Murkowski loses standing with NRA, downgraded to ‘B’ rating, while Tshibaka gets an A for Second Amendment


Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s siding with Washington, D.C. Democrats on 2nd Amendment issues has caused her ratings on gun rights issues to fall dramatically, setting up a major contrast between her and Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

In 2016, Murkowski was awarded an “A” rating and endorsed by the National Rifle Association, but has slipped down to a “B” rating in 2022. Tshibaka was given an “A” by the NRA for her strong position of defending the 2nd Amendment against any backsliding.

Through her career as a political leader, Murkowski has in the past received over $146,000 in funding from the NRA’S political arm. But with a “B” rating, that funding source will dry up. Other Republican senators with lower than an “A” rating are Sen. Susan Collins of Maine (“B”), and Sen. Rick Scott of Florida (“C”).

“Lawful and responsible gun ownership is part of our identity here in Alaska, and I will never stand for any erosion of those rights,” Tshibaka said. “Lisa Murkowski, once again, is palling around with her D.C. insider friends and voting against our constitutional rights, even while she pretends to be looking out for us. This is yet another reason why Alaskans agree that it’s time for a change in our representation in the Senate.”

In April, Murkowski voted to confirm President Joe Biden’s leftist Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson and then voted for the Democrats’ gun control package in June. She had signaled her intention to restrict the right to bear arms in a conversation with noted gun control activist David Hogg, in which she told him that some changes need to be made.


    • Murkowski is transparent.
      She votes with Republicans when the odds are in their favor and her vote would never make a difference
      But, when it comes to a tie-breaker…
      She takes a hard Left.
      Every time. I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME.
      Go look. it is the truth.

  1. Murkowski is a Democrat.
    Plain and simple.
    All it takes to be a Republican in the G.O.P. is a dollar bill.
    Now, the N.R.A. is no Angel itself.
    I am a life Member, as well as G.O.A.
    But N.R.A. is focused upon the money.
    They abandoned us on bump-stocks, a clear violation of the technical definition of an automatic weapon.
    I can accomplish the same effect with a rubber band.
    Nope… they went P.C.
    So I quit sending them my dollars. I need no help in cutting my own throat.
    I can do that fine, all by myself.
    And then the DA trigger thing.
    I WANT one. How much fun.
    But they came down yellow on that too.
    I am just about to dis-own them.

      • Intelligence is not giving your hard earned dollars to ineffective organizations that claim one thing but do another, are willing to sit in the political sidelines to see which way the wind blows before taking action and increasingly show a willingness to politically compromise our inherent rights away.

      • Sometimes they help.
        But, they are more about feathering their own nest in the name of the cause.
        If anybody is going to cut my nose off my face, I shall do it myself.
        At least it will be a Professional job.
        I guess you haven’t been paying a lot of attention.
        I understand.

    • Gun Owners of America is a much better, proactive, organization than the NRA. I quit NRA years ago over their weak approach towards antigun legislation. The NRA’s only action was fundraising….

    • “But N.R.A. is focused upon the money.”
      Try running a lobby/rights organization without any money.
      “I can do that fine, all by myself.”
      As demonstrated by this comment. I request you cut your own throat without cutting mine as well.
      Perhaps you know of some other organization that has 1/10th as many wins in the Federal and State legislatures? Or perhaps you know of one that has a good of a record in promoting firearm rights? Please, take your time, I will wait… HINT: Despite your claims, the NRA has been and remains the most effective gun rights organization in the world.
      You are going to disown the NRA because they made a decision or two you do not agree with? News flash. The only person or organization you will agree with 100% of the time is you. Feel free to drop the NRA for whatever reason you want to, but realize the gun control advocates are counting on you to do that. They will likely take your comment here on MRAK and use it against the NRA and gun owners. “The only reason Mark supports the NRA is because he wants automatic weapons.”
      When you start up your own gun rights organization and have 1/1000th the success the NRA has, come on back here and talk smack about them. The NRA is not perfect, neither is GOA, the 2AF, or any other rights organization. I do not agree with 100% of the decisions any of them make, but I am not going to drop them for not complying with my wishes 100% of the time.

    • Good point. NRA’s worthlessness is what took them so long. And their longtime support for attacks on the 2nd amendment such as the Lautenberg ban and the 1986 ban, and dragging their feet on constitutional carry until GOA activists got Alaska to pass it.

  2. Lisa please just resign, you are so exposed how can you face the citizens knowing we know all about you. No more for the cameras of the cameras by the cameras it no longer works. Rank choice was your last corrupt deed done onto the citizens ma’am. Your taking judges down with you OATH BREAKERS EXPOSED.

  3. I tried to get Lisa to be a straight shooter, but her windage is always off. Now that Wayne LaPierre has taken Lisa and I off of his Christmas card list, we have to go see the NEA, Democrat Party, and some Trump-hating Hollywood liberals for support. Things just aren’t any fun after Frank and Nancy started inviting Kelly T over for vittles.
    I always keep noodles on standby.

  4. One of the many reasons I ditched the NRA and moved my membership to Gun Owners of America. Liberal Lisa deserves a F rating from the NRA mainly due to rubber stamping extreme liberal judges and agency heads.

  5. I’ve been paying Lisa’s NRA Life Membership every year since 2002 and this is the respect I get back from Wayne LaPierre? Same goes for the Alaska Bar Association. I paid for all of Lisa’s application fees for the bar, many times. I even paid for private tutors. Not once, not once did the Bar Association ever thank ME for the donations. I never did get any respect here in Alaska.

    • Frankie, I really hate to say it here on an open format like MRAK, but sometimes you really are dumb. I thought you and I had an agreement that we wouldn’t disclose anymore family secrets. Now the public knows that the NRA has digested a lot of our personal money, that we could have used to buy another dozen AR-15s. And the Alaska Bar Association is laughing all the way to the bank, saying that Alaska’s former first family are a bunch of idiots.

      • It’s difficult being the spouse of a former state boss. You get tagged for life. And then the crap just keeps falling you around to the next chapter. I enjoyed it for awhile, but when you get old and it sinks to the next lineage, it’s time to leave the state. The M’s did it and Sarah has both feet on the ground elsewhere. It’s time to knock out the idiots.
        NB3 for Congress and Kelly T for US Senate.

  6. “…voted for the Democrats’ gun control package in June.”
    But… it was for the mental health funding, not because of the gun restrictions. Because, apparently her senior position on the Appropriations committee is not good enough to get mental health funding, or something.
    If her ads talk about nothing except bringing federal funds to AK, but she cannot find another way to get mental health funding, then her seniority is meaningless. Might as well get rid of her.

  7. Lisa Murkowski increasingly pursues her own interests over those of most Alaskans. She is out for herself and her own political power. I’ve lived in Alaska for over 50 years and can honestly say Lisa Murkowski is the worst Senator we’ve ever had. Zero integrity. I’m disappointed that Senator Sullivan never says anything about her backstabbing positions on these critical issues.

  8. Lisa is between a rock and a hard place. She has gone against Republicans but the Democrats still don’t like her. Twitter is full of rants about her not fighting for abortion and climate change. Still, the Demos will take her over a real Republican. With ranked choice voting she’ll be back.

  9. NRA has no money to fund anyone. The NRA endorsement will become meaningless after the New York AG gets done destroying the NRA with public money lawsuits


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