Murkowski tattles on Tshibaka to FEC for not having ‘paid for’ disclaimer on latest ad


The Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate campaign announced today it notified the Alaska’s News Source, the Federal Election Commission and the Federal Communications Commission of a violation of federal communications law by Kelly Tshibaka’s campaign in a recent ad.

In the complaint, the Murkowski campaign cites Tshibaka’s omission of the legally required “paid-for” language as “the latest example of her blatant and repeated skirting of the law.”

In part, the letter reads:

“Tshibaka’s most recent advertisement, titled “Truth,” seeks to pollute an already-toxic political environment while evading responsibility for leveling these attacks at Senator Murkowski. Specifically, the advertisement fails to include any image of Tshibaka during the final four seconds of the advertisement, in violation of Federal law and in breach of her own certification under the law. These requirements of Federal law are not arbitrary nor are they left to the discretion of station managers: they are clear mandates requiring candidates to take responsibility for their negative advertising.”

Anyone may file an FEC complaint if they believe a regulation has been broken. The commission reviews every complaint filed. If the commission finds that a violation occurred, possible outcomes can range from a letter reiterating compliance obligations to a conciliation agreement, which may include a monetary civil penalty. All FEC enforcement matters are kept confidential until they are resolved, according to the FEC website.

But oftentimes candidates will use FEC violations as a way to attack their opponents, as Murkowski is doing in this case, trying to paint a picture that Tshibaka is a scofflaw regarding FEC rules, and pointing out that she also has a fishing violation on her record.

As for Tshibaka, her team had this to say about the Murkowski complaint: “First of all, we’ve never had ad on the air by that name – maybe they’re referring to the one accurately titled ‘Lisa Lies,’ which stopped running almost a week ago. But Murkowski clearly didn’t like the substance of that ad. Notice that she didn’t dispute that she claims to want lower gas prices but voted to confirm Joe Biden’s Interior Secretary who has declared war on Alaska’s energy industries and workers. Or that she criticizes special interests while her campaign is funded by dark money. Or that she’s lying to Alaskans trying to convince them that Kelly Tshibaka is against birth control pills when she’s not. Complaining about technicalities in a TV ad is the last refuge of losing campaigns. If you’re a 21-year incumbent and the best you can do is complain about ads, you’re in big trouble.”


  1. Murkowski just gets worse and worse. For some reason I was placed on her Twitter feed. I was going to block it, but I decided to see what she’s up to. Travelling all over the state tooting her own horn about how much money she got from Uncle Joe Biden and spend, spend, spend. Inflation, lack of oil production? Jobs? Not a concern.

  2. I would bet they have a team of FEC savvy lawyers combing through every ad. In addition a full time investigative staff working 24/7 looking into all her friends and contacts, in addition to the sycophantic media. Now THAT should be an FEC violation.

    • We need to support Kelly. That other guy Kelly was probably set up out on the highway my Lisa to trick the voters just like her Rank voting she was responsible for. FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT KELLY Show the crazy evil left they cannot have her anymore to ruin our state or what’s left of it.

    • Sap, you got it, Lisa has money to burn, especially since China Mitch pledged 7 million to her.
      I’m getting weary with these political ads, it’s either Palin with her nails on the Chalk Board screech , “Drill Baby Drill” or Lisa, supported by the Eugenics loving Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood group chanting “KILL BABY KILL”.

  3. As I’ve said before, I don’t know who is worse; frank for appointing her or lisa for accepting…..

  4. Lisa is an expert on “toxic political environment,” in her complaint. Remember how she slandered Joe Miller. The day Alaska gets free from her should be declared a state holiday.

  5. Tshibaka has more poise and grace, and certainly better looks than Lisa Murkowski. And, Tshibaka is a Harvard Law grad with a bar passage on the first try. Lisa Murkowski has a lot to be jealous over. When are the actual debates? I want to see them together.

  6. Oh, the horror! Heaven forfend! How could we live with a senator that would leave out such an important disclosure from one of her ads?
    Seriously, though, how have we put up with a senator who started out enriching herself with a phony Kenai River land deal just after daddy appointed her to the Senate?

  7. Give me a break Lisa, I guess directly coordinating an effort through your cronies and dark money to implement Ranked Choice Voting so you could manipulate voters is okay. That underhanded stuff is just fine right queen of the damned?

  8. Lisa Murkowski has sold her soul to the devil! RINO is too good of a word describing her…actions speak louder!

  9. Oh Murkowski you are so childish and grasping for anything to right your sinking ship. Can’t wait for Murkowski to be gone.

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