Muni election update


Approximately 3,000 more votes were counted by the Anchorage Election Office on Wednesday, following Tuesday’s municipal election. The numbers as of 6:20 pm have changed slightly from the first count on election night, but the winners have not changed. Of 33,309 (14.14% of electorate) ballots counted so far, the results are now:

North Anchorage – Assembly District 1, Seat B

  • Chris Constant 65.58%
  • John Trueblood 22.74%
  • Nick Danger 1 11.67%

Assembly District 2, Seat C

  • Jim Arlington 42.99%
  • Scott Myers 57.01%

Assembly District 3 Seat E

  • Dustin Darden 4.16%
  • Anna Brawley 59.18%
  • Brian Flynn 36.66%

Assembly District 4 Seat G

  • Travis Szanto 44.07%
  • Felix Rivera 55.93%

Assembly District 5 Seat H

  • Leigh Sloan 39.68%
  • Karen Bronga 60.32%

Assembly District 5 Seat I

  • George Martinez 56.25%
  • Spencer Moore 43.75%

Assembly District 6 Seat K

  • Rachel Ries 43.36%
  • Mikel Insalco 3.29%
  • Zac Johnson 53.35%

School Board Seat C

  • Dave Donley 57.12%
  • Irene Boll 42.88%

School Board Seat D

  • Mark Anthony Cox 44.73%
  • Andy Holleman 55.27%


  1. It’s crazy how low turnout has been under this new system. Everything we were told it would do ended up backfiring, and it’s so expensive.

    • I totally agree, how can we get MANY more conservative voters to overwhelm the counters??? Since mail in ONLY voting went into effect the turnout is beyond dismal! Maybe we should get ALL (conservatives) to agree to vote in person during the last couple of days of the election cycle. I truly miss showing my ID and voting IN PERSON!!

      • I voted live & in person on election day at the Loussac library.
        There was a steady stream of voters.
        But! To no avail.
        Gov Unions run this town.

    • It’s not the voting system. It’s the way people are. I was one of them until the plastic bag ban sparked my interest. I’m not sure what it will take to wake up everybody else at this point. If they watch the news and read the paper, they think the Sullivan is a homeless shelter and we have more homeless than ever because of Mayor Bronson’s lack of transparency and cronyism. Oh and plowing sucked this year because Mayor Bronson. Not because the handling of the pandemic has created this strange employee shortage and high inflation and increased fuel costs “because of Putin” that we are seeing on a global scale.

      They have no idea that this assembly and this kind of school board has been in charge the entire time, not letting anybody do anything to improve our school enrollment, improve literacy rates, take the ASD out of the bottom performing districts while spending a bunch per student, decrease homelessness, lower crime, clean up the city, improve tourism, stop the divisiveness, lower housing costs be decreasing property tax and increasing development, etc etc. (BTW if this assembly wants more low income housing, then they should increase the power of landlords to evict, but they would never do that)

      They just think everything sucks and there is nothing that can be done about it and go to the grocery store in their pajamas at 6pm and complain about the cost of childcare.

      • “It’s not the voting system. It’s the way people are. I was one of them until the plastic bag ban sparked my interest.”
        Which is EXACTLY why mail in voting must go.
        The goal should not be “more votes” It should be “more informed people voting.”
        When you have to vote in person, you have at least demonstrated an interest in local politics. But, when a ballot shows up in the mail, whether you requested it or not, people vote based on the number of ads they see, or the number of signs they pass on the way home. Not on the issues, not on the candidates history, but on the advertising.

        • Re: CBMTTek
          “The goal should not be “more votes” It should be “more informed people voting.””

          I don’t disagree. I have been saying and believing that without any doubt. The vast majority of the people who aren’t part of the college educated and/or hipster crowd are just milling about and haven’t got the foggiest idea of how and why they should care because patriotism and civic duty are dead in our schools and in most modern cultures. (neo-colonial globalist leftist arrogant doublespeak is the new thing) And many people just feel futile or frustrated if they pay too much attention and it’s truly toxic. So they just quit paying attention and caring so they can focus on themselves, family, and their well being. By not paying attention they avoid letting the ups and downs of politics and culture dictate their outlook on life.

          Eventually those people will have enough and move or become entitled socialist democrats because everything sucks and they want other people, rich people, to fix it. And if they themselves become rich, they keep believing that so they can still be on the anointed side that is pointing the finger at the sky saying it isn’t fair and that they should be in charge so they can make government bigger and more powerful because capitalism is evil.

          Ok. Rant over

  2. Clearly the vast majority of eligible voters in Anchorage have decided that voting is no longer worth their time and effort and to be honest, I have joined that camp myself.

  3. You were assured ranked choice voting and vote by mail would improve interest in the electoral process that would result in a more representative turnout due to greater voter response. The results you were promised, never came about, and the same people keep getting reelected. So . . . you voted by mail again, with ballots counted by the very people and machines you wanted removed from the system . . . and you’re surprised?
    Google Einstein’s definition of “insanity!”

    • I don’t think you can compare RCV and mail in voting at this point. We have only had one election cycle for RCV so I think it is to hasty to dismiss that. However, with the dismal turnout for this and several of the past Muni elections, 100% mail in voting probably isn’t the best way to go about an election.

    • Republicans are so easily dumb in combating the elections. Until they move the elections to November, they will never win. The phone banks the unions do easily make up for the apathy voters have in April. Playing the democrat’s game of a April election will always benefit them. Wasilla did this so it can be done. Until then, not worth even hoping.

  4. So 85% of Anchorage can’t be bothered to vote even when the ballot comes to your door.


    You deserve what comes next.

  5. SD asked Anchorage to vote their values. They did.

    Those of you who remain are either complicit with those values or are somehow trapped.

    • Avenger: Yes they certainly did vote their values and you will note that the vast majority seem to find no value in casting a vote.

      • Justin: Yes I do live in the liberal enclave called Juneau but in case you missed it, the majority of the voters have given up on the system in Juneau as well.

        • Bob: sorry my comment was directed at Masked Avenger who accused many of being complacent for remaining.

  6. Well The new homeless centers should be located in Constant and Rivera districts as their voters approve of them.

    • Probably. The left hates him and his administration is in disarray.

      In Alaska that’s a near guarantee for failure.

  7. At least Eagle River area is covered for the Assembly. This is a main reason why Eaglexit is a great alternative. We can take our tax base and funding and Anchorage can keep the Dems.?

      • I think the residents of ER agree with you…..After all, it couldn’t be worse than being part of the dysfunctional liberal utopia that the Municipality represents.

      • If the radical leftist Marxist Nine on the municipal assembly do not stand in the way of Eaglexit (but we know that they will, kicking and screaming all the way), you will get the chance.

  8. There does not appear to be any reason to hold elections in this town. Might as well just hand the city keys over to the Progressive-Union cabal.

  9. I thought Ries and Cox would have made it. That, along with all the bonds passing, makes me believe that voters in Anchorage like the status quo. I wish Bronson had done more with homelessness, it is as bad as ever, no improvement.

  10. In the aviation world I would call this election a tailspin. So sad and pathetic to realize Anchorage really is a government, union and special interest town. Turn out the lights, the party is over. May God have mercy on our souls.

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