Murkowski declares birth control a ‘right’

Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted in favor of the Right to Contraception Act, which failed to advance in the Senate on Wednesday. It needed 60 votes to end a filibuster and move forward, and it had just 51 votes, with Murkowski and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine siding, as is their way, with the Democrats.

Murkowski then produced a video in which she declared, “a woman has a right to contraception.”

Is contraception a right under the U.S. Constitution? It’s a novel interpretation. Even food and shelter is not a guaranteed right, like the right to pursue happiness, as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, and the right to free speech, to keep firearms, privacy and to not have to house soldiers in your home.

The government doesn’t buy people firearms, even though the right to bear arms is mentioned in the Constitution.

But the Democrats, Murkowski, and Collins believe that there is a right to either a contraption-type contraception, such as IUDs or condoms, or chemical contraception, such as birth control pills; neither were safely available during the time the nation was founded. The authors of the Constitution in 1787 would never have imagined such a right developing 237 years later.

Murkowski then said in her video that the way to reduce the number of abortions is to make contraception a right, and explained that this is a position she has had “for a very long time.”

Sen. Dick Durbin agreed it’s a right.

“It would codify the right to contraception that the Supreme Court first recognized in Griswold. It would also allow patients, providers, and the Justice Department to go to court to enforce these rights,” Durbin said.

He was saying the quiet part out loud: Taxpayers would be required to pay for birth control for all women and, presumably, men. Free condoms and vasectomies for all?

A few days earlier Murkowski said women have a right to abortion, which she sanitized as “access to reproductive health care.” She said women in Alaska are worried about access to reproductive, even though the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court leaves abortion laws up to the states and the State of Alaska has one of the most liberal abortion legal interpretations in the country.

Rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution do not include things like the right to shoes, lava lamps, gym memberships, or even health care itself. Obamacare expanded and warped that constitutional understanding and made health care institutionalized as a right, which means taxpayers now have to pay for things like transgender surgeries and after-surgery care, and all other manner of health care, which has become an ever-expanding field.

This is the Democrat theme consistently voiced since the days of slavery — that people have a right to the fruits of the labor of another person.

In this case, if birth control pills are a right, then they must be provided free by force of law to everyone who wants them, and they must be paid for by everyone who doesn’t want to pay for them.

Those who get behind on their taxes to the government that provides these “rights” at a cost to someone else may find their wages garnished and their homes foreclosed on, because while things like birth control is a “right,” your income and your home are still not a right.


    • It’s also a right for Republicans to choose who they officially want to have represent them as a candidate in the general election. And it certainly isn’t (wasn’t) Lisa Murkowski.

  1. Princess is truly a Democrat. She sees things in the Constitution which aren’t there.

    Exactly what is she wanting? Free pills for everyone who thinks they’re a woman?

    It’s been awhile (I’m old and my wife is long past menopause) but I seem to remember condoms aren’t that expensive or hard to find. Is there some reason women can’t provide condoms to partners?

    Just formally cross the aisle Princess.
    You’re there already.

  2. And let’s not forget to credit the afternoon drive radio host who pimped the Princess Protection Program (RCV).

    Without him, it’s likely Princess wouldn’t be in office.

    • Masked Avenger; Tell that to Joe Miller, because as you know he lost to Lisa after winning the primary with Lisa handicapped with a write in campaign. And you know Joe a true Alaskan was a hell of a lot more of a viable candidate than Kelly.

      • Joe and Kelly were a lot more viable than Lisa, who was appointed; written-in; and escaped a Republican primary. In many ways, Lisa is as big a fraud as Joe Biden. Alaskans know it. Frankie and Nancy know it. Where do we draw the line with this?

      • I realize you are a pimp for Princess, but what on Earth does Joe Miller have to do with this?


        • The Honorable Senator from the Great State of Alaska Lisa Murkowski did not need RCV to beat the non Alaskan Kelly T, primary or no.
          Joe Miller (who I voted for) lost without RCV and had the advantage of winning the Republican primary and has everything to do with my example.

            • Sorry you cannot defend your, ”credit the afternoon radio host who pimped RCV” so Lisa would have lost election, without him, claim.
              Score another win over the so called Masked Avenger from Juneau who needs to move a little further north to be considered an Alaskan 😉

      • I remember lying lisa said she’d support the winner of the primary…until it wasn’t her.

        Serious lack of character.

