Fauci heads for the exit as president’s medical adviser


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease official who was in charge of federal Covid-19 policy for President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, will leave his job at the end of the year. Fauci, 81, said he would “pursue the next chapter of my career.” He will collect $350,000 a year in retirement benefits from the U.S. Treasury.

His departure as the president’s chief medical adviser and from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases comes on the heels of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky admitting that her agency made “some pretty dramatic public mistakes” handling the Covid-19, and saying the organization must “pivot” to restore the public trust. Some critics ay the organizational pivot should start with Walensky’s resignation.

When Covid-19 was declared a pandemic in March 2020, Fauci became a household name, widely regarded as the expert on Covid and related infectious illnesses. The media accepted his every word as truth, while those doctors and scientists with contrary opinions were dimissed as quacks and conspiracy theorists.

At one point, Fauci characterized himself as the infallible sole arbiter of scientific facts. He told MSNBC, “if you are trying to get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you’re really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you’re attacking science.”

Before he told Americans they must wear masks, he was on record saying masks in public were useless, and the Covid virus was less concerning to him than influenza. He also dismissed any suggestion that the virus had escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, (which had been funded by the NIAID, where he worked). Fauci told U.S. senators on the record that he wore a mask in public because it was protective, but later he told ABC News that he wore the mask as a signal, because since he was immunized, he has almost no chance of being infected by the virus. He has since contracted Covid not once but twice, even though fully vaccinated and boosted.

Another time, he provided an estimate on how long it would take for America to reach “herd immunity.” Then, he revised his estimate upward, based on polling data that showed more Americans would take the vaccine.

“Criticisms of Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, are likewise rooted in misrepresentations he’s made about masks and in his often changing guidance, unleavened by any willingness to accept responsibility or acknowledge errors,” wrote columnist Hugh Hewitt in the Washington Post in January. Hewitt likened the mistrust Americans had developed for the medical establishment to the mistrust they had had of the Pentagon during the Vietnam War era.

“As McMaster demonstrates in his book, [Robert McNamara, President Johnson’s Defense secretary] maintained complete confidence in his own judgment and his commitment to continually escalating force against the Viet Cong and their patrons in Hanoi. Working with Maxwell Taylor, then the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, McNamara cut the Pentagon’s service chiefs off from Kennedy and then Johnson, and stacked every decision tree with carefully preselected acolytes. Johnson cared only for the politics of the situation, McNamara for his own vindication. But dissent didn’t vanish. It grew in an embittered senior military leadership and eventually broke into public view with publication of the Pentagon Papers. Public quiescence vanished slowly and, as costs escalated, the famous ‘credibility gap’ grew. Disaster awaited with collapse of support for the war and for South Vietnam.” Hewitt wrote.

“We have begun to see a similar deterioration of the public’s trust in public health and education authorities, and a deep, never-before-experienced suspicion of both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration. Part of this is the result of misinformation and anti-vaccination points-of-view that unfortunately have taken deep root. I was a strong and early supporter of vaccines and boosters and remain convinced that the best means of persuading the ‘vaccine skeptical’ is engaging with them and calmly reviewing the evidence of effectiveness — not shaming, dismissiveness or caustic declamations.”

It was the the “Fauci as McNamara” comparison that Hewitt was making in his column. In January, a NBC poll asked respondents: “Do you trust what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says?” 44 percent said yes; 43 percent said no.

“That’s a crisis of trust in public health authorities, a new ‘credibility gap,’ and it is itself a public health crisis,” said Hewitt.


  1. Dr Fauci failed early on when he did not see or appreciate the difference between running his research agency at NIH and the rendering of good advice to the public on how to contain and address Covid. The latter is the function and responsibility of the CDC. (The CDC’s incompetence is another inquiry). I knew we were in trouble when Dr. Fauci offered opinions about whether the major league baseball season should go on and what that season should look like. An intelligent NIH leader would have said “that is not my department”. Instead the Fauci ego raced off to an insatiable feeding that has continued to the present day. His arrogance is boundless. Dr. Fauci’s activities and knowledge of Covid gain-of-function research requires investigation by Congress and a grand jury.

  2. Dr. Fauci, the criminal mind behind the COVID-19 lockdowns is trying to escape while he can. Save your documents doc and be prepared for your trial that is coming. You are a psychotic liar that will be held liable for withholding the true data on the death jab! As people and athletes drop dead as the drug takes hold and mass produces spike proteins that clog arteries and damage hearts, damages reproductive organs and suppresses immune systems, you think you are going to get away with this. Justice is coming doc, just because Big Tech suppresses and tries to erase the evidence, there is always a copy somewhere. May God have mercy on your soul because you need to pay for your crimes.

      • How many doses of the clot shot did you end up with,Greg?
        Four? Five? Leave us alone, you can take your buyers remorse and stew on it,sicophant.
        Enjoy what you have left down in Florida and the unfooled will take of business up here in the last frontier.

  3. Perhaps long ago, Dr Fauci was a real doctor and did good things. That changed and he became nothing more than a political hack taking instructions on what to tell the American people. All this for personal gain. I would like to see his net worth pre and post pandemic. How much gain, $4-5M?

