Murkowski says she may have to walk away from Republican Party


Sen. Lisa Murkowski stated today that if President Donald Trump doesn’t resign from office, she is not sure she has a place in the Republican Party.

Murkowski may be finally free to speak her mind, now that Ballot Measure 2 has passed, which many politicos believe make it far easier for her to win reelection. Murkowski might fare well under an open primary system if she registers as an undeclared or nonpartisan. She is up for re-election in 2022.

“I want him out. He has caused enough damage,” Murkowski told a reporter on Friday.

Alaska Republican Party Chairman Glenn Clary said he had not had a chance to discuss the issue with but welcomes the opportunity to do so.

“Lisa will have to do what Lisa thinks is best for her, and voters of Alaska will decide what’s best for them,” he said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might give Murkowski an opportunity to once again vote on impeachment. Pelosi said that next week she may move to impeach Trump for the second time over what she said was his role in inciting a violent attack on the U.S. Congress in the U.S. Capitol.

Several House Republicans may this time support impeachment, which would be a first in history, as no president has been impeached twice, and none has been impeached during his final two weeks of office.

Pelosi told reporters today that she spoke with Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to discuss taking away the president’s access to the nuclear codes, to prevent him from detonating a bomb.


  1. Lisa needs to stand down and be quiet. She is inserting herself in this contention in a way that will destroy any support she might have in the Bush – of whom noisy contention is anathema. The Bush was critical to her write-in campaign in 2016.

  2. Statements and activities of crazy people who are themselves the evil we are watching unfold in Washington….Lisa is done as a republican anyway as she has shown her level of hate for America and the Great State of Alaska….These people are frightened of President Trump and fear what he may reveal or do in these last few days he has the office of President….

  3. Murkowski ” may be leaving” the Republican Party- that is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.
    She left the Republican base years ago.

  4. No surprise here. I’ve given Lisa every chance I could. Sadly, she’s a huge disappointment to her family and personal legacy.

    Never again.

  5. Conservatives can only hope. The traitor POS has no where to go except away from conservative voters. Her game is up. Remember, Alaskans.

  6. Yay! Then after that she can walk herself right out of Alaska because she won’t be elected again no matter how she identifies herself.

  7. Got news for you Lisa, you never were a Republican. Nothing more than a belly crawling snake in the grass like 90+% of elected Republicans. Republicans have gotten my last vote, Actually I have cast my last vote. 60 years of supporting Republicans who have stabbed the country in the back have gotten us to this point. Well, the Founders gave us the best country in the history of man, and we gave it away, even given their knowledge and blueprint to keep it. You won’t recognize what is left in 4 years. I hope you all are prepared for hell and the mark. Oh yeah, as goes the country, so goes Alaska.

  8. Conservatives can only hope. The traitor POS has no where to go except away from conservative voters. Her game is up. Remember, Alaskans. Sullivan and Young should book a berth on the same traitor ship. Murkowski is and was a known entity as a traitor to Alaska. Young and Sullivan are newer to the ‘traitor’ game, it seems. Nevertheless, all three should be excoriated from future Alaskan politics. Communism is a harsh master. President Trump is not done, by a long shot. One wonders what the ‘traitorous three’ will do when their backstabbing treachery turns on them.

    • The Alaska delegation voted to certify the fraudulent election, thus aligning themselves with those who are attempting to overthrow the government through election fraud. They are on the record, the books are closed. Now, the judgement

      • So you’re saying the Alaska election was fraudulent. That Sullivan and Young have been fraudulently elected. Plus all the Valley reds.
        Interesting. I’m looking forward to the judgement and the apeosis.

  9. For the love of God, please do! You were never a conservative or a Republican, but that’s exceptional gaslighting on your part, Murkowski. Blame the party for your departure from a party and policies you were never loyal to. You know you’ll be out in the primary so this is pure gaslighting. I hope you’re enjoying your 30 pieces of silver for which you sold Alaskans.

    • With Murkowski, the very long-term relationship she has with Pelosi becomes the toxic and explosive ingredient for these times before the inauguration. Pelosi is violent and has been all her life with her family in and out of prison for extreme crimes. Pelosi is part of the criminal Mafia families of the East Coast and is a product of the violence she has been a part of and handles her life and business in the same manner. It appeals to Murkowski to have the rampaging personality there to gain for Murkowski’s plans for the future. Pelosi is convenient to Murkowski and keeps people riveted on the “what next” statements of the Speaker’s intention while Murkowski keeps yelling that someone done her wrong and she can’t stay. Read the declassified documents on Pelosi’s family. Murkowski has been a part of that since the early 70’s when Big Dad Frank first went to the Senate. Lots more has been a part of those early years that this state has to put up with, with these Senators. So, Murkowski has learned how to keep herself in the limelight for her purposes only. The voters don’t count!!!