  3. Both senator Ted Stevens and Senator Lisa Murkowski were both pro-choice and anti foreign pebble mine, pro gas and oil, never seeing a defense spending bill they didn’t like and practically lockstep on every facet of policy especially when anchoring down federal bucks for the Great State of Alaska 😉

  4. Hormonal birth control is presented as a harmless great thing with no downsides, but in reality it has severe psychological side effects. It is extremely toxic and no one should use it. It’s pretty easy to use the old method of birth control, which is to not have promiscuous sex with dozens of strangers.

    • You nailed that one on the head. I think if Murkowski wants to pass legislation that is helpful, maybe a bill recognizing individual responsibility would be good. Of course, that will never happen because Democrats don’t believe in personal responsibility and no matter what label she is carrying, Murkowski is a Democrat.

  5. The worst thing about Murkowski is that she stands for nothing except re-election.

    Every single thing she does and every word she utters, she measures by votes gained or votes lost.

  6. Lisa, dear, you claim to be Catholic, in which case, birth control is a sin. You might want to check with your local Bishop on that point.

    • Where in the bible does it say birth control is a sin? I can’t seem to find that passage anywhere in scripture. Taking moral advice from a fallible and political body like the Catholic church that condones and protects child raping priests should be low on the list of anyone’s priorities. The Vatican has a tough time keeping up with what even the morally average understands to be right and wrong.

      • Try Exodus 20:13, Matt 18:6, Matt 19:14, Mark 9:42, Mark 10:14, Luke 17:2, Luke 18:16…Catholic priests practicing such sins and church leaders protecting same are really no different than those that claim Christ and yet support the killing of innocent children, born or unborn

  7. Senators and House reps haven’t written legislation in more than 30 years. They sponsor legislation that their donor/puppet masters write and tell them to pass. The fervancy and passionate intensity level feigned for the cameras is in direct relation to the donor reward amount. The inflation generated from the accumulated costs of these legislation packages result in defacto tax increases which are paid by everyone. Lisa simply could care less about the people she represents, she follows the money.

    • Lisa does not write any legislation, the lobbyists write what they want supported for their industries, also known as Lisas donors, and she pushes that on us. She is pure evil

  8. Any attempt to restrict contraception will be a death knell for the GOP. You think messing with Social Security and Medicare is a “third rail”? Well just try restricting or eliminating contraception and it will blow up in your face. Badly!

    • Hans no one is trying to restrict contraception. You should read the article. The stuff is available even at your local gas station right next to the Tylenol which is what I need every time I see you post anything.

      • Thank you for your comment. Of course I read the story. My point is that the only reason contraception is now appearing in the Conservative discourse is because it is the long-term goal of far-Right religious extremists to restrict or ban it. Otherwise, it would not even be being mentioned in any context.

        • Hans:
          I am looking at my far right manifesto, and I do not see anything about banning birth control. Neither short nor long term.
          Can you point me to the page where it appears please.

        • Ahh, yes, only scary far-right extremists just like all those far-right extremists in Massachusetts where contraceptives were banned in some form until 1972. That ban only ended because of a supreme court case, not even their own (apparently far-right?) legislature repealed it. What you call “far-right extremism” was just normal, mainstream social and political views just 60 years ago. Idiots with no thoughts beyond what the talking heads tell them to think will say the GOP being anything other than liberals from 20 years ago will “be their death knell!” No, the real death knell to the GOP is their lukewarm, limp-wristed stance on everything and lacking any real coherent vision apart from just being a dead weight slowing down the progressives’ march further leftward–ever content to be the leading losers.

          • RBG argued that the wrong approach was made to deciding Roe v Wade. In 2012 she reaffirmed what Margaret Sanger wanted… a way to keep the number of undesirables down. That would be a form of eugenics. Considering the number of black abortions, that has kept the black voter population small and reduced its overall impact.

  9. Good grief. We got wars going on both ends of the planet, corrupt politicians and judges our president is a senile crook and this is what we worry about. Birth control. Well anyone can walk right in and buy it. It’s less expensive than the outcome of not using it. Lisa needs to go get a real job. I’m
    Tired of her sucking the government tit.

  10. Our police captain can not remember when crime was so awful & the city so filthy. Rig elections have consequences rank choice rigged voting congratulations GOD mockers of no integrity. We shall see who laughs last JESUS TAUGHT BOOOOOOO Lisa your absolutely shameless ma’am

  11. I’m getting a lot of hate mail, not just from fellow Republicans, but now from fellow Catholics ……including Democrat Catholics ……who believe in Right to Life. Lisa has cost me so many dear friends over the past 20 years that now I’m beginning to believe that I should have used better protection 67 years and 9.5 months ago. Lisa is turning into a hate magnet and it’s aging me quickly.

