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Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Dunbar, Bronson head to runoff, while Felix Rivera hangs onto Assembly seat


Although the counting isn’t over, Forrest Dunbar is leading in the race for Anchorage mayor, with 13,711 votes, while Dave Bronson has 12,986. That’s with 41,198 votes counted in the election that ended April 6.

Third-place finisher Bill Falsey will not proceed to the runoff ballot in May, but won 5,312 votes so far, enough to build his name recognition for a future political race. Coming in fourth was Bill Evans, with 3,871 votes. Mike Robbins trailed.

About 58,000 ballots had been sorted by the Division of Elections at the Muni, and that means there are at least 16,800 votes in hand that are yet to be counted, and an unknown number that are in the mail, but not yet arrived.

With that, it’s evident that Assemblyman Felix Rivera will escape being recalled from his midtown Assembly seat. There are 6,582 votes already tallied in that district, and he is being retained 3,821 to 2,761, so far. The delta is considerable and not something that can probably be closed by remaining votes. Rivera is a far-left liberal who chairs the Assembly.

It appears that the liberal candidates have also retained and even strengthened their stronghold on the school board in Anchorage, with conservative candidates splitting the votes and falling behind.

In School Board Seat B, a one-year term to replace retired member Starr Marsett, Kelly Lessens has a lead over Judy Norton Eledge, 14,494 to 13,588.

In School Board Seat E, Pat Higgins has a solid lead over Sami Graham, 12,549 to 11,326.

In School Board Seat F, Dora Wilson outpaces Kim Paulsen, 16,491 to 11,769.

Conservative Elise Vakalis has been ousted by liberal Carl Jacobs, 18,161 to 16,914 for School Board Seat G.

These numbers will change as more votes are counted. They are unofficial and preliminary.

All results to date can be seen at this link.

Check back, as this story will be updated.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Nothing like validating their crimes against the residents of Anchorage!

    When will the woke wake up?

  • Splitting voting blocs is a sure fire way for us to keep losing elections.

  • Y’all will, without a doubt be saying Mayor Dunbar after the runoff. Congratulations!!

  • Conservative votes were split among too many candidates. Why didn’t they just draw straws and put forward one strong candidate?

  • Speaks volumes of the mentality of the people in this town… “woke” but not awake. Asleep at the switch morons and virtue signaling fools. All you all can enjoy the poo pot going forward. We are leaving if Dunbar wins.

  • So now there is a runoff in the corrupt system of ranked choice voting? Sure seems to me Bronson could have the advantage though. Perhaps what the left hoped to be a sure thing with this corrupt election technique will come back to ‘bite’ them.

  • Craig, if you are a true conservative please do join us in a MatSu 😁

  • Blast. My place is close to being sold

  • Why the hell do people vote for these dopes that are wrecking everything?

  • Anchorage residents are not concerned about the state of their city, considering the turn out.

  • Don’t leave now, Wait until the burning start down town and don’t forget to wear your mask.
    Mail in voting is SO Wrong

  • Fairbanks, the Valley and the Kenia all looking better.
    All left leaning cities just spiral, like a flushed toilet. Anchorage is not the city I remember of the yesteryear. Very discouraging, if this was the will of the majority.

  • Moronic strategies of running multiple conservatives in the same races aside, you’ve already witnessed the last actual, free and fair election; it happened in 2016 and got Donald J Trump elected President of the United States of America.

    Everything since and everything going forward is a show. It’s all as phony as the corrupt weirdo China installed in the Oval Office.

  • Congratulations Anchorage. You had a chance to clean up the power structure of the city. You didn’t.

    If you liked Ethan, you’re gonna love Dunbar.

    You deserve what happens next. Zero sympathy.

  • Craig, Why do you think anyone cares if you live in Anchorage or not ?

  • Conservatives will never learn that running multiple candidates gets Democrats elected. We really need Eaglexit to happen and soon!

  • “……..It appears that the liberal candidate have also retained and even strengthened their stronghold on the school board in Anchorage, with conservative candidates splitting the votes and falling behind……..”
    There’s the story of American conservative politics. While Democrats of all ideologies are quite happy to allow the extreme left and extreme social misfits take their party over, conservatives literally fight to the political death over minor differences among themselves, and thus die politically and socially at the hands of extreme evil. Oh, well. The storm approaches………..

