Municipal Clerk, without comment, restores cut portion of Sept. 13 Anchorage Assembly meeting


The missing portion of a recording of the Sept. 13 Anchorage Assembly meeting has evidently been found and restored to the public record.

Late on the night of Sept. 13, the final two public participants in the Assembly meeting were people who had stayed through the several-hour meeting to give final public testimony. Each was allotted three minutes. For reasons explained as “technical glitches,” those remarks were edited out of the YouTube. Must Read Alaska was able to contact one of the testifiers and get a fairly close transcript of her comments, which were critical of the Assembly.

On Sept 21, that section of the recording suddenly reappeared on the Assembly’s YouTube channel without explanation. However, the prior meeting recording, which was over 5 hours and 45 minutes, is now edited down to 5 hours and 7 minutes, with no explanation as to what other portions of the meeting were edited out. At least the final comments from the public, and the final comments from Assembly members have been restored.

The Assembly does not broadcast all of its meetings. Whenever there is something that occurs out of order, such as an “actual disturbance,” as defined by the chair, Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance has the recording stopped so the public cannot see what is going on in the Assembly Chambers. The recording, which is broadcast live on YouTube, is reposted the morning after the meeting, but members of the public have become critical that some portions of the meeting appear to have been edited out.


    • It is. They don’t care.

      Laws are for little people. Like you. Not the Politburo. They know best.

      Just ask them. They’ve told you.

  1. We need to VOTE for our municipal clerk pure and simple! This assembly is the PITS! They are afraid of any challenges.

  2. There wasn’t a “glitch.” They precisely edited out both Final Audience Participation testimonies just before Irene started speaking and just as the second (last) person stopped speaking. They also precisely and cleanly edited out what happened after Chair LaFrance cut Jamie Allard’s mic, which is a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

  3. Well. Move is a step in right direction. Apology accepted. Oneday this assembly 10, clerk, and technician won’t care so much what people say and do to just let it roll. Cause public meeting recordings are scrapbooks of memories. Its not so much for todays people including current leaders. Recordings are for people 30+ years after us. The edits and deletes have been disenfranchising the future listeners. They’ll
    notice the gaps starting july 2020.

  4. At least one of those techs is a great patriot who will not let your rights be disenfranchised. We thank him for his patriotic service to the US Constitution.

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