Murder trial to begin Tuesday in case of slain former legislator Dean Westlake

Dean Westlake

The trial of Tallon Westlake begins Tuesday morning. Westlake was indicted in the 2022 murder of his father, former Rep. Dean Westlake.

Dean Westlake, of Kiana and Kotzebue, was killed at a residence on Rovenna Street in Anchorage on Aug. 20, 2022. He had gone to the residence owned by his girlfriend, where his son was staying. He had planned to evict Tallon, but instead a fight ensued, and Dean Westlake was “pummeled,” according to the court record.

Tallon Westlake is now 38 and being held in Cook Inlet Pretrial Facility in Anchorage.

He was indicted by a grand jury on multiple counts in connection with the death, including first- and second-degree murder because he showed “extreme indifference” to his father’s life when he allegedly beat him to death.

Officers said when they arrived at the apartment, there were blood marks on hallway walls, kitchen cabinets, on Dean Westlake’s hands and feet, and on Tallon Westlake’s clothes. There was also a strong smell of bleach and evidence, including a mop, of an apparent attempt to clean the floor of blood. A bloody towel was found in the car outside, which belonged to Tallon.

Dean Westlake, age 62 at the time of his death, was elected in 2016 and resigned from the Legislature in 2017, after women in the Capitol accused him of sexual harassment; it was at the height of the #metoo movement, a time during which women were making lots of public accusations against men. It later became public that he had fathered a child with a 16-year-old girl in 1988, when he was 28 years old.

He was the Democrats’ pick to replace Barrow’s Rep. Ben Nageak, who chose to caucus with Republicans, who were in the majority.

The trial is scheduled for the courtroom of Judge Michael Wolverton at 8:30 am. Earlier this month, Tallon Westlake’s lawyers requested that the defendant be able to cover his facial tattoos during the trial or to “Preclude Evidence, Comment, or Reference to Mr. Westlake’s Tattoos,” according to the court record.


  1. Anyone else notice that of the dozens of native murders that take place each year over 95% of native murders are done by another native, but the only murder trial the other media sites care about right now focuses on a White male defendant and native victim?
    Its so vanishingly rare you have to go back almost half a decade to talk about another trial getting similar coverage with the same defendant/ victim circumstances.

    • At least they’re keeping it within family or their native group regardless of how the “news ??”slant against it is quoting it.

    • Most murders are committed by people of the same race as the victim. This isn’t unique to Alaska Native populations.

      • Meanwhile not a mention of the South African who killed 2 native women on this website. Things that make you go hmmm…

  2. Another SuperGood article Suzanne!👍
    These articles are Alaska’s people’s only chance of knowledge!❤️

    Now our sheriff’s need to convict all the corrupt officials in cahoots with globalists!
    For murder and causing extension event of humanity!

    • Name 1 “sheriff” in the entire state of Alaska. The above comment was created by a bot farm trying to build false consensus.

      Example: the sheriff of gaza should disarm the troublemakers and support israel in its struggle.

  3. Westlake, Fansler, and Parish got away with abuse of women in the Capitol because we allow the woke and the left tell us what to think about that. Because those 3 elected officials wore pink hats named for their shape, only MustRead told the truth about them. Good riddance to all three.

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