  10. Murkowski is a communist and a traitor, said many times. She shouldn’t be allowed back on Alaska soil.

  11. Replace her immediately. She will not stand for Republicans. Cannot afford to gamble her the next 2 years.

  12. I thought that happened when she ran as a “write in”. Looks like we’ve got to start thinking about who’s going to run against her 2022?

    • Did anything come of the election fraud that we all witnessed? No? So, why would you assume that anyone will have a fair chance in 2022? Democracy is currently under house arrest, and she will be Epstein’ed any minute now. If you don’t believe just check out this website. . . Never mind, it was just banned from the internet, and everyone who ever visited the site is now considered to be a domestic terrorist.

  13. When something is rotten to the core, it’s time to get out. Trump is so finished. Karma has finally awakened.

    • WhoopieDog
      You just need to pipe down and let the adults talk.
      What you don’t know, nor understand, would fill volumes!

    • Dog,
      Bark, bark, bark. Nothing you can say will excuse Murkowski. Rotten is nepotism, where she started. Rotten is lying to constituents that believed her hypocrisy. Rotten is betraying her party and sworn loyalty to Alaskans. Rotten is a leftist in conservative’s clothing. Lisa Murkowski fits them all and then some.
      If you have a voter ID#, isn’t it important to you that all voters do, that all voters are residents? Stalin said: “I don’t care who votes, it’s who counts the votes that matters”. Karma is a double edged sword. One should tread lightly when on thin ice.

      • GF, you’re usually witty, sharp, and worthy of debate. This time around you’re just plain mean. Luckily, I have a pretty thick fur. Now go out, enjoy the warm Florida sunshine, and have a nice day.

      • Let’s see…Trump says two years before the election that it will be corrupt. And then he says one year before the election that it will be corrupt. And then he says election time that it will be corrupt unless he wins (or words to that effect, he’s very elusive), and then the election doesn’t go his way and he says it is corrupt.
        What are we to make of this election? That it’s corrupt? The most watched, vetted election ever, with Republican (or RINO, depending on your persuasion) election officials saying everything is the most watched it’s ever been. And you’re saying it’s a coup? No. It’s not. That’s what happened Jan. 6.
        Greg F., you’re not an idiot, but you’re starting to worry me.

      • Lisa who? Do any of you know who Lisa is? On this site she is supposed to be Trump’s lap dog, but she doesn’t fit into that meme anymore. The better for AK.

  14. Good riddance Murkowski.
    I was there in 2010 when she supported Obamacare in Wasilla.
    People were booing her then.
    She’s only gotten worse.
    Have you seen the pic of Feinstein backing her up on the wall during the Kavanaugh vote? Disgusting.
    All three Alaska reps need to go, as they don’t represent the majority of Alaskans.

  15. WOW what a scary thought Lisa will leave the Republican Party if Trump doesn’t resign! Will it hopefully collapse without Her & Sullivan & God forbid Don Young being voted out. The Old GOP is gone and something new will emerge

  16. So the question then becomes: Is the Senator now going to become buddies with Chuckie Schumer? How will further empowering Schumer serve Alaskans?

  17. Tantrum much?

    It’ll be fun to watch Trump move up here and savage her during her re-election bid. Trump unchanged with nothing to lose will be amazing.

    To those of you who voted prop 2 in, hope you wanted Lisa 4eva. You have her the tools she needs.

    Has anyone ever been able to figure out her issue with Trump? Did he spurn her romantic advances?

  18. Ballot measure two passing means Lisa will never need to win a republican primary again. Now she is only accountable to the majority of general election voters

    • I’m going out on a limb here, because I don’t know the persuasion of the poster, but…
      oh, never mind.

  19. She left us years ago. Stabbed us in the back when it helped her with her Democrat buddies. Now looks like she wants to be first closet Democrat to get a job in Biden administration.

  20. I don’t think many of us realize that with ranked voting passing that it anyone’s guess who will be elected in the future Liberal or Conservative. Proposition 2 is a boondoggle that will pollute the election processes worse than voting machines. And, all bets are off for any party voting in the future.
    Looks like Communism will become all of our futures. So much for the lives of my buddies lost during the Vietnam War. “Who let the dogs out?”

