Meet Fox News contributor Guy Benson on the Must Read Alaska Show



In this episode of The Must Read Alaska Show, host John Quick sits down with Guy Benson to delve into the impact of Joe Biden’s economic and energy policies on the nation and specifically on Alaska.

From examining the repercussions of flawed economic strategies to discussing the implications of energy decisions on a state known for its resource abundance, Quick and Benson explore critical issues facing both the nation and the Last Frontier.

They also ponder the state of the American Dream in light of recent developments. Additionally, Benson shares insights into the events he’s participating in during his visit to Alaska this week. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion on the current state of affairs and the path forward.

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Benson is a columnist, commentator, political pundit, contributor to Fox News, political editor of, and a conservative talk radio host. This week, the 39-year-old conservative is in Alaska to meet with Alaskans and talk about economic policies of the Biden Administration and how they are impacting the lives of Americans. He’s visiting along with Will Burger, senior policy advisor for Americans for Prosperity and former senior policy advisor for the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee.

Check out the Alaska events featuring Benson and Burger this week:



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