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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Media stokes fears with report that armed protests occurring at state capitals


Using unnamed sources, all mainstream media is reporting the same thing, that the FBI is warning of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitals and in Washington in the days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The media, led by ABC News, says that this is “stoking fears of more bloodshed after last week’s deadly siege at the U.S. Capitol.”

The warning came in what is said an internal FBI memo, read by law enforcement officials to ABC News. The law enforcement officials believe that extremists are involved.

“Armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols from 16 January through at least 20 January, and at the U.S. Capitol from 17 January through 20 January,” the bulletin reportedly said, according to one official.

The response from several Alaskans has been a sense of incredulity and that the mainstream media is ginning up panic.

A majority of Alaskans are armed and have their firearms on them during the normal course of their business. If they went to a protest, it would not be a different situation than going to the grocery or out on the trail.

Further, to go to Alaska’s Capital, protesters would have to fly to Juneau, and in doing so, would have to alert Alaska Airlines that they were shipping their firearms.

Juneau is the most isolated state capital in the nation.

However, Oregon State Police were preparing for protests at the Capitol in Salem Monday and 750 National Guard members are assigned to protect the Capitol building in Olympia, Wash., joined by local law enforcement.

Washington’s Legislature were meeting on Monday to change the rules so legislators can be fully remote for the 105-day session.

Back in 2018, Democrat protesters went to Wasilla, Alaska and occupied the legal proceedings of the Legislature, including taking over legislators’ chairs, where they were set up in a gymnasium. They also chained themselves to the doors, as shown in photos above and yelled at legislators, preventing them from conducting business, and generally creating an unsafe building.

Today, The Washington Post reported that the radio station that hosts conservative talk shows such as Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and Dan Bongino, has ordered the hosts to stop saying the election was stolen or they will have their shows cancelled.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Yeah that’s what the media does best install fear and get people backing up. Setting the stage for some sort of a unconstitutional resolution when inviting takes the oath. Or probably hours later after they kill him when Harris takes the oath of office.

    • Uh, you might be careful about saying things like this. You could get visited by the Secret Service. They take this stuff seriously, especially now that the Capitol has been invaded by the unwashed horde.

      • I hear you although no threat is known to me. Just stating my opinion. I don’t own a crystal ball.

      • So, the Secret Service has time to read all the comments at MRAK? Or, is it just the rats like Greg R. that call up and report and turn in conservatives such as Greg F.? I’d wager on the later.

        • If Greg R. Or anyone for that matter knows of a valid assassination threat, they are bound by law and morality to report it. That’s not the type of behavior that a republican would do. I think Democrats killed Kennedy. If Biden is attacked it will be by a Democrat in MHO. The recent plan by the left socialists is to smear Republicans and scare them into complacency by silencing them. Threatening their livelihood, their family and their reputation. Some have had to cave to this pressure because of responsibilities and the threat is real from the radical left about being able to do that. It’s wrong but it’s been going on for a long time now. A smear campaign that has become widespread. They’re trying to take away your first amendment rights by scaring you. They just want you to shut up. Now, the secret service aren’t fools, and they know people mouthing on the internet giving their opinion that if there is a threat against the president, they think it will come from his own people. That isn’t a threat but the leftist pickup on anything like that and try to use it to their advantage. The secret service have bigger fish to fry, more organized and well-armed domestic militias to worry about than some old fool complaining on the internet. I would direct the FBI and the secret service to northern Arkansas and northern Idaho and possibly Montana for a more valid threat. But, they already know that. One case in point is that I just heard that Bill belichick turned down the presidential medal of freedom because of pressure by the left. He couldn’t accept an award that honored him for his lifetime achievement to the sport of football and what it’s done for America because the leftist would smear him and ruin his reputation. Congressman have had to resign just for their support of the president of the United States. They did nothing wrong other than that. Remember back to Savannah Guthrie and the things that came out on her during that interview when Trump got the better of her. The kind of anger that the left have for this president and now anyone who supports him is clinical. It’s like you have a bunch of crazed attack dogs running around sniffing in all directions for something to hit on. This scares intelligent thoughtful people. People aren’t sure how to combat this kind of behavior. More people are upset about the demonstration at the Capitol then they were about the election being stolen or that democracy in this country is gone, replaced by socialism and fascism. That’s what they really need to be worried about. But they don’t care, they are so whipped up by the leftist media that they allow themselves to be manipulated and become a pawn and a very vicious game. Stand tall Republicans and stay strong for the storm that is coming.

      • Are you threatening us?? You pathetic man baby Greg R.

  • Defund the corrupt FBI!

  • When will the book burning commence? We can’t have people getting fancy ideas from unapproved books!

    • They are essentially doing that now. Destroying sources of truth is in fact a form of ‘book burning’

    • But first the Constitution has got to go, that pesky piece of paper has allowed all those books to be written and published by free thinkers, freedom of thought is dangerous.

  • Democrats are liars for their agenda. 100%.

  • Hmmm, so chaining ones self to the door is the equivalent of a violent invasion of the nation’s capitol?
    I’m not sure the media is ginning anything up. The mob overrun of the seat of government of the nation was certainly not ginned up by the press, although it probably should have been, based upon what actually happened there.
    I’m not too worried about Juneau getting overrun, but it could happen if enough faux-patriots get ginned up. My concern would be if I lived in Michigan, or Pennsylvania, or Georgia, or Idaho, or Salt Lake City, or, well, you get the drift.