    • You have it wrong Robert IMO. It’s not Communism but anti-fascism in our future and was said best in Hemingway’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls.”
      Here is that wording:
      “Are you a communist?”
      “No I’m and anti-fascist.”
      “For a long time?”
      “Since I have understood fascism.”

    • Yep, after that, and Joe Biden’s coup, I will likely never bother vote again. I see no use in performative actions or virtue signalling.

    • Spoken like someone who doesn’t believe that the voters know what they are doing.
      Didn’t you fight for Democracy?
      If you are talking about the dogs of war, ala Richard III, you might want to re-read the play. If not, then I fear for you. I fear for us.

  21. Wow. So this is what $50,000 in free money – MY tax money , actually, buys these days? Two down scrolls of ignorant, inflamatory and unpatriotic drivel by fearful, angry people. Or “low brows” as Trump called you.

  22. After taking the AK State bar exam 13 times, she finally passed, thanks to some insiders at the ABA who assisted her. Appointed to the Senate by her daddy, who is dumber than a box of stones. Lisa, with her IQ of 57, and her house husband, who never worked a day in his life. Alaska is not proud of her. And now she supports impeaching Trump again. I’m afraid for Lisa, because someone is going to end the Murkowski dynasty, but not at the ballot box.

  23. We all know that Daddy’s Little Princess has always done what’s best for “her” rather than what’s best for Alaska. She totally epitomizes the true essence of selfishness, absent and delinquent any measure of true public service.
    Let her walk!!! If we think we actually need her, we at least know she’s for sale to the highest bidder. The question then becomes … can we afford her and can she consistently deliver??? Likely not on either account .

  24. Please God let it be true. Call your buddy Mit and help give the dems a super majority in the Senate.
    Does it cost monies? Do we need a gofund me. Every republican that voted in the dead of night and accepted this fraudulent election is done. The midterms are going to be a slaughter. If we can’t get different election machines, Purple fingers and paper ballots, its going to be civil war.

    • I would likely vote Alyse over Leeza, but truly believe that both belong in an asylum. It will be funny if Begich and Palin run in 22, leaving Leeza in third place. If she runs at all. One person, one legal vote, verified in person on election day and they are all finished.

      • The bureaucracy literally installed Biden by altering your votes, manufacturing ballots, etc, and you think that your vote matters in 2022? We have to exit the denial phase we are in or we cannot solve the problems facing us.

    • Now that prop 2 has passed little Lisa can say what she wants. Look for much more emboldened Lisa in the future.

      Perhaps the path forward is to repeal the 17 th Admendment?

  25. Oh I’m sorry I thought Lisa was a Democrat. This women sways back and forth with the wind. She can’t think on her own. She’s been riding daddy’s coat tail every since she got elected. She Is not a Republican she doesn’t care about her party. I can’t wait for Lisa to be voted out! And do us all a favor please vacate being a republican we need someone that is not a disgrace to our party.

  26. Let’s try to grow some brain cells, where does that leave us as a state, status wise, given that “quiet in the corner” Dan won’t get much traction for the next 4 yrs? The pendulum is going to swing,..
    Miss Begich much yet??

  27. Sen. Lisa Murkowski may change from (R) to (D) and she isn’t going anywhere. Remember Prop 2? That was to reelect her.
    Fasten your seat belts, it will be a wild ride!!

  28. Inasmuch as she is truly no Republican in practice, her official separation from the party would be a refreshing change for all of us… like removing an abscessed tooth. I would actually donate to her exit fund.

    • We will have legitimate elections when flying unicorns ferry living people to the polls. I don’t feel ready to test the power of prayer by asking for a herd of them.

  29. Just took survey. LM received 10 new votes on “seeing the light” – once again – the Republicans hand over a disaster for clean up. Run everything into the ground

  30. I emailed her directly through her website. And I politely told her the reality of the situation. I said she never was a Republican, and she will never win another election if she tries to claim to be. The only chance she has of making the general election is to run with a D next to her name.

  31. With 11 days left of Trump, NOW she has a spine to take a stand? Alaska needs to start vetting someone now to take her place.

    • She’s just trying to make her bed so that she can lay with the Communists that’s going to get ready and take over the government. Shall we goes whichever direction the wind blows she’s predictable I’ll give her that.

  32. Well, if she chooses to do so, perhaps she ought to emulate Phil Gramm, who decided he wasn’t a democrat anymore, resigned his seat as a congress critter in 1983, was elected as a Republican to the same seat a couple months later in a special election. He ran for US Senate as a Republican in 1984 and won.