    • One thing I never understood. Fauci came to prominence as a developer of AIDS vaccines.

      What AIDS vaccine? Did he create something and I missed it?

      So why Trump put so much trust in this man stumps me.

  4. He’s done all the damage he can do. Why stay around to pay the consequences when congress changes?

    Of all the decisions Trump made, listening to him (in hindsight) has proven the worst.

  5. Andrew Weissmann did similarly, shifting in and out if government “service” with the DOJ depending on which party was in power at the time. I think I read that when a private citizen, government oversight is more limited. Hopefully Senator Paul can get the goods on Dr. Faucistein quickly.

  6. Dr. Fauci has done a great disservice to the American people. For one, he downplayed natural immunity which is much better than immunity from vaccination. He made millions on the vaccines., last I checked he was worth over 10 million., He, in my opinion is a Dr who has a little man complex.If you want to read about him, read the book Plague of Corruption by Dr. Judy Mikovits. He slammed the book, however, I believe her rendition of who Dr. Fauci is. He silenced the scientists who differed from him as he holds the purse strings to billions of dollars for their research labs.

  7. More than a few decades too late, in my opinion.
    There has not been a single nationwide infectious disease event that he has not been wrong, completely wrong about.

  8. How many bodies, to say nothing of vast pain and suffering, has this man caused? We will be able to answer that question in full one day, as the truth is corrosive to lies over time. I hope when God decides to take this man that the process is slow, painful, degrading, and alone. After I hope he burns in hell.

  9. With all due respect, Suzanne, you can’t expect anything to come from the rabble regarding the evaluation of Dr. Fauci’s work other than getting a loud, odiferous, beer fart and a set of dull, empty eyes. But, look, I might be a little more discriminating with regards to medical advice!

    • I’ll be happy to revise my odiferous beer farts if you can clear a couple things up for me:

      -how many times was he caught violating his own rules? I lost count.

      -how many times was he wrong and contradicted himself?

      -how effective has masking and vaccines actually proven to be?

      -did he outright lie about anything AFTER saying masks didn’t help so the healthcare industrial complex could hoard them?

      -did he ever finish the AIDS vaccine?

      I’ll get another beer while you spin.

      • Avenger, I’m not with the government, and I’m here to do no body any damn good! Remember, it’s each man to his best judgement! I’ll take the best odds and leave the long shots to the others! In closing, don’t worry about the odiferous, beer farts!

    • Nothing…:
      Exactly where are you getting your medical advice from? Did you even know someone named Anthony Fauci was out there before COVID? I watched as he F-ed up the AIDS response through fearmongering. I saw the absolute disaster his advice was during SARS.
      Just because a person went through medical school does not mean they are always correct, and it certainly does not mean they have no personal (or political) bias. But… you are more discriminating in where you get your medical advice.
      Hey, did you hear about this great German Dr.? Name of Mengele. Great place to get medical advice.

      • CMB, my post was addressed to Suzanne! I’m not out to reason with those in “high society,” and that includes all of the “elements” within the uppity rabble. I’ve hit many a bar and have heard all I want of the wit and wisdom of the un-read man! If I want to hear more fanfare for the commoners, I’ll listen to Copland: the rest is just noise! And I’ll gladly wager a shot or two of whiskey–the good stuff!–that you have yet see a reputable medicine man to cure you of your ailments.

        Granted, Fauci is nobody’s savior, but our Savior may not be back for another two thousand years! You might try cruising around the cosmos awhile riding a couple payote buttons to gain extra insight! Maybe you would be kind enough to give us an update on your insight upon your return! Until then, I’ll go with conventional medicine!

        • Edit: “And I’ll gladly wager a shot or two of whiskey–the good stuff!–that you have yet to see a reputable medicine man to cure you of your ailments.”

          • You’re on.
            What ailments? I am fit as a fiddle. Worst thing that bothers me is seasonal allergies. And, I get regular checkups. So… where do you want to meet?
            I am not a whisky man, but if you are willing to buy me a beer, I am there. I may even reciprocate.

  10. If there were ANY justice in this world, Fauxi’s exit would be a wall facing a firing squad.
    But not to worry — before long, no matter what happens, his ideological brothers Dr. Mengele and Herr Goebbels will be there to welcome him to an eternity in the hot place.

  11. Congress cannot let this sleazebag slither off to retirement. He needs to be investigated, prosecuted and imprisoned for a very long time. His government pension should be stripped from him & any other ill gotten gains from his incessant hawking of the failed Covid “vaccines” and other worthless and dangerous Covid protocols he espoused. He is a disgusting failure as a human being who promoted unscientific lies that resulted in needless deaths during the Covid scare.

    • Why investigate and prosecute if the outcome you demand is imprisonment? You sound like a Putin communist that “disappears” opponents.

      • Curious statement from someone who has already tried and convicted President Donald J. Trump.
        Do you see yourself as a Putin communist who disappears their opponents?

  12. Just like Liz, the Faux doctor will be welcomed in another appointed position to continue doing much more damage to our Republic. Komrades always look after their own.

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