MRAK Almanac: Miss Amazing, Talkeetna Fly-In


April 26, 1899: In Dawson City,  Yukon Territory, a devastating fire broke out when a saloon caught fire in the middle of a strike by the newly established fire brigade. Most major landmarks in the town burned to the ground, including 117 buildings destroyed, and damage was estimated at more than $1 million ($810 million in today’s dollars). 120th anniversary of the fire. Check out the historic sepia photos here.

April 28, 1959: Former President Harry S Truman announced at Columbia University that he had made the decision to drop nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and on Nagasaki, because an invasion would have cost millions of lives. 60th anniversary.

 * * * *

April 27: Healy Community Appreciation Day, hosted by Alaska State Troopers, at the Tri-Valley Community Center

April 27: Miss Amazing Alaska, with co-emcees Charisse Millett and Megan Baldino. A pageant for those with developmental disabilities. Dimond High School. 4:30-9 pm.

April 27: Spring graduation, UAA, Wendy Williamson Auditorium, 10 am.

April 27: White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, D.C., and guess which U.S. president still isn’t attending? Read this Politico story about how the glitz and glamor is gone from the annual event.

April 28: Fairbanks Concert Association presents Overture to Don Giovanni, Symphony No. 36 “Linz” Mozart Requiem Mass,  C.W. Davis Concert Hall Fairbanks Symphony. 4 pm.

April 30: Emperor Akihito will abdicate his throne after 30 years, becoming the first emperor in Japan’s modern history to see his era end without ever going to war. He succeeded to the Chrysanthemum Throne upon the death of his father Emperor Shōwa on Jan. 7, 1989. According to Japan’s traditional order, he is the 125th member of the world’s oldest reigning dynasty. Crown Prince Naruhito will immediately succeed him and start a new Imperial Era.

May 2: National Day of Prayer. Practice makes perfect.

May 9: Boys Scouts of America honor Urban Rahoi and Cliff Everts for the “Legends and Heroes” Banquet at the Richard Wein Hangar, 3694 Hagberg Drive, opposite Northland Aviation in Fairbanks. Kenny Broker Prime Rib and Pulled Pork. $100. 6 pm Social, 7 pm Dinner.

May 12: Mothers Day. And also drag racing starts at the Alaska Raceway.

May 13: Prince William Sound salmon fisheries open in Copper River and Bering River districts.

May 14: 120th day of Alaska Legislature.

May 15: Last day of Alaska Legislature, per Alaska Constitution Article II, Sec 8

May 16: Elizabeth Pierce, former CEO of Quintillion, is scheduled to be sentenced for wire fraud. Read the story here.

May 17-19: Talkeetna Fly-in, hosted by Commemorative Air Force Alaska Wing (photo above). Details.