Clayton Trotter: All the Kellys are not all the same



We may never be able to quantify how much Kelly Tshibaka’s first-name campaign has benefitted Buzz Kelley and Kelly Merrick. However, the difference in ideology between the Kelly running for US Senate and the one running for State Senate from Chugiak/Eagle River is verifiable.

Kelly Tshibaka is a true conservative, supporting limited government, personal liberties, Christian values, and Alaska- and America-first principles.

Kelly Merrick, on the other hand, has been censured twice by the Republican Party as her most noticeable accomplishment in the Alaska House was earning co-chair of the finance committee by joining the Democrat Caucus and betraying her Republican base.

As candidates for the State Senate, District L primary against Kelly Merrick, Joe Wright and I have subsequently dropped out of the race in part because we want to give Alaska Rep. Ken McCarty a greater chance to beat the “Other Kelly” — Kelly Merrick.

The “Other Kelly” single-handedly gave the leadership of the Alaska House to the Democrats in exchange for a chairmanship. She caucused with the Democrats and honestly should have a D after her name.

She voted against the full PFD, but took credit for the $3300 PFD this year.

Kelly Merrick has been censured by the Republican Party because she sold out. She went against her campaign promise and joined the Democrat caucus, and thereby handed the control of the state house of representatives to the Democrats when there existed a Republican majority.

Kelly Merrick is funded by unions who are gaining access to the legislature though her. Free-enterprise is a Chugiak/Eagle river ethic! “The Other Kelly” with her union boss husband represents union control.

Kelly Merrick needs to be defeated because she betrayed our trust and does not reflect the conservative values of Chugiak/Eagle River.

The “Other Kelly,” Kelly Merrick, should not be confused with the dedicated conservative Kelly Tshibaka who is focused on doing what is right for the nation.

Vote and support Ken McCarty for State Senate District L, and Kelly Tshibaka for US Senate, but say “no” to the “Other Kelly’s” liberal values. 

Voters have a real opportunity to change the future of Alaska by electing Kelly Tshibaka as US Senator and Ken McCarty as State Senator. They will bring the values of faith, family, and freedom to our government for Alaska’s future.

Clayton Trotter is a former candidate for Alaska Senate.


  1. A politician can not say they are for personal freedom and oppose abortion at the same time. Privacy, personal freedom, and the right to an abortion are embedded in the Alaska Constitution.

    • Actually they can. Many do. People are free to say almost anything they wish. It’s that pesky Constitution again. Especially people who believe abortion to be murder of someone incapable of speaking on their own behalf.

      Your feelings on the matter are irrelevant. So are mine, for that matter.

      I’m curious: you constantly post things here than get logically torn to pieces and set you up for ridicule. Why?

      • Oh for heck’s sake Masked. You sure think a lot of your intellectual abilities!

        You’re a big fan of personal freedom, yes? Probably hated the vaccine mandate. And the mask mandate. I’ll bet you’d hate to have the government control your family future. You’d never support a birth mandate right? Cuz freedom.

    • “…the right to an abortion are embedded in the Alaska Constitution.”
      I see privacy and personal freedom, but abortion does not exist anywhere in the Constitution.

  2. Mr. Trotter probably means well with this column. That said, he ends by advocating for election of a candidate about which we know effectively nothing: Ms. Tshibaka. Ms. Tshibaka steadfastly refuses to discuss her seventeen year career as a high-level federal bureaucrat which included eight years of service in the Obama regime. That is going to be a big problem for many Alaskans. Everyone knows that Ms. Tshibaka is not Lisa Murkowski. But if she is serious about becoming Alaska’s US Senator, Mr. Tshibaka needs to provide a complete picture of herself and her contributions, if any, to Alaska.

    • We know enough about her. One of the first things we noticed after Dunleavy dragged her up here is that she’s incapable of managing a move and it cost Alaska $80k to move her couch and a handful of household junk to Alaska from her home in the swamp.

      The woman couldn’t manage lunch and Alaska doesn’t need yet another inept politician; we’ve already got plenty of that.

  3. As those named “Kelly” Or “Kelley” benefit from Tshibaka’s popularity, those named “Begich” suffer from Mark and Tom’s bad reputations.

  4. Merrick is married to a Union boss and you actually bought the “I’m a Republican” spin?

    Sorry Eagle River. That’s clearly on you.

  5. At least one Kelly has no elected experience and was brought by Alaskan govt dollars to a state job aka to run for officeand overpaid. Her husband got his job in the deal. Definitely too many Kelly/eys.

  6. Kelly supports wannabe dictator for life Trump and he endorses her. That is the kiss of death for me. She has sold her soul to a man who has lied and cheated throughout his adult life and who deliberately launched an attack on the a Capitol on Jan 6 to stop the certification by Congress of the free and fair 2020 election. She is the candidate for the Trump cultists. I didn’t drink the koolaide and will not be voting for her,

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