have passed the House, where support for Ukraine is a contentious issue.


    • Well Sulli turned around and voted to ad to everyone’s tax bill for another $95B to further the grift in Ukraine when they stripped out the Border. Dance Sulli Dance!

  1. There goes that idiot Lisa again, playing Democrat again, even with Feinstein gone – her mentor – she’s still voting against Alaska and against Republicans. Thanks Ranked Choice Voting.

  2. A fine statement, Senator Sullivan. Thank you!

    You seldom pass up an opportunity to disappoint this Alaskan, Senator Murkowski. You are lost to the bizarre political dimension of DC.

  3. Once Again(!!!) … Daddy’s Little Princess shows her true treasonous character, and as predictable, makes the “wrong” decision for the “wrong” reasons.

  4. The Border Patrol supported the bill, apparently Speaker Johnson and Senator Sullivan decided it was more important to listen to do nothing Donald

    • You mean those same CBP agents who openly and willingly ignored existing federal immigration law and ignored their sworn oaths to uphold, protect and defend our country and its sovereign borders? You mean that Border Patrol? Gee, what a shock. Those federal retirement benefits are too lucrative to care about such things apparently. “Just doing as ordered” isn’t a defense to engaging in criminal activity. Try again!

  5. This bill is a shocking betrayal of American taxpayers. The loathsome Neocon RINOs are the very worst of the DC swamp. The CCP, the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street, and corrupt NGOs are all promoting the invasion and focused on massive money laundering in Ukraine and elsewhere. Yes, like we need 30 million foreign welfare-dependent foreign invaders who will soon be granted amnesty and voting rights. Thanks to ranked choice voting Alaska is saddled with perhaps the worst US Senator in Congress. Every Republican needs to focus on getting rid of RCV and other election fraud mechanisms (mail-in ballots, etc.) as soon as possible.

  6. With Murkowski, if your wondering which way she’ll vote is too look and see how Collins is going to vote. Then you’ll know. Sullivan is coming up for reelection so he’s playing it cool.

  7. I told Lisa that giving away public money becomes a proposition for unaccountability except at the ballot box, unlike at a private bank where customers can come for you, personally, if you give away their money. That’s why I switched professions from banker to politician. And I told Lisa that packaging Senate “bundles” of money rather than dividing them into separate giveaways gives you a better chance of getting your Bill passed. Lisa has really learned this business thanks to the good Democrats she works with, including my favorite Senator and good friend, Chuck Schumer. Lisa will become very old and still representing the Democrats of Alaska, keeping our Murkowski Dynasty going for decades, while the next young Murkowski gets ready to take over. Nancy and I just love these monarchies that were designed just for our family.

  8. Murkowski makes complete sense since she is corrupt. It is good to hear that Sullivan said no but he still supports laundering our tax money through the Ukrainian Mafia to God knows where. By the way, Ukraine has placed Tucker Carlson on their enemy hit list for talking to Putin. Please pray for Tucker because he is doing the hard journalism work the mainstream media refuses to do. He is exposing the swamps operations. You should check out his interview with an ex-Big Pharma executive that is ratting out how Big Pharma controls the mainstream media with their money train. Very revealing how corrupt our medical system is and how doctors are also being bought out to push their products that are harming our people. Ozempic is very bad for you and was banned in Europe. Why is the European Company that produces it allowed to sell it to Americans? You live in Babylon! Anything goes for the almighty but quickly diminishing dollar.

  9. Thanks Sen. Sullivan for ‘getting it.’ Lisa, on the other hand, is an embarrassment. She should stop the charade and register with the democrats. She’s no conservative. She’s branded a republican, but she’s anything but. The minute you hear her say, “it’s good public policy,” hold onto your wallet and keep your children close. Lisa needs to go. The sooner she’s replaced in the Senate, the better.

    • Candidates running negative childish campaigns against Sen Murkowski and Late Young did themselves no good. That ain’t how one goes up against a king serving statesman. Kelly’s campaign people should had know that after watching Dunbar doing the same thing against the Late Young. Both looked like punks and the voters continued to vote for the most reasonable one Murkowski and Young. Those two both alienated themselves from the voters whose opinion mattered the most rewarding and Young. I’ll say it again, when anyone goes up against a long serving leader even one not very good who give them respect and keep the negativity and complaining to the private walls of one’s home.

  10. 100B for the Ukranians and they’re losing the war?
    So another 50B will suddenly lead to a victory?
    Now pull my other finger.

    Why not a standalone bill?
    Simply because it’s wildly unpopular. So they throw this “Border Security” farce of a title into it.
    There is no border security in it.
    It’s all more hot garbage from the ruling elites for the smooth brains consumption.

  11. The WEF, UN, WHO negative efforts are rejected everywhere in Europe but not reported much by lying media. Alaska is always the last to get the memo. Americans now know these globalists plan(s). Why should these foreign interests receive another penny from US?


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