Military moves: Biden authorizes thousands of U.S. reservists to Europe


President Joe Biden, rattling his sword at Russia and reassuring US allies in Europe, authorized the mobilization of up to 3,000 military reservists for duty in Europe. The move comes as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to senior military officials.

The exact timing of when the reservists may be sent to Europe is up to the Pentagon, but the announcement shows further U.S. determination to take a greater role in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Pentagon officials said that the 80,000 U.S. troops in the European region would not necessarily increase, but the composition of the force may change, as the Pentagon is given more flexibility to incorporate the reservists.

The Selected Reserve are members of a a military unit that are enrolled in the Ready Reserve program and the reserve unit that they are attached to. Selected Reserve members and units are considered to be in an active status. The Ready Reserve is a pool of service members that may be recalled to active duty.

President Biden’s statement on the matter explained his rationale for augmenting the active Armed Forces for Operation Atlantic Resolve in and around the U.S. European Command’s area of responsibility.

The total number of mobilized reservists is not to exceed 3,000 at any given time, with a maximum of 450 members from the Individual Ready Reserve, according to Thursday’s order.

The announcement comes just days after Biden authorized sending cluster bombs to Ukraine, on top of the more than $40 billion already sent to Ukraine since it started defending itself against Russia’s invasion.

The last time the reservists were called up was by President Donald Trump in 2020, when he authorized the Pentagon to call-up units of the National Guard, reservists, and individuals from the Individual Ready Reserve, to assist with the response in the early days of the Covid pandemic.


  1. Will the president be required to kiss the fingers of the crown prince for oil now? How embarrassing.

  2. That corrupt clown is gonna blunder us into a war we can’t win.

    It takes warfighters and weapons to win wars. We’ve given damn near everything to Ukraine, and our military is more concerned with pronouns and abortions.

    I never thought I’d ask this, but will they woke brigade be able to handle and enemy who will deliberately dead name and mispronoun them?

    No safe spaces, puppies, and crayons in combat.

    • Once again, you are spot on! I just got off the phone with an old friend who is Army. They now have 10 hours of training a month, A MONTH, on woke BS, pronoun use, BLM, LGPTYQYE+, all that stuff. That’s 120 hours a YEAR! Should be shooting guns for all that time.
      DJT will put an end to this and return our military to being a fighting force focused only winning wars.

      • Is this the same DJT that said “the military was for suckers and losers” while refusing to attend an international gathering at Normandy? Is this the same DJT that told general John Kelly “I just don’t get it, what’s in it for them” while visiting Arlington Nation Cemetery?

        • It’s posts like this that make me hope Trump wins. The sounds of heads exploding across the nation will be like microwave popcorn nearing completion.

          Problem with your rant is it’s been proven wrong repeatedly. Even by people who don’t like Trump.

          But you hold on tight to your dream.

          • Debunked by whom? You? DJT himself, his administration or Fox News? All truly credible sources for sure. Just because you say it was debunked certainly does not mean it was. Have any evidence? These DJT comments are totally consistent with other things he said. Things I saw and heard him say. For example “He’s a war hero because he was captured, I like people that weren’t captured”. Spoken in the context of defending his followers who John McCain had referred to as crazies. We need one more patriotic duty from General Kelly. He needs to set the record straight.

  3. Rather than an elaborate game of “Let’s Pretend” I would prefer that these troops be sent to the front lines in Ukraine. If everybody’s so pumped up to go to war to defeat the evil Rooskies, let’s get it over with and see what happens. Senator Lindsey Graham should be appointed divisional commander and be no more than ten miles from the fighting. Maybe Senator Murkowski can serve as executive officer.

  4. Something will happen prior to the election that will drag us into more unnecessary conflict. I hope I’m wrong, but we are well past due for the military industrial complex mandatory 20 year mark conflict.

  5. There is an open ended Executive Order by the Trump Admin that allows all US state reservists to move beyond their state borders for other military ops in the US. So FYI, the Biden Admin cannot remove the standing order or remove it until the federal emergencies and arrests via the Trump Admin are fulfilled.

    • Please don’t BS and blame it on Trump when your demented idiot is engaging in psy-ops. Yeah, it’s political theater designed to make the coke head look better… while he’s likely to get us into another war.

  6. Article 25 this idiot. Or better yet, can’t we Article 25 both Biden and Harris simultaneously to reduce paperwork, and save more lives?

    • Poor Ukraine, getting their rear ends handed to them. Since June 4 lost 26,000 troops, 1200 tanks and armored personnel, 100 plus aircraft and helicopters. I am so sure Russia is worried. Oh and zalensky not being allowed to join Nato. What a waste of human life and American Tax Payer funds.

  7. I’m going to laugh hard at the Biden-voting zoomers when Creepy Joe beings back the draft.

  8. My guess is that the personnel buffoonery over the last 3 years is coming back to bite them in their BitMe. Over the last 3 years, they’ve done the following:

    – Purged white guys
    – Accused all Trump supporters of being white supremacists
    – Instituted a DEI Uber Alles worldview (USAF CoS who has been nominated for the next Chairman JCS is really, really good at this).
    – Ran off as many as humanly possible who refused the COVID vax

    End result is the white southern men who make up the core of volunteers aren’t anymore. Sooner or later you run out of bodies and have to start dipping into the reserves, just like the Russians have been doing for Ukraine, though for different reasons. Cheers –

    • Hopefully not with the same results.
      Putin’s draftees then to be poorly trained, motivated by fear of their officers, and used as canon fodder.

  9. Nikki Haley is not complaining about her husband serving in the reserves in the Middle East, this is what they signed up for.

  10. I’m assuming the squadron of armed A-10s and the air-refueling tankers parked at Fairbanks International are there because Eielson AFB apron is full – or is it just to spread ’em out so the nuclear attack doesn’t get ’em all… or is it to show solidarity with Taiwan? The hair-sniffer in chief seems determined to show the world that he isn’t a weak coke head. Any last vestige of respect I might have had for the office of this presidency (don’t misunderstand – I can’t stand the idiot and his posturing, corruption, boot-licking, and wokism…) – any respect for the office of this president has vanished. This is what weak leaders do – get us in a war we won’t win to show the people their “leadership”. So how many Americans have to die to show the world that a demented president really is the leader of our people and not Chairman Xi?

  11. Haven’t we seen this movie before (and I don’t mean “Wag the dog”)?
    First advisors then a few troops, next thing we know we have 58000 soldiers dead and a country devastated. Madness!

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