Muni tries to explain why so slow in Anchorage election ballot count


The Municipal Elections Office issued a press release on Wednesday trying to explain why it took so long for the city to release election results.

After announcing 10,438 ballot results at 8:45 pm on Election Night, the Anchorage Municipality took about 20 hours to release the next tranche of results, which brought the total count to 41,826. The division believes it has about 15,000 ballots left to count.

“After continuing to investigate and review the low number – 10,606 – of votes cast on Election Day, we discovered one additional issue that slowed down our processing in addition to the late arrival of many ballots envelopes as well as the typical issues on Election Day,” the Clerk of Anchorage wrote.

One issue involved corrections on ballots and various stray marks on a large number of scanned ballots.

Although there were various combinations of errors on ballots, many ballots had the oval next to the selected candidate filled in, yet the ovals of all of the other candidates were also filled in and crossed off, the Muni wrote.

It’s unclear if the Election Office has ever seen such a phenomenon.

“It wasn’t until the MOA Elections Team tabulated the results on Election Night and completed our review tonight, that we understood that this much larger number of ballots were sequestered and awaiting adjudication, or human review, resulting in the low number of total votes cast on Election Night.

“Once we understood the problem and completed adjudication today [Wednesday, April 7], the results tonight look much more like what we would have expected on Election Night,” the city wrote.

The clerk says adjudication is an important feature of the “Vote at Home/Vote by Mail” system, because “when voters vote at home and make a mistake, we want voters to be able to easily correct the mistake without obtaining a replacement ballot. Now that we understand this issue, we don’t expect issue will slow us down in the rest of this election or in future elections.”

This generally is not a problem with conventional voting because if someone spoils a ballot, they may easily ask for a new one. Also, when they receive the ballot from the election worker, they are given brief instructions on how to fill out the ovals and how many pages are on the ballot. Pens are more uniform at voting centers, whereas at home, people may use a variety of markers that bleed through.

A total of over 57,900 envelopes have been processed through the mail sorter as of April 7; in addition, the city estimates there another 15,000 envelopes in the Election Center to process through the sorter.

When those ballots will be counted is unclear because of the same error-adjudication method. The election office works 8 am to 5 pm. and is publishing results once a day, at this point.


  1. See! They can’t even trust the people to complete their ballot right way. Now, bring the people back into the more uniformed polls with voter and signature identification before voting.

  2. Where are all the conservatives who have been waving flags and running their mouths? Get out and vote! There’s no excuse for Bronson not winning by a landslide.

  3. The state of Texas is currently prosecuting over 500 cases of election fraud. Over 60% of those cases have to do with mail in ballot fraud. Concerned yet?!

  4. Anchorage politicians are driven by corruption, write in ballots is a open door for these corrupt politicians to continue with their lies and mandates. No way Rivera kept his seat legally when one looks at the total votes counted and the total number of signatures to recall him.

    The very fruits that Anchorage produces shows it’s caricature in its politics and policy’s.
    Good people that want to make changes for the citizens of Anchorage are stifled by corruption in the polls and those who run the polls.

  5. Obfuscation, distraction, “adjudication”, deception. The division of elections is crooked. Adjudicate them.

  6. It is sort of funny that folks are still believing the big Lie. It is now just a excuse for conservative not winning elections.

    By the way Caterina 500 votes in Texas which has a population of 55 million goes to show you system works. The poll people caught those votes which is pretty amazing if you consider the number of votes cast.

  7. These are classic signs of unlawful activities. Sounds like Bronson should have been on this already. Were there adequate conservative poll watchers and workers?

  8. “various stray marks….many ballots had the oval next to the selected candidate filled in, yet the ovals of all of the other candidates were also filled in and crossed off…” RIGHT. We know which candidates THIS particular “phenomenon” puts into office, don’t we.

  9. The real problem here is that people aren’t reading the instructions thoroughly before filling out their ballot. I can see why some people filled out the ballot the way they did, darkening the circles of all candidates and drawing a line through the candidate/candidates they didn’t choose. The pictures and instructions can be very confusing.

