More top departures from Juneau’s hospital


The upheaval has continued at Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau. Now the chief financial officer has resigned.

CFO Kevin Benson’s resignation, effective in two weeks, makes three senior hospital officials since September to leave.

The chief executive officer resigned in September, after serving just six months, and the next day the chief behavioral officer quit as well. Those resignations were subject to much speculation, but the full reasons are not known.

CFO Benson has been with the hospital for over three years, and served as temporary CEO last year while the search went on for a new CEO.

The latest interim CEO is Jerel Humphrey, assigned to that role in November.


February, 2021:  Charles “Chuck” Bill, who had been with Bartlett for six years, retires as CEO.

February, 2021: Kevin Benson, CFO, is appointed interim CEO.

April, 2021: Rose Lawhorne, former chief nursing officer is appointed CEO.

September, 2021: Lawhorne resigns.

September, 2021: Bradley Grigg, chief behavioral health officer, resigns.

September, 2021: Kathy Callahan, retired director of Physician Services, becomes interim CEO.

November, 2021: Jerel Humphrey is appointed interim CEO.

January, 2022: Kevin Benson resigns.

Bartlett serves northern Southeast Alaska communities as the region’s major hospital.


  1. This is what happens when woke Liberals take charge. When they are all Liberals they have no one else to attack so they fight amongst themselves. This hospital needs a full review and audit. They do have many fine health professionals so it’s not a sinking ship, it just needs to be drydocked for replacements and repairs.

    • That’s pretty comical. The hospital has experienced a pandemic for 2 years, and some guy on the internet who believes it was all a hoax has some ideas about it… and the idea is that it’s all because of liberals? Good god, man. Is this as high as the elevator goes?

  2. Mr. Collman is exactly correct of course. But I will add that BMH is no more poorly managed than the rest of Juneau city government. That is terrible though. Remember, this is the outfit that took federal dollars that the federal government borrowed and gave it to give “drag queen lessons.” This is the outfit that spent $17 million of cruise ship head tax money on a brass whale, then were sued over the misspending by the cruise line association to lose on summary judgement. The plaintiff could have demanded the money be repaid but they didn’t. But get this, Juneau city government spent $900,000 to lose on summary judgement. The ruling was a real scolding, and it went back to maritime laws well established in the 19th century. Seattle is where most Juneau residents go for health care. Government should not manage businesses! MustRead’s succinct account here is much better that public radio and the Juneau Empire have done.

    • Seattle isn’t where most Juneau residents go for healthcare. Bartlett is where most Southeast residents go for healthcare. It’s an incredible service providing healthcare to the area. If you could step out of the political echo chamber, you might develop some critical thoughts once in a while. At this point, all you’re doing is spouting political nonsense that has nothing to do with the topic here.

      • Do you need a hug? So angry and bitter.
        Long time Juneau resident here.
        Most of us DO to to Seattle for anything beyond basic healthcare.
        Seattle care is better and cheaper.
        While we do have some very good providers they are limited in their offerings.
        Juneau also lacks in most specialists. Most of the ones we have do not offer the most current treatments.
        Next time in Juneau go by the Alaska Fudge co and get some Puffin Paws. Maybe it will cheer you up.

        • Are you angry and bitter this morning? Turn that masked frown upside down and take a big breath of fresh air and a double dose of reality. Your anecdote is meaningless. The numbers do not lie. Bartlett offers a wide range of hospital services in Juneau and Southeast which is why most Juneau residents receive their medical services at Bartlett.

          when you make up facts to suit your bias, you just lie to yourself. That’s a good reason to be angry and bitter, but it’s your choice.

          • You’re right John. In fact, I can’t even imagine how or why those three separate medevac jet outfits are even stationed here in Juneau. Uhmm. hold on; let me rethink this…

          • So Wayne, you think most people fly on medevacs to receive their medical care from Juneau?

            There is no question some patients are medevaced to Anchorage or Seattle. They also provide services to surrounding areas in Southeast, and do transport patients to Bartlett as well.

            Was it your intention to post some useless distraction? Or did you think you had a point for a moment? Either way, ouch.

