Murkowski politely explains to new Energy Secretary that Alaska is ‘resource anchor’


The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee gavel passed from Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska to Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia Wednesday, just in time for the hearing on the nomination of former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm as the new Energy Secretary for the Biden Administration.

Because the Senate was still organizing under Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Murkowski gaveled in the meeting and conducted it as her final day as chair of the committee.

During the confirmation hearing, Granholm committed that DOE will prioritize investments in states that have lost traditional energy jobs.

“This is the most important question, honestly, because we know that this transition is happening. We cannot leave our people behind. In West Virginia, and in other fossil fuel states, there is an opportunity for us to specialize in the technologies that reduce carbon emissions, to make those technologies here, to put people to work here, and to look at other ways to diversify. These ‘place based’ solutions [will] be able to take advantage of expertise and comparative advantages of states and build on that to allow them to diversify inside and outside their main industries is a partnership that we could have through the Department of Energy,” Granholm said.

Sen. Murkowski attempted to explain to Granholm that Alaska will not be a manufacturing center, and that what the state does is bring resources to the other states, so they can manufacture. Alaska is a resource anchor for other states, she said.

Granholm replied that she understands the anxiety of Alaskans who may see their jobs go away, as she witnessed that when she was governor of Michigan.

“The experience that I had, I feel like I get this so much because the experience I had in Michigan seared by soul on behalf of worker who were feeling utter anxiety about ‘who is ever going to hire me?'” Granholm responded.

Watch the exchange here:

Also on Wednesday, John Kerry, who is the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, was asked what his message is to workers who are “seeing an end to their livelihoods” as a result of President Biden’s plan to crush the resource industry.

“What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels,” Kerry said.

“The president of the United States has expressed in every comment he has made about climate the need to grow the new jobs that pay better, that are cleaner,” Kerry said.

“What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels,” Kerry said.


  1. Attn: Daddy’s Little Princess … Politeness will surely win over these radicals with logic, reason, and common sense. Keep up the great work-effort, I’m sure it’ll produce great paying opportunities for Alaskans and Alaska Businesses!!!

    • The republicans always bring flowers to a gun fight, they just don’t have a backbone and refuse to fight for the people.

  2. So what i am understanding is the incoming new energy chair and secretary is they sound like they have several lofty goals and idealistic vision But, they have no real plan how they will reemploy now out of work employees as manufacturing employees for more green products? I thinking Charlie Kirk is going to be right, ‘Democrats are going to make a mess after their first 100 days, and the American people will be begging to put the Republicans back in charge.”

  3. If I had lost my job I think someone telling me to go build solar panels would remind me of Marie Antoinette, “let them eat cake”.

  4. Biden is a Chinese Puppet, he is the Pedophile Head of a vassal Traitorous Vichy Government. The Current Congress (which rubber stamped the stolen election) and this President are illegitimate. Nothing they pass or decree is legal, and US Citizens are morally obliged to ignore and undermine wherever and whenever possible.

    • Boy Mongo, your post didn’t have a thing to do with the post and also didn’t even bring up communism. You are slipping. Heheh!

      • Bill, actually he made more sense than your man, JFK, (John F. Kerry). BTW Bill as we transition to Solar, Wind, squirrels in cages turning out mini-watts, etc. will there still be Jet Fuel available for JFK and his ilk to jet set in? I am certain Kerry spends much time aloft looking out the plane windows because he once noted that he cannot see a border from 37,000′. Such perception is rare in government today, wouldn’t you agree?

        • Did you have a reason for needing to change the subject here Robert??? Not my problem that JFK has chapped your you know what.
          Tough noogies!

          • Bill, I wasn’t changing the subject at all. Perhaps you need to go back and re-read the story above. Details, Bill, they are important. Your man JFK was babbling about jobs making solar panels. This from a fellow who has no idea how to do anything other than marry well. The trouble is Bill, that top down central planning of the economy is always a very bad idea. Perhaps you should explore any number of the Soviet 5 year plans? Oh, wait, there is your commie comment.
            Keep trying Bill, you may yet swerve into something relevant.

  5. Sounds terrific! Gonna be making solar panels @ Prudhoe bay and windmill blades in Valdez!
    Can’t make this stuff up!!

    • They are going to train Alaskans to do jobs that they can only get outside of Alaska.
      Look on the bright side, property will be cheaper to buy and you might not have combat fishing on the Kenai.

  6. Lisa is dumber than a rock.. No disrespect to rocks.. She has failed Alaska and Alaskans. Her hate of Trump along with her ignorance of the Constitution that she took an oath to protect has now led her down the path of trying to buddy up to the Left wing nuts. And they aren’t interested. They already have enough dummies without adding her to the lot.
    But now that so many Alaskans will be out of work maybe they will finally have the time to take an hour out of their day to vote her out of office in 2022.. That is if they aren’t too busy manufacturing windmills and solar panels.

    • I agree completely! Both Lisa and Dan Sullivan are spineless cowards both of them voted for communist Buttigieg for secretary of transportation. Alaskans need to start following their voting history and call or email them.

  7. But, what will Alaskans make that Alaskans can actually USE for energy? Or are we going to have to install fireplaces in all homes in order to stay warm?

  8. This lady failed the bar 4x and she’s in charge of championing our state’s resource development?

    Good luck with that..

  9. Lisa is the only anchor in the picture. It’s her dead weight in D.C. that’s dragging Alaska’s representation to the ocean floor. I see that she DID NOT back (R-WY) Senator Cynthia Lummis’ legislation to block Biden’s energy ban. Not a big surprise at all. Hats off to Senator Dan Sullivan for stepping up and backing Senator Lummis..

  10. John Kerry is such a moron. Does he really believe that an oil field worker, making 6 figures (or close to it) a year will make that much at the automated solar panel factory….. in China? I hate leftist democrats more than shredding my third leg on a cheese grater.

    • ‘ Magnificent Johnson! A cheese grater? Ouch, way worse than a zipper bite for sure! Very descriptive. I fully get the extent of your disgust for Democrats. I also applaud Suzanne for her liberal comment policy here on MRAC.

  11. I wonder what WE are going to make these solar panels out of??? Hmm mined metals with plastic coated wires delivered by electric vehicles with rubber tires. John Kerry is a scum bag

    By the way people you are just piss ants to these politicians your lives mean nothing to them. They would rather you were dead.

  12. Could elevate your comments — not all of us reside within Alaska or the USA. Such comments give us the impression “extreme views” will continue until you all unravel the country — our last hope for sparing us from eventual Chinese control/governance.

    • If I accidentally whack my thumb with a hammer, there’s no way I’m going to say “My goodness”. My reaction will always be “colorful”. If that offends you, then stay away from construction sites, so to speak.
      When the swamp dwellers in our government whack our thumbs, they’re going to elicit some very real comments.
      Real people respond from their hearts, reflecting their sense of feeling betrayed, their anger, disappointment, frustration.
      The sociopaths amongst us are the ones being so politically correct, speaking with soft voices. They have no real feelings about anything. They only work the system to their advantage. Their comments here are so “elevated”.
      Suzanne apparently senses the average person’s need to be real, honest, sincere, transparent, and all that. She allows us, all of us to be ourselves.
      I rather enjoy the personal spitting matches. You get to emote, and learn something real about your opponent. I start liking someone whenever they get real. They manage to pull out the worst in me, which gives me a chance to see myself as others see me, and self correct.
      I also enjoy the opportunity to sharpen my writing skills. It’s so hard to say what you mean, in a way that others understand what you meant, by what you said.
      There are legal and practical limits, and she holds us to that.

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