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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Dimond Center says no armed protest allowed on premises


The Dimond Center, Alaska’s biggest mall, says that a planned protest on Jan. 17 may not take place on its premises in Anchorage.

Dimond Center management issued a public statement about a nationwide rally that organizers are planning for that day:

The “Refuse to be Silenced” rally is being billed on social media as an “Armed march on Capitol Hill and all state capitols.” In Alaska, organizers have apparently chosen the Dimond Center as the location for the Alaska rally. However, management of the Dimond Center, asserting its private property rights, insists the event will not be allowed on its premises.

“We’re not making a political statement, but the Dimond Center is a private, family-owned business and is not an appropriate venue for an event such as this,” said Bob Dye, Dimond Center General Manager. “We suggest that a traditional venue like the Park Strip is more appropriate for this rally.”

Dye says the Dimond Center is coordinating with local and federal law enforcement to insure the event does not take place there and that the property is protected. The Dimond Center and its parking lots will be closed to the public on Sunday, January 17 out of an abundance of caution.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • It’s bad enough the stores in the mall are suffering, these clowns shut down the parking lot on a Sunday. GET WOKE, GO BROKE

    • So employees and patrons potentially getting hurt by violent protesters is a better option? Probably not.

    • THEN — You’re pro-capitalism, free-market, private property ownership — UNTIL YOU’RE NOT.

    • Let’s have the rally in your driveway Sunday, I will keep my sidearm holstered

  • I am seeing articles and comments for Trump supporters to not attend these events as it is another trap. That they would use to go forward to take guns. One article is on the Gateway Pundit.

  • I do not recall any businesses closing down, or asking law enforcement to stop the BLM/antifa protests from entering their property…

  • Gosh darn it, must be that left wing platform Twitter and Facebook inciting these kind of violent behavior again. Since Parler have been taken offline it can’t be blame on them. Oh wait, what am I talking about, the leftist media will always find a way to blame the right!

  • Armed protest? So no Antifa crazies with bottles and rocks allowed.

    • You don’t know what the legal meaning of “armed” is, do you? Silence is your friend.

      • Of the thousands in attendance how many were armed with firearms? Crickets……….

  • It’s a crying shame these idiotic groups are ruining the mall experience for everyone who wants to go there on that day. Just follow the manager’s suggestion and have your silly demonstration at a park! Or better yet, accept that Trump lost and move on with your life!

    • Nice try, Chairwoman Mao, we don’t recognize the result of your Marxist coup.

  • Left Wing False Flag Event

  • Real revolutionaries know better than to tip their hand before they take action. These revolutionaries apparently chose the Dimond mall because they couldn’t find the Bastille on Google search.

    • Found out they meant the Dimond Center in Juneau.

  • The world is getting hot and people are either grounding planes for just saying Trumps name or they are finding the nearest shell to hide themselves.

    There is a time coming soon very soon Must Read Alaska won’t be read except by newsletter, The purging of conservatives off social media has started ,eventually taking down whole websites like Parler so that even someone with a desktop computer can’t access it.

    How long before even emails will be able to last for those who receive newsletters from conservative and independent writers without people having their email accounts deleted because of they are receiving conservative newsletters?

    If You submitted behind the mask, You better rip that mask off, you will never stand up to what is coming next. You will play nice and do as the one world order tells you and then you lost your Soul. Dimond family already caved by its mask signs all through their mall; it expected Dimond family would cave and play safe.

    • There were several planes that were “grounded” this past week. Three planes had Capitol Hill insurrectionists who made it onboard but were had been placed on federal No Fly manifests. Then, yes, there were about 60 passengers deplaned by American Air because they wouldn’t shut their mouths wear their masks. They were banned from the airline. Another plane had two incredibly evil women would couldn’t say the n-word loud and often enough — again, of course, — maskless.

      I would address the rest of your comment — but why? You know everything you said is indefensible.

      • Would you like my name for your list of people to wear an appropriate marker on their clothing? Yea, you are just another fascist in disguise as a democrat.

    • Um, “Dimond family”? I guess a little history lesson is in order. Tony Dimond was best known in Alaska for his association with Valdez. In 1944, he didn’t run for reelection as Congressional delegate in favor of Bob Bartlett. After returning to Alaska, he spent the rest of his life in Anchorage, mostly as a judge. The road we know today as Dimond Boulevard was originally named something else. It’s unclear to me when and why it was renamed, but I suspect it was due to the naming of Dimond High School over 50 years ago. His descendants had nothing to do with the prevalence of the name in Anchorage, however. Tony Dimond had three children. One daughter became a nun and the other married, so they didn’t carry on his name. His only son, John Dimond, did carry on that name. It wasn’t in Anchorage, though. John Dimond was best known for living in Juneau, where he was an original member of the Alaska Supreme Court, hence the naming of the Dimond Courthouse there. To the best of my knowledge, most descendants named Dimond live in or are from Juneau, not Anchorage. Hope this helps.

