Morning Consult poll: Dunleavy up at 49 percent approval


The 2019 second quarter Morning Consult poll has Gov. Michael Dunleavy maintaining a fairly high level of approval, especially considering the relentless pounding his administration has taken from Democrats and the media.

Dunleavy has a 49 percent approval rating, with 32 percent of Alaskans disapproving of him and 19 percent uncommitted.

This is improved over the first quarter of the year, when 42 percent approved, and 29 percent disapproved.

Morning Consult is a polling firm that publishes quarterly polls rating governors and senators.

Dunleavy’s net approval rating has gone from +13 percent to +16 percent this year, according to Morning Consult.

In the first quarter of the year, Dunleavy ranked second from the bottom of the list of all Republican governors in terms of popularity. His popularity has risen to 7th from the bottom.

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The latest Morning Consult poll on President Trump has him at a 40 percent approval, 56 percent disapproval rating across the states.


  1. Thank you Governor Dunleavy, and House minority. You were hired to fix the failures of the past administrations, and the people who elected you know this would be no easy task. Stand strong against the angry mob, and don’t let them nullify our elections, and destroy the rule of law.

  2. Governor – Mike,

    Stay the course. There is no prize for second place. We must get resource development at the top of the list. Pikka needs to be prioritized, we need to move on an EIS for a haul road. AEIDA should be reaching out to Oil Search as we need to move on this as time is not our friend.

    Best regards,

    Ross Bieling

  3. …”Dunleavy maintaining a fairly high level of approval, especially considering the relentless pounding his administration has taken from Democrats and the media.” – there you go again, repeating yourself!

    Be interested in the approval rating of legislature/legislative leaders. Doubt it is higher.

  4. Fantastic. I’ve been horrified for months about the hysterical freak out in the media about attempting to deal with the obvious necessity of cutting government spending. We’ve all known this was coming since 2015. It should have started in 2015. This problem isn’t his fault, but he’s shown great leadership in willing to deal with it. Unlike Walker.

  5. Dear Guv … Keep up the great work, don’t pay any attention to the Nay-Sayers (especially those expert liberal pontificators … KTUU, KTVA, FDNM, ADN, JE, M-Ski’s, Berzerk-O-Witz, etc.). You’re efforts in reducing wasteful State spending and bloated budgets will pay dividends in the future and that’s much appreciated. Keep pressing onward in ‘Right-Sizing’ the SOA Government.

    • The Alaska Journal of Commerce’s managing editor is a conservative voice for Alaska, and his article today was very much against Dunleavy’s vetoes.

  6. The Alaskan liberal media is in a permanent frenzy of hate towards our governor.

    All because he wants Alaska to live within it’s means.

    These kind of poll numbers show clearly that their vitriolic propaganda is falling on deaf ears.

    Real Alaskan’s know the real story!

    • Many organizations that are against Dunleavy’s vetoes are far from liberal – the bankers association, city of Fairbanks, Chambers of Commerce, firefighters association … the list goes on and on.

      The problem is that we’re forgetting about an essential side of economics: revenue. You can’t cut your way to prosperity.

  7. This is good news, I feel he’s on the right track and the sooner the budget is cut the better.

  8. What a liar more like 24% want a full PFD the rest of us know that Services like the homeless Head Start and Medicaid come 1st you’re right we should LIVE WITH IM OUR MEANS and this means cutting the PFD

    • And once they have taken all of the PFD then where is the money going to come from. This state is spending more than a Billion dollars more now than 15 years ago, and yet the state has not grown enough to justify that spending. This state is more regulated than it should be.
      Figuratively speaking it’s time as a state to quit eating steak at fancy restaurants and time to stay home and make Hamburger Helper. Make the necessary cuts, this state will survive as we did in the 80’s.

  9. You’re right we should LIVE WITH in OUR MEANS and this means cutting the PFD and raising the taxes on the oil companies or put a sales tax in

    • I agree, but before we do that we need to cut social welfare and corporate welfare along with the size of our bloated state government.

    • The irony is that we could have a super sized PFD, a university, ferries *and* we could be decent to the destitute if we would stop paying oil companies for taking our oil. Or we could have a fair income tax.
      I’m all for a large PFD if we could find to pay for it. The governor wants this to be PFD v Services but it’s an artificial conflict. Arduin and others know that Alaskans wouldn’t accept the cuts if the hook wasn’t baited.
      Working class people are being tricked into working against themselves.

      • M. Monet: Before you can expect anyone to listen to your opinion, you need to correct your grammar to make it understandable. Not to be a grammar nazi, but run-on sentences, lack of any punctuation, misspellings, and random capitals detract from your posts.

  10. He has my approval. A man of conviction and courage to see it through as best he can. I do not have to agree with every single thing the greatly appreciate the desperately needed leadership. Thank you. Will be voting Dunleavy in next election.

  11. We know that 50% of Alaskans “get” what the Democrats and their allies in the press do to conservatives. Another 15% to 30% will eventually come around when the entire picture comes into view.
    Democrats have a game plan that is worn out, and frankly, has worn out the public. Scare the people! Make it look like the majority of people roll with Democrats! And make them “hate” people such as Dunleavy! But the opposite may actually take place, never bringing to fruition the Democrat’s strategy. That’s because their strategy is contrived and based on the false premise that they can keep the people confused and in a perpetual state of anger and fear. Bottom line: Democrats are miserable, fearful. and hateful human beings.

    • The idea of the “other” is what politicians use to keep us divided. We’re all alaskans. Start there.

  12. The governor is trying to have the budget balanced.Cuts must be made and no one wants their program cut. Class sizes should be raised.Many other countries have much larger classes and yet they do much better than the Us .

  13. Morning consult is a good polling firm with a decent method. But you should be aware of what the polls are measuring. These are Q2 numbers meaning April, May and June.
    The other poll showing a nose dive in the governor’s approval ratings were taken in July.
    So, if I were to issue a weather report that only included averages of April, May and June but you might wonder why I think it’s been strangely hot. You really need the June-July averages to understand how strange the weather has been.
    Stay tuned — the 30th is the deadline for road funds and the current PFD amount is zero.


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