  • 30,000 ballots had to be adjudicated because more then one box had been checked. Who was doing the adjudicating? How long is the country going to put up with this sh#t?

  • Republicans and conservatives are just too scattered and disorganized to be effective. And after the last Presidential election, they feel demotivated. But that’s no excuse for not voting to save your town from weak and foolish leaders. Anchorage is a great city, but it’s being ruined by people like Dunbar and Rivera. How many more election cycles are conservatives going to sit on their hands and allow city leadership to ruin Anchorage?

  • By all those mayoral candidate names I think the city got a small example what rank choice voting will look like. The Republican Party is going to have to start learning how to educate and train its members how to vote as a bloc so not to split the vote. Some Republican leaders are going to have to learn servanthood how to serve one another to get the other elected by bowing out to the candidate most Republican voters look clearly are supporting. So everyone votes for preferred popular candidate, then we have the option of another like minded 2nd, 3rd, choice candidates or how many needed. I am not voting for No baby killing candidate! I’d rather my future ballots be thrown out because of all the other candidates are following evil. At least I can keep my integrity and say, well I didn’t vote for our evil leaders, cause my ballots would had been discarded for voting only one candidate cause the others campaigned on continuing killing life starting with killing the children.

  • Just remember, running away from something to something else never improves peoples lives.
    The Kenai, Eagleriver-Chugiak, Fairbanks, and Mat-su — they, too, face their own Democrat problem, having democrat residents living in their communities.
    Frankly, America has too many runaways. When life gave these people complication, rather than strengthen their character navigating the storm, they picked up what was little about themselves and left the situation only to face a new pain in their new place. hahahaha.

    Reminds me of a husband or wife throw their hands up and saying, “well I am done, I am unequally yoked with this person, time to get a divorce and head out with this other person only to face problems with them too.” hahaha

    • “Wrong” we the people of the Valley don’t cotton to the Liberal mandates we believe in our CIVIL Liberties, something you gave up for a lie!!! We are blessed with a Borough Mayor and Assembly that actually allow residents to enter the chamber and voice our opinion’s and they listen to the voice of the people in the valley.

      UNLIKE the CRAP house Anchorage has become, and obvious the residents don’t give a crap about the demise of their community !!!!

  • You’re going to be hearing a new term – “Anxit.” Freedom loving Anchorageites fleeing the communist politburo of Anchorage.

  • The fox is in the hen house counting his chickens. And you trust the fox?

  • Hey Craig – IF Dunbar ends up as the next mayor, I will speed up my plans to move south. When people will ask me why I am leaving Anchorage and Alaska after so many years here, I will respond that Forrest was “the last straw”. SO my sincere hope is that we elect Dave Bronson!

  • Like the rest of the USA, Alaska needs a Voter Integrity Bill! Alaska Senate Bill 83 was that bill, but the swamp in the legislature shelved it! They are too busy having Beer Parties! Alaska needs a voting system enema! No Dominion Machines, No Mail in Ballots (exception Absentee Ballots with signature verification), No drop boxes, Voter I.D.

  • About ballot adjudicators.. Can one volunteer to be an adjudicator on ballots at election time? Or are they officially selected.. Working as a voter ballot volunteer.

  • This is so sad. I know Juneau will be next. Not sure about the next governor but I imagine Liberals have a plan. This next election I know Juneau will get an uber liberal mayor to match our city council and things will deteriorate fast. So sad to see Alaska go, it will become just like Washington state.

  • Are you kidding Anchorage?
    Marshal Islands Pat Higgins again?
    Mr. Phone it in. Please stay away from my kids private school parents. We don’t need lazy parents and under educated kids.

  • Reggie, your comments are so exactly right and I’ve been saying it for years–lefties will let anybody in their tent while conservatives fight amongst themselves.

  • If Bronson loses, it is only because of corruption.

  • An audit of the vote tabulation needs to occur regardless of the outcome. Elections are suspect forever more. Lets start by learning who is actually conducting the tabulation and process. It is digital in the end so hand counts need to occur.

  • It is always someone else’s fault in Trumpland.

  • I tried staying in Anchorage and fighting for my community. I’m not rich, and I can’t stay up all night making sure my family is safe and then work all day. Life is worth living in the Mat-Su. If Anchorage voters want to pay huge property taxes and cater to idgets that waste their money, then they can continue to throw their votes that way. I’m done with Anchorage.

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