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Monday, March 8, 2021
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Listicle: Who’s in for Anchorage muni elections?

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Some have dropped out, some new ones have filed, and some have switched seats they are filing for.

Here is the current list of those who are currently running for Anchorage municipal offices in the election that ends April 6.

The filing deadline is Friday, Jan. 29, at 5 pm. The withdrawal deadline is Feb. 2.

There are four ways to file — City Hall, Election Center, fax, email, so it’s very likely others will enter the races late Friday, and at the last possible minute:

Mayoral Candidates:

     Evans, Bill – Filed 01/15/2021 – undeclared

     Martinez, George – Filed 01/15/2021 – nonpartisan

     Momin, Reza – Filed 01/27/2021 – nonpartisan

     Falsey, Bill – Filed 01/15/2021 – nonpartisan

     Herndon, Heather – Filed 01/19/2021 – undeclared

     Bronson, David – Filed 01/15/2021 – Republican

     Robbins, Mike – Filed 01/15/2021 – Republican

     Darden, Dustin – Filed 01/15/2021 – withdrawn 1/26/2021

     Dunbar, Forrest – Filed 01/15/2021 – Democrat

     Colbry, Darin – Filed 01/15/2021 – Republican

     Westfall, Papa-Joe – Filed 01/27/2021 – unknown, (his scanned document is wrong at the Elections website, links to Marilyn Stewart’s filing paperwork)

     Kern, Jacob Seth – Filed 01/25/2021 – Democrat

School Board Candidates:


     Eledge, Judy Norton – Filed 01/22/2021 – Republican

     Stewart, Marilyn – Filed 01/27/2021 – undeclared

     Higgins, Pat – Filed 01/15/2021. withdrawn 01.25.2021, filed for different seat – Democrat

     Lessens, Kelly – Filed 01/15/2021, Democrat


     Higgins, Pat – Filed 01/25/2021 – Democrat

     Hilde, Alisha – Filed 01/15/2021 – Republican, incumbent

     Blatchford, Edgar – Filed 01/22/2021 – Democrat

     Blakeslee, Rachel – Filed 01/22/2021 – unknown

     Graham, Sami – Filed 01/22/2021 – Republican


     Sanders, Marcus – Filed 01/20/2021 – Republican

     Paulson, Kim – Filed 01/22/2021 – Republican

     Wilson, Dora – Filed 01/19/2021 – Democrat


     Blewett, Pierce – Filed 01/22/2021 – Republican

     Jacobs, Carl – Filed 01/15/2021 – Democrat

     Nees, David – Filed 01/26/2021 – Alaska Independence

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • We need honest exposure of the agendas of these candidates. Which ones are Left, Right, radicals, in cahoots with the current Assembly, etc.

    Without this, the Left will just deceive everyone again.

  • We should get all these Republican mayoral candidates to join together to beat Dunbar. Otherwise it is Deja Vu (Berkowitz) all over again.

  • I’m curious why you list party affiliation. These are non-partisan seats and party affiliation won’t be on the ballot.

  • Muni Election Rules #1,2,&3

    “”RED””.. ..Remove Every Democrat

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