Mum’s the word: Galvin still silent on impeachment


Twenty-four hours after the U.S. House Democrats voted in favor of impeaching the president, Alaska candidate Alyse Galvin has still made no public statement on the historic matter, the third time in history a president has been impeached by the House.

Galvin has held coffee meetings in Anchorage and Fairbanks, and may be making private statements in small, supportive groups, but her social media account has not mentioned a word about where she stands on impeachment of the president, a man who has received her harshest words in the past. She’s issued no statement. In fact, in the past 48 hours, all she’s done is post a fundraising video pitch on Facebook. And announced her swag shop for stickers and shirts.

“We have stickers, shirts, and hoodies for every campaign supporter on your holiday shopping list!” she wrote.

It may be that she has studied the polling in Alaska, and knows that her probable opposition to President Donald Trump would not play well among the undeclared voters whom she seeks to woo. She is, after all, running as a nonpartisan who is not a registered Democrat but who is in the Democrats’ primary and who has been endorsed by the Democratic Party. But she needs those undeclared voters.

Galvin has picked up the pro-abortion endorsement of NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

Congressman Don Young issued the following statement on impeachment:

“From the moment President Trump was elected, Congressional Democrats have been working to undermine him; trying to undo the results of the 2016 election. Frankly, this has been a political stunt all along. The impeachment process is very serious, and if Democrats are so intent on removing the President from office, they should leave that up to the American people to decide on election day, and not through an entirely partisan process with a pre-determined outcome. House Democrats tried to take down President Trump with the Mueller Report and failed. When this circus makes its way to the Senate, they will fail once again.

“I have seen no evidence of an impeachable offense. That is why I voted NO on both articles. It is my great hope that the House can now return to the people’s business. I am going to continue doing the job I was sent here to do: fighting for Alaska, and making our state and country a better place for future generations.” – Congressman Don Young

After the vote on impeachment the House gaveled out; it will convene Jan. 7.

Congressman Young is returning home to Alaska for the Christmas holidays. He’ll be ringing the bell for the Salvation Army in Anchorage in the days leading up to Christmas. Between lunch at the Lucky Wishbone and constituent meetings, Young has a full schedule over the holidays.


  1. I was not impressed by Alyse Galvin when she debated Congressman Young the last election cycle.
    She seemed completely unaware of current events or the meat grinder Washington DC is.

  2. If she doesn’t have the courage to take, and state a position on Trump, then she would be just a sacrificial lamb in DC.

    • If you think that’s bad, wait until you get “conservative” partisan anarchy.

      Wait a minute. Isn’t anarchy the absence of law, order, and government? How is “liberal” anarchy different from “conservative” anarchy? Perhaps I don’t understand this dilemma, or perhaps the other Greg doesn’t get it.

      And another thing. Alyse is important in this why-because? I understand that she has no vote on this issue, whatever her persuasion may be.

      Suzanne, if you’re going to go on a troll rampage, make sure it’s germane. Otherwise, you just look petty.

  3. She is not who Alaska needs in office.. Another two-faced liberal that is showing her colors. She supports abortion and Planned Parenthood. We all know what kind of liberal does that! One we don’t need!!

  4. Yeah thanks to Suzanne for helping us expose this. There are many others out there, including Lisa wet noodle Murkowski. We need to clean house, fellow conservatives.

  5. Why does she advertise in the lower 48 states? Another loser trying to get the dream job and cannot make up her mind on a simple question.

    • And why does Dunleavy campaign in the lower 48? And only to friendly crowds? And why is he backpedaling on issues he claims to support in the face of a recall petition?

      Sometimes the simple questions are not simple to answer.

  6. Did you see her reaction when Don Young shook her Snowflake hand?? OMG! Priceless. Hilarious. anyone running against her should replay that video over and over again. That’s all we need is this weak woman representing us!!

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