More votes counted: 147,543, as Peltola notches more votes, locking fourth place in congressional race


The Division of Elections counted another 13,364 ballots on Friday in the special primary election to seat a temporary congressional representative for Alaska.

As of 1 pm Friday, the total votes counted by the Division are 147,543 out of 587,174 received for a 25.13% turnout.

The overall results haven’t shifted: Sarah Palin, Nick Begich, Al Gross, and Mary Peltola are still headed for the special general election on Aug. 16. But the percentages have shifted slightly:

  • Palin: 40,644, 27.61%
  • Begich: 28,430, 19.31%
  • Gross: 18,644, 12.66%
  • Peltola: 13,893, 9.44%

The gap between Palin and Begich has tightened by two points since election night on Saturday. Peltola went from 8.86% election night to 9.44% today.

Democrats, including non-declared Democrat Al Gross, have received 27% of the vote.

The final vote count will take place on Tuesday and the election certified on June 25. About 3.56% of ballots received in this mail-in election have been rejected by the Division of Elections. Most of the rejections are probably because there is no witness signature on the mail-in envelope.


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