      • You can call it nonsense if you like, but the mismanagement at Bartlett and that of the CBJ Assembly are the point I made. They are very related. You did not choose to push back from or address that. You can defend giving money to cross-dressers while most Alaskans will call it using public money to pay perverts! Juneau taxpayers should worry that one day too many Alaskans will question whether Juneau is the appropriate community to be the capital of Alaska.

        • I’m a Juneau taxpayer for over 60-yrs. I want the capital gone; preferably to Anchorage. They deserve it.

          • You’re not a fiscal conservative, if you think moving the capital to Anchorage would be a good idea. It would consolidate more government in the most populated, urban area in Alaska. If you’re afraid of liberals now, imagine what the government would look like as it grows more urban friendly. And the cost to move the capital, for no other reason than you want it gone and think other people deserve it, does not have a payback period ever. It also ignores the fact that Alaska is still in a deficit crisis after decades of irresponsible spending and refusal to adopt a reliable income source. Not a good idea when the state had money, and certainly not a good idea now. But I love that you pretend to be fiscally conservative in other areas….

    • Quick review of the Mustread article on the drag lessons and drag art shows the total award for artists in that area was less than $12,000… it’s good you have your priorities straight. Of course you probably ignore the fact that the State of Alaska spent $81,000 for Kelly Tshibaka to move her belongings to Alaska. This is where it might help for you to escape the cult echo chamber and actually develop some critical thoughts.

      • John Seymour, in defense of Critical Thinking ?….
        I really do not see the link between the CBJ awarding sums which if memory serves were intended to mitigate Covid – 19 damage to the Loval Economy and the State paying Kelly T’s moving expenses.

        I note that these are two separate entities, one State and one Local. Furthermore, moving expenses have long been paid by employers.
        Even the Marine Corp. paid for my Son’s moving costs, from Juneau to Hawaii. Please explain how granting public monies to Drag Queens is equal to an Employer paying moving costs?
        Thanks John.

        • The monies were intended for grants in the arts. The drag show apparently met that. Just because you don’t approve of the art doesn’t mean it isn’t qualified. No need to explain why you step over a dollar to pick up a penny.

    • Of course, the rumor mill is where you get all your information. Which explains why you’re wrong most of the time.

    • Gross left the state. Last we heard he was hunting aardvarks, and the aardvarks were gaining the upper hand.

  3. “This is what happens when woke Liberals take charge. When they are all Liberals they have no one else to attack so they fight amongst themselves……..”
    I’ve served on a few boards, few would call me a liberal, and I’m here to tell you that ideology doesn’t mean squat when it comes time to assign blame, even in prophesy and not in arrears. Pride knows no ideological allegiance.

  4. Interesting that we consider these TOP
    departures. Top departures happened a few weeks back when those who think for themselves refused the covid shot.

    • Good point, Reed.
      I am convinced that one benefit (from the power establishment’s point of view) of all the illegal, unconstitutional, immoral and irrational death jab mandates is that they tend to weed out all the independent-minded employees, leaving essentially none but the compliant and servile conformists.

        • That sounds like a myth, Wayne. A quick google check and yep, it’s a myth. At one time, there was a theory that doctors were on average dying younger than the average man or woman in America. Actual studies looking into this disprove it though.

          got any other attempts to deflect and trip up, or are we good?

  5. What I commented on was the truth based on observations. I’m unvaccinated and very healthy so I’m fortunate to not require medical care. However, based on observations, if I did have a serious condition I would fly south. Again, many fine professionals working at BRH it just needs some house cleaning.

    • The truth based on observations… .from a guy who believes the pandemic is a hoax. Trust me, the folks down in Seattle will be just as disgusted with your presence as folks in Juneau. Maybe try some underground medical clinics that don’t adopt standard medical science? There are a lot of holistic healers that you can see without worrying that they might prescribe you something from big pharma. It’s odd that you distrust the medical community, but would happily seek their highly esteemed treatment options available in “the big city of Seattle” which you also criticize regularly. Is there no end to the hypocrisy?

  6. It’s telling how fast some people go on the personal attack. But when you have no facts, just anger, I suppose it’s all some people have.

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