    If Lisa is as honorable as she pretends, she resigns and runs as whatever she wants to runs as in a special election. Chances for that? The Chance Brothers: Slim & None, Snowball & Hot. Cheers –

  33. She is a boot licker. At leased the communists admit they are the Democratic Party. With Lisa, she is worse then the left because she hides behind in the shadows and stabs Alaskans in the back……..if it quacks like a duck it must be her.

  34. Lisa
    This summer when there was unrest civil uprising accross the nation Sullivan Young and yourself were silent. Instead before all the facts were know of what happen. You demanded police reforms wanting to hold police accountable. Demanding nothing of those who pointed guns and killed police officers.
    When the capital was invaded Alaska representatives were praising police.
    You claim Trump has harm this nation. In my opinion you and the democrats have done nothing these four years but try to remove Trump.
    Trump ran the country as a business and did it without pay. Murkowski Sullivan Young this past week I see all three of you are the problem with Government and need to go

  35. I would bet $$$ that prop 2 did NOT pass,,, it is proven fact that all dominion machines were fraudulent and should have a forensic audit.
    Lt. Gov. Stated that our machines were indeed hacked on 11/3 but he certified the vote,,, who was looking over his shoulder to verify his work?

  36. What, you didn’t notice?

    Lease-A hasn’t been a Republican for a long, long time. She didn’t walk – she slithered – away when a real Republican beat her in one of the last few honest elections Alaska ever saw….a primary of the sort you’re now being denied. If you’re just noticing Daddy’s Little Girl wasn’t a Closetcrat then shame on you.

  37. She doesn’t need the Republican party anymore. With rigged voting machines and the new ranked choice voting, elections are nonconsequential. She will find out though that the Democrats will not be waiting with open arms. She is/was a Republican and that’s all it takes. They’ll drop her like a hot potato.

  38. If Glenn Clary is smart, the Republican party in Alaska will start looking for a real Republican to primary the RINO Murkowski in 2022. Lisa has been a huge disappointment representing Alaska in the US Senate. Her failure in the Kavanaugh approval is remembered. I wish she would just shut up and go away. She has no chance at re-election in 2022. She should fade into dust bin of history like her dad Frank did. Lisa, just shut up and go away.

  39. Thank you for leaving the Republican party….Please make it official….GO________ You are now in the care of Comrade Biden and the worst criminal-treasonous family ever to get to the White House.

  40. She reminds me of my Cuckoo clock. Every time a controversial appointment or issue involving our President gets media attention, she pops out in a a shawl to bash him. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! I unhooked the damn thing just now.

  41. She hasn’t had a place in it for years. And, with all of the other weak repubs, they can go with her. Time to kill your Twitter and Facebook accounts, Kids. Better to do it voluntarily than have the Marxist providers do it for you. You know it’s coming.

  42. I urge all Alaskans to immediately organize a recall effort for this disgraceful traitor of a senator. She has betrayed your trust again and again since being put in office and no longer deserves her seat. If she wants to be a Democrat she can run as one in Alaska (with no chance). If she doesn’t want to be a Republican anymore, that is fine and good riddance but you will resign the seat that Republicans elected you to serve. Resign or face certain recall by the good people of Alaska.

  43. Murkowski is a rhino and has never been a Republican for Alaska! She is in the sisterhood of Pelosi and should be banished from the USA! I would vote her out of the country no problem!

  44. My response to the Senator’s comments:

    Senator Murkowskis failed leadership and selfish ambition has let the nation down, she fails to support conservative values, she failed to fight for election integrity, she failed to condemn the violent mobs who have harrasessed US Cities, who burned and looted businesses, mobs which took casulties, including children, she chose to stay silent until her own life felt threatened, and that is selfish.

  45. Lisa has been Feinstein’ed. She has never been a conservative or a Republican.
    Now she can take her rightful place among the scorned.

  46. Good-bye, Lisa. She has never been a Republican anyway. She thinks Trump has done enough damage? Oh, hell no! Lisa is the one that has done the damage. Look at her voting record. She should just change her party to D and secure her place in the pocket of the left. They love it when they believe they have “converted” someone. Anchorage will LOVE it! It will be her only chance at re-election.

  47. Good-bye Lisa – Yes, please, change party affiliation. Don’t threaten to do it: Just Do It.
    You haven’t been a Republican for at least 4 years.

  48. Well, what took you so long Lisa? You never were a Republican anyway, good riddance! It is not Trump that has done the damage to this country. It is lying traitors like yourself who will not represent the people and instead represent yourself!

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