    • Salt lake City, are you serious? That’s Romney country those people have no spine.You would have been more accurate if you just would have said anyone currently not living in a metro area because if you look at a map of the United States it is entirely red except for pockets of leftist socialists in the major metropolitan areas.

  • hahahaha! They need their Meds! Is this what others say they are having Adrenochrome withdrawals! The FBI and their Congress bosses are nutty than a Christmas fruit cake
    Good laugh! hahahahaha!

  • Truth is relative for the left and the only ‘mayhem’ and ‘bloodshed’ in the past year have been by the Marxist anarchist zombies attacking cities across the nation. But of course they get a pass as they are the mindless soldiers of the leftist agenda, and they were only protesting……. This is all so surreal it could be funny except it is real. As many others, I have moved 1984 and The Wizard of Oz from my fiction bookcase to the non-fiction.

    • You are correct. The leftist media and bro lives matter have whipped up anyone who isn’t a mindless free thinker and brainwashed them into thinking we are at war. A guy and that got his neck stood on while being arrested or detained and died have a drug overdose. A girl got shot for helping people deal drugs through the mail and when her boyfriend fired at cops. Another guy got shot after he stole a weapon from a police officer and fired it at him. I’m not sure what the city of Ferguson did in Missouri a few years ago, or what the cops did in Texas to warrant someone calling 911 and setting up an ambush when they arrived. But that’s the games these people play and the rules that they play by. This is a mudslinging fight, not a fight of words. You may have to get dirty to come out of it. That or tower and hunker down which is exactly what the present I want to say coup attempt people, but it isn’t an attempt anymore they have been successful. So I’ll just say the present coup occupants wants you to do. They don’t want to kill you so don’t fear for your life. Well some people want you dead let me rephrase, mostly they want you silenced, bound and gagged and they want your wallet. Does that remind you of anyone?

  • If you don’t allow people to voice their frustrations, if you cover their mouths up- don’t be surprised if you get bit.

    • This is NOT the way. Can’t give them a reason to take away more rights.

  • It will be Antifa/BLM doing the protests for there leash holders. Then blame Trump supporters. Then try to come for our guns as we can not have these type of things going on. After all they won the fair and square election, yea Right sure they did. Hide your books and other items. Also the resigned Capital Police Chief said today He did ask for additional support two days earlier, but was denied it. Which again shows it was a set up.

  • This is an attack on the Trump supporters, they want to paint a dark picture. The media is a propaganda tools of the leftist machine.

  • If armed conflicts arise the week before Joe’s inauguration the establishment will use it as an excuse to amend or completely suspend the 2nd amendment so conservatives need to be very cautious. Even if those involved in such conflicts are plants of let’s say antifa, the narrative will be those on the right are causing problems and no one will question the narrative.

    • SMH…Oh, pardon me. Shaking my head. Why do all the stuck in the mid-20th century conservatives on here assume Alaskan Democrats, Independents, and Undeclareds aren’t 2nd Amendment Democrats, 2nd Amendment Independents, and 2nd Amendment Undeclareds? You know you really shouldn’t.

      • Yes they are. I know mostly Democrats are gun owners. There isn’t a movie star in Hollywood that doesn’t own a gun or doesn’t pay for one to protect them. You’ll never hear that in the media though. They want the second amendment fight to be a left versus right fight and it’s not. The left own guns, lots of them they just aren’t flashing them around.

  • That’s why it’s so refreshing that MRAK never uses unnamed sources … oh wait

  • Too many people running in fear, when nobody is pursuing them. Something is up that us unwashed masses haven’t gotten a clue about yet.

    • There are real attempts occurring. I was on here bad mouthing Bryce a couple years ago and a family member of mine received a phone call asking if they had the ability to tell me to stop it. When asked, I said said well yes I don’t want to cause any trouble and didn’t say anymore….. For a while. Later, when Bryce wouldn’t allow our full PFD to go through even after I had emailed him telling him that needy people in the bush counted on it and I told him a story about a single mother with six kids on welfare that needed it for food and school clothes but that didn’t phase him of course. Later I got back on here saying something about him and I myself got a phone call from a person of authority saying that they got a phone call and the person on the other end said he’s at it again. I said let me guess was it Bryce, and they didn’t answer. The person on the phone told me that they could cause trouble if I didn’t stop. They went on to say how they needed Bryce in Juneau, and he was well situated on many boards around Dillingham. So, I didn’t necessarily shut up about Bryce after that, I moved to Florida.

  • “The election was stolen”……..Now cancel my show, send the swat team, call the FBI, call your mommy, heaven forbid I get out of line and freely speak my thoughts with the thought police gearing up.

  • Uh oh…. I did it now, call your USSA congressman because I called her mommy, well at least I didn’t say father, oops I did it again.

  • So what does the image of the protestors have to do with the potential of armed “protests”? Certainly armed events have happened recently around the country, and they look nothing like the type of protest you have images of. There is no equivalent. Although you may not agree with those protestors, they were not armed and did not stoke fear in hardly anyone. Is that what you think Antifa is up to? Antifa is just a useful boogeyman of the right. Their influence and footprint at protests is small. But if it helps you sleep at night with a gun under your pillow, go ahead and think they’re instigating all this violence.

  • That was a mini-riot and the Mayor told the Troopers and the Police Officers to stand down. NOT impressed.

  • The mainstream media is the enemy of America.

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