    • Nancy, why didn’t we use protection on that fateful night? We would have saved our state and the country a lot of despair. Making this kind of history is not what we planned on.

      • I doubt Nancy and Frankie ever disciplined Lisa when she was a child. Spoiled to the core and has the face of a big whiner.

        • Lisa has been in psychiatric therapy for years. Her case file is volumes. I could leak, but then I’d be cut off from my due inherency.

          • Lisa has severe TDD (Trump Derangement Disorder). This often leads to complete mental breakdowns and even a trip to the sanitarium if not diagnosed early. Get her an appointment, HH. It’s the least you can do.

  12. As much as I love Juneau and the SE in particular, I hate the fact we allegedly gave Alaska Princess and Queen Sarah.

  13. Simply claiming something is a right, does not make it one. Nor does it lead to government action (or worse, funding) of it.

    • Having the SCOTUS affirm contraception citing the constitution does make it a right. It also leads to government action. In this case the end of the Comstock laws. Also the end of laws of 26 states that prohibited contraception to unmarried women. The Alaskan Beacon has a well written article on the bill and vote. No matter your opinion on Lisa Murkowski, I thought her statement was honest and accurate. From what I read in the bill it was more about politics and I saw nothing regarding funding.

  14. So we want the government to pay for all vasectomies & tube tying? I want a refund! You know, reparations. Or if you have one of these procedures done and you change your mind, does the government pay for those very expensive attempts too? This is insane.

  15. “Rights” do not require action from others. “Rights” are things that you do yourself. E.g.:

    Self defense
    Exercise religion
    Exercise speech
    Petition government
    Own firearms
    Meet with others

    If you have to force someone to do something for you, it’s not a “right.”

  16. If men can go to the pharmacy to get pills to help them get women pregnant, then women should be able to go to the pharmacy to get pills to help them not get pregnant.
    I’m sure the Catholic Church would agree.

  17. Lisa sold out Alaskans and Americans long ago, while Mary Peltola was bought and paid for before stepping into office. Now we all suffer.

  18. For decades, the media and Big Pharma have not been informing women on birth control’s major psychological effects, which is disastrous for our nation! They’re lying to girls and women by omission!

    Birth control pills tank estrogen, causing women to be attracted to less masculine, feminine men, perhaps even women, causing major societal changes.

    Doctors prescribe them without warning the women, whose personalities are then chemically altered, and often choose mates who do not compliment their true character.

    Study: Hormonal Birth Control alters mate choices, affects women’s & children’s health (incl. preferences?)


  19. Partial agreement with Lisa: Birth control is a right. Murdering kiddos isn’t.

    The argument is where you draw the line. Conception, like the Christians believe (and Lisa, you are nominally a Christian, Catholic if I remember correctly)? 15-17 weeks like abortion is regulated in most of Western Europe. Or birth +/- a week or so like most of your democrat comrades demand? Note that Abortion is illegal in much of the Muslim world.

    And Lisa’s argument demanding unlimited abortion completely ignores the crashing birthrate in the Western world. Gonna be tough to sustain your civilization if you and your progeny aren’t making babies.

    Lisa is busy fighting the last war, completely oblivious to the new war coming at her like a freight train. Cheers –

  20. “……..Is contraception a right under the U.S. Constitution?……..”
    Obviously not. Nor should government ban it. Regulating medication is an appropriate government authority, but even there, the Covid Wars have demonstrated how they can muff that up.
    Senator Murkowski is beyond tiring. She represents the problem with the legal/political class. We need a few million fewer of them.

  21. It’s time to get FDA and Big Pharma approval to label drinking gasoline as women’s “healthcare.” If you call anything women’s healthcare, it must be good and everyone demands access to it.

    If women are dumb enough to poison their bodies and the environment with Class IV carcinogens so they can spend their lives sparkling in an office and sleeping around whenever they please, maybe they’ll be dumb enough to drink gasoline if the pharmaceutical companies tell them it’s awesome. Clears up acne, too! Get your prescription today.

    (Maybe you’ll publish this one, maybe you won’t. I still don’t get what’s wrong with my other comments on this thread you’ve declined to publish.)

  22. Suzanne – This is where you lose your conservative cause. Keep ideology off women’s bodies and respect a woman’s right to privacy when it comes to her decisions about when/if to get pregnant. As conservatives you should value privacy.

    To all the men commenting “just keep your legs closed”, many married women don’t want to get pregnant either. Y’all sound like a bunch of weirdos with missing teeth from West Virginia.


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