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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Felix Rivera kicks Jamie Allard off of chairmanship of Assembly Audit Committee


Anchorage Assemblywoman Jamie Allard wanted to do an independent audit of the CARES Act fund disbursement in Anchorage.

The next thing that happened was she was kicked off as chair of the Assembly Audit Committee, as she was coming out with the annual plan for the audit.

Chairman Felix Rivera “deplatformed” Allard from her role as head of audit, because he said he doesn’t like her tone. He replaced her with South Anchorage Assemblywoman Suzanne LaFrance.

Rivera has also censored Allard during Assembly meetings.

Rivera told Allard in an email message that, “I don’t appreciate your tone in replying Mr. Alex Slivka (Chief Fiscal Officer and chief adviser on the Corona Virus Relief Fund. “I believe this committee will be better served by having a more seasoned chair.” Allard is still a regular voting member of the committee.

Allard has question about what happened to the summer workers who worked on the trails, paid for with CARES Act funds, and what the Girdwood Clinic did with the money the Assembly awarded it.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • What is Rivera hiding?

    • After this summer, I don’t think he’s hiding. The Assembly has become ever more brazen in their corruption.

    • Nothing hiding, this is completely unrelated to CARES spending and any audit thereof. The Municipality has consistently followed US Treasury guidance in the spending of CARES Grant funding, which is also reported to the State of Alaska every month.

  • Felix is lawless and tyrannical.
    Oust his worthless a _ _!

  • Recall the fascist dictator. There is no other solution to this stupid.

  • What tone? Did Allard say something that was objectively uncalled for?

  • Looks like he’s doing as much damage as he can before he gets kicked himself.

  • There are no words…🤬

  • Is that a riot?

  • Just keep an eye on those recall signatures. I’m pretty sure our socialist friend is familiar with the fate the Reichstag Building.

  • Allard rocks. Rivera is just mad because he has a recall looming over his head.
    Jamie just remember if he is picking on you he is leaving others alone.

  • Badge of Honor for Ms. Allard

  • Tone is now a viable reason for being censored? That is laughable.
    Who really is this character Felix Rivera, seems he has a chip on his shoulder.
    And, aren’t Audit Committee members doing due diligence asking question about where funds are being spent part of a committee members responsibility? Sounds like Assembly Person Allard hit a RAW nerve. Follow the Money Jamie!

  • Time to remove that pompous ***hat from *his* office.

  • The new Democrat plan is to de-platform every Republican. There are tyrants alive and dead that would be proud of them.

  • And Mr. Rivera is wondering why he is being recalled. There is no dialogue, it is their way or no way, not the American way. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best.

  • The Anchorage Assembly is beyond belief! When will the people living in Anchorage wake up and recall / replace their assembly members? The more shenanigans I see the more I support Eaglexit! CARES spending on non Covid related purchases, failure to listen to their constituents, sidelining our Eagle River Assemblyman.

  • Jamie Allard is awesome!!!!! We are with you.

  • This guy needs to be gone!

  • This man Felix Rivera is a manipulative, conniving calculating, scheming and shrewd man that has to go!
    He’s a very sick man. How did this man ever get elected. Doesn’t want to do anything that helps the people.
    Wake up Anchorage!!

  • What a prissy, intolerant, corrupt, power mad, leftist.

  • Which one is the drama queen?

  • Is the Alaska Republican Party, Alaskan Republican women group, going to take that assault as if it doesn’t matter?
    As Don jr, said, “they can be a Hero or they can by a zero! He encourages the republican party stop turning the other cheek and being the punching bag rolling over bandaging your political wounds feeling sorry for yourselves because of Felix Rivera is being a meany!” Chairman Rivera is doing his democrat job, he supposed to be a meany, he is a democrat! Will the Alaska Republican Party roll over and die?” Accept the party’s loss by Allard losing her Chairmanship over the Audit committee? “The choice is The Alaska Republican party whether or not If they choose not to fight for the existence of their party power and leadership.
    By the way, I got a meany democrat neighbor trying to get me to take my Trump flag down. you know what I am going to take that damn flag down when I am good and ready on my own exchanging it with my American flag. he just have to get used to it like he did the last four months!

  • What more do voters need to understand the tyrannical behavior of Felix Rivera and to vote him out of office for good. Recall has been submitted, let’s see how the Municipal Clerk handles this one!

    Jamie Allard is doing a fantastic job representing her constituents, who a fed up with this nonsense. Pay attention, Eagle River has started the process to split from Anchorage because of this exact behavior from the Uber-liberal Acting Mayor and Assembly.

  • Rivera’s behavior over Allard has more to do with his fear of a bona fide audit of CARES Act funds than anything Allard said or how she said it. The question that needs pursuing is why hasn’t the ADN looked deeper into this?

  • Maybe it is time for an independent outside audit of Cares Act Funds and Assembly membership banks accounts

  • This is what is the new normal with mail in voting.
    Expect no less

  • If the late Chairman Mao were interested in a new job he’d surely be welcomed to help the assembly implement its agenda. His being deceased wouldn’t matter but these days he doesn’t seem interested in collecting a paycheck.

  • Alas, Felix has demonstrated most fully the context of the victimized bully, that is, one who perceived themselves as victimized within their existence, and now it is time for payback…

    Such is not only demonstrated within this localized power structure, but Nationwide…and it is within a chosen mindset.

    One may have been ‘victimized’ at some point within their lives, and that should never have been, but to seek out vengeance against everyone not like them is not retribution, but fascism, as we are witnessing now…

    Felix chooses to be a victim, as so many of his ilk do, rather than rise above said victimhood and exhibit the strength within themselves and not allow the victimization within their past to overcome their current self identification, that is, as a victim….

    That is who we are lorded over by, self proclaimed victims looking for some kind of payback, in which the self perceived bullied becomes the bully….

    That is this Assembly. That is the leftist movement.

    Not strong enough to stand upon their strength as individuals, but striking out from their own individual weaknesses because they cannot fight against their own perceived victimhood, and in doing so, become the very bullies that they themselves rally against, within their own weak minds.

    What is more sad than that stance, I can not imagine.

  • Who sidelines political opponents?

  • What is the status of the recall effort?

  • Does anyone have info on any misappropriation of funds lawsuits ?

  • High time to stop worrying about politics outside the state and clean up this town. First. Then the state. Get rid of FB Twitter and all the other social/ego garbage in your lives and challenge everyone you know to do the same. Netflix and all the other garbage that everyone wastes time on as well. Take a stand for real.

  • Let’s get double the signatures.

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