  10. Yes they voted for a Republican. Then someone found out and had them change it. I would bet the name not crossed out is a Democrat. Plus I would bet again, the muni counts these ballots. How Wrong is that.
    Stop the mail in voting

  11. It’s a scantron format.
    What the heck.
    The idiots that cannot figure this deserve their votes invalidated.

  12. Get rid of the mail in ballots and go to in-person voting.
    Time to re-count every vote and check the election workers out….fraud is on the horizon.

  13. Anchorage voters never voted for the mail-in voting debacle. This was rammed through by the liberals without it ever being on a single ballot. On those grounds alone it should be abolished. When folks go to the polls they can present their drivers license or voter I.D. card and then sign the roll sheet beside their name to document their signature. Then they’re handed the appropriate ballot form, they go into the booth and vote and the ballot is dropped in a secure box to be counted. Easy peasy. No spending days and days trying to figure out problems the election officials themselves created. This prevents ballots being sent to the wrong people, having people vote as someone their not, having people put ballots that aren’t theirs in drop boxes and having folks who are too stupid to get a voter I.D. try to figure out idiotic voting instructions. Of course it probably wouldn’t prevent election officials from corruption by presenting voters in line with fake ballots that eliminate information on a recall vote. Mail-in voting needs to be stopped to prevent suppression of the legal votes. If it’s so important then put it on the ballot and let the voters decide.

  14. I am making the assumption that most of Anchorage has voted before and knows how to fill out a ballot. This “many ballots that had every candidate marked ” seem very weird to me. If you make a mistake you cross out the guy you did not want and fill the oval for your correct choice. I could see a minimal amount of ballots with all 15 candidates marked. However it seems more like a deliberated way to disrupt the process and conceivably allow the “adjudicators” to decide which guy you actually meant to vote for…. and for that matter how do they fix the ballots so they can be counted? Does anyone know?

  15. It’s about time, many of us need to start working at the pole AND MUST WORK/volunteer to be an adjudicator(s) on ballots.., being honest is the key..

  16. Just Biden got in office illegally it will be interesting to see the next mayor is only going to be a Democrat? What voting machines did they use? Yes Anchorage you will not get what thought you voted for.

  17. Could not help but see how popular the bonds were. Understand that the city is encouraging the do-gooders to help clean up the dog doo in the ANC parks. They need to warn people that dogs generally don’t use toilet paper and not to let their children touch the discarded needles. Parks and Recs have not yet hired their summer slaves to do this dirty work. Maybe the new bond will help.

  18. Must be trying to find a believable way to “fix” votes for Bronson when they obviously meant to vote for Dunbar. And, I wonder how many ballots were “accidentally” cast to recall Rivera.

  19. Given the “statistical” improbabilities, and outright oddities that were ignored in November, no conservative will ever win an election again.

  20. The damn muni under the three legged mayor and the sexual confused assembly cant keep the roads p[lowed in a low use pandemic yr let alone conduct a friggin election.

  21. Either a conspiracy of paranoid voters decided to do this so that there would be no way to change their vote, or someone changed the votes. We’d better see some evidence of such a mass conspiracy, because it is a lot easier to believe a few people thought of doing this than all those voters were collaborating.

  22. I have a weird sense of deja vu. Here we go again. Votes slowed down, counting stopped, irregular ballots. Is anyone believing this? Who is guarding the henhouse? Enough of this mail-in voting!

  23. We know why, to give them time to change the ballots and put their liberal agenda in place. There’s no way the majority of Anchorage wants to vote for Forest Dunbar and close the schools again, lock everyone up again for another year, shut down all businesses again. Anchorage is turning into a ghost town and the Valley is booming. Why? No way did Dunbar LEGITIMATELY get that many votes!

  24. Because the ballot counters determine the winner and they need to find out how many votes they have to create.

  25. Left is trying to fix the election by keeping the sodomites in power to continue the demonic agenda of the assembly and the mayors office. Anchorage just saw one pervert revealed publicly, one can only imagine what went on late night in the office. And that continuation of the moral decline of Anchorage is because the feel good church is SILENT!!!

  26. Dunbar will win the runoff because that’s the will of the people. Suck it up and accept it because we either have widespread fraud or lazy conservatives who don’t bother to vote. I think it’s the latter of the two.

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