Mike and Karen Pence visit Alaska to support veterans


Former Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence arrived in Alaska this week to spend time at Lake Clark with veterans at the Operation Heal Our Patriots retreat at the Samaritan’s Purse lodge at Port Alsworth, Lake Clark.

Every Sunday evening throughout the summer, a Samaritan’s Purse aircraft touches down on the gravel runway near the lodge to the sights and sounds of a small flag-waving entourage.

“In one way, it marks the end of a journey for weary military couples, but it’s the beginning of something, too. Many people across the country are praying for these wounded veterans and their spouses—that God will use the week in Alaska through Operation Heal Our Patriots to bring them both rest and a new start with God and each other,” Samaritan’s Purse explains on its website.

The Pences came to the lodge at the invitation of Samaritan’s Purse president and CEO Franklin Graham, who started the lodge over a decade ago to help heal up the wounds in marriages of military couples and bring them closer to the Creator.

More information about the program is at this link.


  1. Democrats I know, publicly applaud Mike Pence, only because he was disloyal to Trump and will cause a deep rift during the Republican primaries in 2024. But among themselves, Democrats hate Mike Pence with a vengeance. Pence is pro-life, and worse yet…… A Christian.

  2. I believe that to be a lodge started by Glenn and Patty Alsworth. It was a frequent stopover for Reverend Billy Graham back in the day. Beautiful place and great people running it.

    • Wrong Greg!
      S.P has bought out with their vast resources much in the small town. Privatized what at one time was publicly shared and publicly owned beach and shoreline. Locals get a reprieve after cooler temperature arrive, sending the grahams back to Carolina. Bill Graham may have visited, but it’s Franklin who flys aircraft and hunts who frequents Alaska.
      Pence helped expel a dully elected president and for the sake of the country we need the corruption exposed. RINO or worse in my opinion.

  3. I’d like to ask Pence to tell me the due process for certifying the 2020 election; if it is largely a ceremonial duty or if it is a fiduciary duty comparable to the contracted fiduciary duty Reuters an international news conglomerate employs and claims for its mere elections and stockholders? Why are not the freemen of the USA entitled to the contracted level of fiduciary service that Reuters believes it deserves. It is US Vonstitutional duty not to be shirked under any circumstances. The US is a corporation of international importance. If Pence was legally contracted to audit and certify a straight-forward election for Reuters stockholders why did he do just ceremonial process for the USA ??? He is a lawyer by trade. Ask him if he knows what fiduciary duty is. ? . Is it a laughing matter? Watch him clam up. He needs to fishing in Switzerland with his brethern next time.

  4. Sunday you say, intresting, a professed Christian organization makes work on the Sabbath – the Lord’s Day of Rest. Why not Saturday or Monday? Just Saying!

  5. Pence deserves the thanks of all Americans for standing up to Trump and refusing to participate in his effort to overthrow our government. Whatever you may think of Pence, he had the character and the strength of his convictions to say “no” to a man trying to become a dictator and the lawless mob that stormed the Capitol on Trump’s orders to hang Pence. Pence stopped the band of Banana Republicans trying to turn our country into a third world dictatorship run by a strong man.

    • The lawless mob are not your countrymen? Do your free countrymen and taxpayers have no Constitutional right to travel?

      • Apparently not if they are a pregnant woman living in Texas or Missouri. Our fellow citizens were legally allowed to travel to DC on January 6, but a few of them lost their rights to interstate travel (or even leaving a cell) because of their actions on January 6.

        • Martin Luther King attracted one million to his dream speech in DC. President Donald J Trump attracted over two million unwanted visitors. WEF dreamer, Klaus Schwab (“You vill own nothing unt be happy.” “Call me Fuhrer”) gets a private literal red carpet welcome to WA DC. Americans are unwelcome. Madison House was delivered to the UKraine. Americans only have a foreign enclave no capitol in which they are welcome. You have no legal rights whatsoever in foreign owned DC. You go at your own great risk now. The dirty secret is up on a flagpole. Unt you vill own nothing Z. It’s possible you are on the wrong team.

    • Fair comment, but the discussion on this issue goes a lot deeper than that. Not to mention it dependent on whether your reference is Old or New Testament. In part, that’s why I quantify my comments saying “Christian” as in New Testament, Paul was righting to the Christians – the Catholic church came later. But here is not the place for that discussion. Thx

      • The Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday. That is always been the Jewish sabbath and the Sabbath of the Bible. The Sabbath is described as the seventh day of the week and that would be Saturday.

        • This of course depends on whether you consider the bible (old or new testament) to be the literal word of God. Not sure if God was using the same calendar back then…

  6. I was deeply honored to spend time with this man. A humble leader who believes deeply in serving others. You can disagree with his him but he is doing what he believes is right.

  7. I used to be a fan, but I lost all respect for Pence after he certified a questionable if not outright fraudulent election and then elbow bumped with Pelosi after doing so.

  8. I like Pence … but not as much as an entire list of other political figures.
    Shall I start my list….?

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