MIA Mary Peltola skips out on congressional responsibilities this week to go fishing


The U.S. House has been recessed for two weeks, but convened again on Monday. Yet Rep. Mary Peltola, Alaska’s only representative in Congress, won’t be at work for a third week because she is fishing in Alaska. She’s taking time off, while others are working. Next week, the House is back in recess, which means a whole month off for Peltola.

It’s a pattern that goes back decades for her, as Peltola has skipped work before to go berry picking in years past, much to the chagrin of her former employers.

Last year she skipped out on field hearings in Anchorage for the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee that she serves on, instead attending a glitzy campaign fundraiser in Colorado.

Peltola’s news release about her planned absence was not widely distributed on Monday, and was not posted to her official website press release page.

Peltola’s absence means she won’t have to face Capitol Hill reporters and their uncomfortable questions about her wholehearted endorsement of Joe Biden, her assessment that he is one of the “sharpest, smartest” people she has met in D.C., and her statement last week to the Fairbanks News Miner that her opinion of him is now “irrelevant.”

Her votes, too, will be irrelevant because she won’t vote at all, carrying on her tradition of having one of the lowest attendance and voting records in Congress. She will avoid having to be on the record on a key piece of legislation this week that requires voters to be citizens of the United States in order to cast their ballots. Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have been told to vote against a bill that implements greater safeguards against non-citizens being registered to vote in federal elections. The Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, introduced by U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas in May, will come up for a vote this week.

Congressional candidate Nick Begich made a note of Peltola’s disappearing act.

“Mary Peltola SKIPS another week of work to go fishing?!? Mary Peltola just came off a week of recess, but the House is back in session. Despite already having one of the worst attendance records in the House, Alaska’s only representative in the that body is unfortunately absent this week, because she has decided fishing takes priority. The job of Alaska’s congressional representative requires dedicated attention, especially when the House is in session. Alaska can’t afford a part-time member of Congress,” Begich wrote on X.

“Extreme Democrat Mary Peltola’s conveniently timed disappearing act stinks worse than fish in the office microwave. Reeling from her own toxic decisions to bear-hug Biden, Peltola plays hooky to avoid any tough questions,” said National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ben Petersen.

Congressional calendars are published months in advance and every member of Congress is made aware of the weeks when they can fish or campaign, and when they are expected to be back at work in D.C.


  1. Regarding the image above of Mary holding the spinning rod upside down.
    That’s right she is holding it upside down. The lady off in the distance is using the rod combo the way it was constructed.
    Mary fishing for her family is a joke — just as she is in fact. Just more lies by our sweetie. Folks that vote for Mary are delusional.

  2. Look at the picture. Mary is holding that spinning outfit upside down, and barely has a hold on it. If she got a strike, it would be yanked out of her hands. Kind of symbolic.

  3. Alaska and alaskan’s wouldn’t know anyway. She isn’t working for Alaska or it’s people, only the democrat party.

  4. Who can blame her? The @hitshow that’s Washington? She lost her husband. I’m definitely not a fan but I think she may have had enough.

    • Attending that @hitshow that’s Washington IS. THE. JOB. If she can’t do the job, or if “she may have had enough” then she needs to resign and quit @ucking Alaskans.

  5. You have a typo in your headline. You wrote:
    “MIA Mary Peltola skips out on congressional responsibilities this week to go fishing”

    It should say:
    “Mary Peltola skips out on congressional responsibilities”

  6. Who do you think Mary-P work for?
    She works for the ‘constituency’ Alaskan citizens.
    This photo is so very much emblematic of her true character.
    Within this photo, Mary-P is shouting … “Eff-You Alaskans!!!”

  7. Nick Begich works. Mary Peltola seems bothered by work.

    If you don’t want to do the work, it’s simple – don’t run.

  8. So don’t pay her. Since she is ‘subsistence fishing’, she can deal with a pay cut. If any one of us did that, we would be fired.

  9. This is the same picture used last year, around this time.
    She sure skips out a lot, when she isn’t helping the Biden abomination ruin the country.

  10. Peltola is bought and paid for. Her handlers said go fishing, stay of DC, we’ll handle this. So fishing it is.

  11. That picture is of someone who has never held a fishing rod before.
    It’s totally posed, and also a total failure as a photo op….


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