Murkowski doesn’t blame Biden for recession, but asks him to move ahead on Willow Project in Alaska


U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski issued the following statement after the U.S. Department of Commerce released data showing real gross domestic product contracted by 0.9 percent in the second quarter of 2022, following a decline of 1.6 percent in the first quarter of 2022. Two consecutive quarters of GDP decline indicate the U.S. economy is in recession.

“Between falling GDP, rising interest rates, high gas prices, the highest inflation in four decades, stagnating wage growth, and warning signs in the workforce and housing markets, there is no question that our economy is troubled. The Biden administration has a responsibility to face that head on, not to try to redefine what it means to be in a recession,” Murkowski said. “The current economic reality is hurting American families and businesses. This is not the time to spend or tax hundreds of billions more; it is time to start approving common sense development projects like Willow that will help bring down inflation, create jobs, and return our economy to growth—at no cost to taxpayers.”

The Willow project is supposedly supported by the Biden Administration, but was held up by a judge who remanded the record of decision back to the Bureau of Land Management on Aug. 18, 2021. The agency came forward with a partial environmental impact statement, but is slow-walking its response to the court decision; the Biden Administration is manipulated by the environmental nonprofit organizations that overly influence the Administration and ignore or run circles around the declining president.

Murkowski may or may not be influential with Biden, but she was a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump, who acted quickly in his presidency to open up opportunity for Alaska’s economy, pushed the Willow Project, and led America to what was arguably the most successful economy in history.

The Willow Project is in the Northeast corner of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. The area holds about 600 million barrels of oil, or more than is currently left in the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But it will take years to bring that oil to market, with the lawsuits and delays from the government. It is not the answer to the immediate supply problem with energy.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration announced it will sell an additional 20 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, after releasing one million barrels per day from the reserve since March.

The SPR is the national energy security vault that is held in salt caverns on the coasts of Louisiana and Texas. Created following the 1973 energy crisis and having storage capacity of up to 713.5 million barrels, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve currently holds the lowest level reserve since 1987, with just 538 million barrels.


  1. The Willow Project is where Lisa Murkowski and Mead Treadwell and Berkowitcz hold monetary and corporate interests. This is a money making venture conjured up by the former politicians. Of course she wants it open. Murkowski is Biden’s CEO in all matters of Alaska and beyond. She needs support from the residents of Alaska to attain her imagery of power. Hey Dan Sullivan, will help with this, I am sure!

  2. It is beginning to appear that the Biden Administration’s goal is to empty the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

  3. You voted for Haaland. You ask her.

    A better question: would you be doing this if you weren’t concerned about losing your seat?

  4. Must be an election coming up. They could have at least sold their Haaland confirmation votes in exchange for Willow.

  5. Grandstanding on the part of LM.
    Nothing more.
    She knows damned well that even if Willow gets the go ahead today, it will be reversed as soon as the ballots are counted and the election is certified.

  6. Yes, as I recall, that Judge Sharon Gleason who stated there hadn’t been enough environmental impact information and shut down Willow.

    Was something going to happen w/Cook Inlet? As I understand it, BP left a real mess for — what was that company name? Hillcorp? I need more coffee!

    • BP left the business the way Hillcorp wanted it. BP was a great community member and gave millions to the city needs. Hillcorp has a way tighter pocketbook.

  7. Seems weird, pathetic… another worn-out campaign advert, another damned Democrat wannabe posturing for re-election, “working across the aisle” with vermin who seem obssessed with destroying America and Americans.

  8. Weird how Lisa doesn’t own up to her role in all of this. If she had a backbone she wouldn’t have been voting hand across the aisle with her true Democrat colleagues, smh

  9. What? Why so he can sell it to China like he did the USA oil reserves? Or is it because it’s an election year? Murkowski should have been on top of this from day one like she should have been on the King Cove road, failure all they way!!!

  10. Lisa wasn’t for this in the beginning. Now, with pressure and a failing economy, she’s onboard. But, she is going to feel real heat from the climate change Left. She put herself in this position, both sides don’t like her.

  11. She is totally in his court, he won’t do anything she wants for Alaska, but she is more than willing to do his bidding to ruin Alaska. SICK, SICK, SICK!!!!

  12. Suzanne, wasn’t the judge who torpedoed Willow Sharon Gleason, who Murkowski voted to confirm?

  13. What was her position on Pebble?
    I would bet it wasn’t mine.
    But, she is a Democrat.
    Joe will make sure she get’s her little something.
    Maybe not Willow..
    But something.
    She has to do these Public Relations Stunts to keep face is all.

  14. C I think Clueless, she caused the recession and its associated inflation. Perhaps her advisors don’t recognize what printing vast sums of money Trillions does to the economy. Out with her.

  15. Murkowski is a chronic liar and deceiver. The purposeful destruction of our economy and nation are due to Biden’s policies and she has supported him from day one! There is no getting out of this Lisa, you are a traitor to the Constitution and the people of this great country. It is time for you to resign or lose to Kelly. Kelly Tshibaka 2022!

  16. Oust our wicked witch of the north. Kelly 1st and only that simple team Alaska. And will kill her off with her own evil tool. Called rank choice voting.

  17. The Willow Project is an epic project for Alaska and Alaskans. COPA has an excellent record and reputation of executing projects like these and exemplifies … the “Best of the Best // World Class” stewards and champions within the O&G industry. It’s a shame and travesty that this project is so wrapped up in today’s quagmire of politics as the true beneficiaries would definitely be Alaska, Alaskan Businesses and Alaska’s Workin Hands. If Daddy’s Little Princess can some how get this past “The Big Guy” & “Jr Punter” we still have to somehow get it past the devious and agenda-driven radicals … Sharon, Debby, and Tracy SnM.

  18. Murkowski is trying to be Machiavellian, but she’s incompetent at it. Her entire family has been at it for decades. One could justifiably regard all of them as a crime syndicate.

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