  • Ha! Imagine the bone-headed decision making it takes to plan your whole protest staging point to be one someone else’s private property.

    We now predict from the would-be trespassers: “Dimond Mall is stifling our free speech!!”

    • Imagine writing what you wrote “Imagine the bone-headed decision making it takes to plan your whole protest staging point to be one someone else’s private property.” And then misspelling on word…one boneheaded mistake is all it takes to make a bonehead or is it bonhead?

    • Ha! Image believing any of this nonsense

  • Help me out. The so called 50 state armed capital protest. Supposedly came from a FBI leak? A FBI internal bulletin obtained by ABC news? Hpw did ABC News get it?? I looked at the FBI website. No mention of it. The “Refuse to be silenced” rally? I hate to use the google it but google it or use the search engine of your choice and do a search. Where are the links. Everything I have seen seems to be a insider tip or a leak. Seems like if you are going to have a rally then those who organize it would probably want as much publicity as possible. Has google or any of the other search engine providers deleted any links? Perhaps but surely the FBI would have something to say about it. It seems that every news agency is jumping on the” FBI internal bulletin obtained by ABC news “.

  • It’s private property so they can do whatever they want. That’s the way the cookie crumbles unfortunately. Need to go to some public area

    • Not Florida

  • Democrats want to take credit for saving us all from covid (the virus with 99% survival rate) and they need something else for keep up the fear and mass obedience. For a year dems celebrated their riots , calling them good, healthy and necessary. Biden and Harris even fundraised millions to bail out their rioters. Blm and antifa leaders have also publicly said to Biden on many occasions now “We helped oyu, now you owe us…” and presented their list of demands.

    Conservatives meanwhile had rallies with tens of thousands attending across the nation all year long as well. they screened out blm, antifa and liberal agitators. Not one killing, assault of bit of property damage.

    At the capitol where for the first time conservatives couldn’t screen out blm, antifa and liberal agitators there was for the first time ever violence. Violence as we’ve seen at every blm and antifa “peaceful protest” all year long and still ongoing…but FBI immediately says “no antifa, no evidence” (it’s becoming a battle cry for them) and “we will pursue and prosecute the Trump supporters to the fullest extent of the law.” Not the individuals responsible, but the Trump supporters. This far 13 people have been charged with the heinous crime of trespassing.

    Funny how the FBI “investigation” didn’t look into or even acknowledge that capitol police were ordered to let conservatives inside so they literally opened the doors, inviting them in. How you can trespass after being invited in, I don’t know. Also no answer as to why when capitol chief called for back up 6 times no one came even though there were 3 other law enforcement agencies present.

    No investigations, no presentation of facts or testimony the new democrat FBI claims to have a report from an “unnamed source” on mass armed riots planned in every capitol so the nation must mobilize to defeat the conservatives! 1. Many conservatives are current or ex military, law enforcement or private security. They wouldn’t plan a mass event when it could bring no benefit. 2. How is it that supposedly millions of armed crazed conservatives are expected to show up in all 50 state capitols when there is no public notice telling people when and where? Is there some secret code I’m not aware of and FBI decided not to share? 2. Having so much military and law enforcement intelligence in the group, they would NEVER plan a mass event on the day when there’d be no benefit AND when there would be max presence of fellow military and law enforcement. If you attack, you attack the most beneficial target with the least security. You don’t attack the least beneficial target with the most security.

  • Today, I read claims that out-of-state organizers mistook the Dimond Center for the Dimond Courthouse in Juneau, which is across the street from the state capitol building and has hosted numerous well-organized Democrat/union protests in recent times. Then again, these claims originate from persons who can’t let go of the Four Seasons Landscaping gaffe, and probably couldn’t credibly explain the constant hate they express towards the MAGA movement.

  • Media stokes fears with reports of armed protest occurring at state capitals.
    Just like terrorist they create fear panic.
    To accomplish their objective

  • Pure gaslighting by the FBI and syncophants.
    Federal Bureau of Incompetence.

    • Try finding any Alaskan over the age of twelve, minus extremely isolated people who are not using the internet to stage protests, who do not know that the “Dimond Center” is a mall in Anchorage. Only an out-of-state person would be likely to make that mistake.

      • Alaskan[s] should be plural.

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