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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Mayor tries to get ahead of restaurant rebellion, excludes assemblywoman from public meeting


Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson has told Assemblywoman Jamie Allard of Eagle River that Allard is, in no uncertain terms, not welcome at a Tuesday meeting the mayor has scheduled with restaurant owners to discuss when and how they might reopen to dining at 50 percent capacity.

That, after Assemblywoman Allard filed a resolution last week to take up removing the mayor’s emergency order that shuttered restaurants in December. That resolution is on the Assembly agenda for Tuesday night.

Allard is part of a group of citizens that is trying to open the Anchorage economy back up before all restaurants and small businesses are destroyed beyond repair.

“Thank you for reaching out to our office; however, the administration feels it is unnecessary for you to attend this meeting,” was the response Allard received from the mayor, after getting word of the meeting that had been scheduled with a group of restaurant owners.

On Sunday, one day after a shopping rebellion took place in Anchorage, the mayor sent a note to some restaurant owners:

“I’m writing to let you know about some of the collaborative work we’ve been doing with the hospitality industry. It occurred to me that while we are in regular contact – through meetings, emails, texts, and calls throughout the week – it would likely be helpful for you to receive a brief update on that work. 

“We have a standing meeting as a larger group. These meetings are a place to talk through challenges and explore new ideas. I find them to be extremely productive. In those meetings and in individual meetings, we have discussed a number of ideas that we could fold into a reopening of indoor dining – the North Star plan; a plan from Mesa, CO; and ideas relating to improved ventilation, to name a few. Muni staff have worked with restaurant owners and engineers to understand ventilation challenges and opportunities (made even more interesting in the cold weather), and the Health Department has been exploring a number of ideas as well. Of course we know that the risk for businesses where folks from different households are indoors together with masks off won’t ever completely go away, but we want our restaurants to have the best shot at low transmission rates and the earliest reopening to indoor dining that is possible.

“One of our regular meetings is coming up on Tuesday morning, and we plan to discuss how best to move toward reopening with this group at that time. I will include an update on this meeting in my Mayor’s report at your Tuesday evening meeting. 

“Dr. Johnston will also provide a brief update at Tuesday’s Assembly meeting (during my report) and be available for questions.”

But this is evidently not a public meeting, as the acting mayor is preventing elected Assembly members from attending.

The North Star plan draft is attached here.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • lol, the first thing that should be sounding the alarm bells is, “a plan from Mesa, CO”…. if that doesn’t say enough… I don’t live in Anchorage, but know this, I support this groups efforts in standing up and just saying NO…

  • Can they even do that? Legally?

  • Corruption from the Left in Anchorage !!

  • Anchorage: how did you let a bunch of out of state commies completely take over your city in like 2-3 election cycles?

    • Because enough stupid people voted for the PFD application based universal voter registration and then stupid people voted to have all mail ballot elections. Consequently the unions and other organized leftist interest groups pretty much own the MOA and will do so until we can change the laws.

      • With all due respect, the MOA mail-in election was NEVER voted on by the residents. It was decreed in an ordinance by the assembly.

      • Finally, someone actually sees the problem–that is, foolish voters. The dim politicians are nothing more than a symptom of this real problem.

    • Mail-in voting. I don’t know how we can get rid of it.

      • ASSEMBLY voted only for mail in voting only. This was not approved by the voters and we will referendum this away.

    • They voted them in, misery loves company.

    • No “let” to it, Lawrence…
      Anchorage’s Assembly forced their easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme on productive citizens.
      The scheme was firmly cemented in place to assure no bond, tax, or incumbent is left behind.

    • ASSEMBLY voted only for mail in voting only. This was not approved by the voters and we will referendum this away.

      • Where do I sign the petition?

    • They took over the state with SB91 remember #JohnCoghill et al. who’s lining their pockets?

  • What does the acting mayor think she is…a dictator? That in no way sounds legal and she needs to be removed from office immediately.

  • Insanity, lets get this unelected mayor out ASAP

  • You can’t ban a representative from an assembly meeting! That keeps that person from doing her job and properly representing the people who elected her. Is the Anchorage Assembly looking for a physical fight or what?

  • Easy. The BS mail in voting and harvesting.

  • April cannot get here fast enough.

  • eh! Trying to isolate the business owners to smooth talk them and to intimidate them by removing their strongest support sitting as an elect member. Isolate-Divide-Conquer

  • “Unnecessary to attend…” isn’t quite the same as “You can’t attend.”

    That being said, Ms. Allard simply needs to be invited by one of the restaurant attendees. Still barred by the caretaker Mayor? Easy headline (at least here on MRAK): “Caretaker Mayor won’t meet with city’s restaurants if Assembly Member Allard is present.”

  • Assembly members are elected so they can attend the meetings for those that elected them. THE MAYOR NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT OF OFFICE. Communism at its best .

    • The “Acting Mayor” was never elected to that position. She was appointed to that position by the liberal members of tha Assembly.

  • It’s time for Alaska’s restaurant owners to get together like New York restaurant owners did… hundreds of owners have gotten together and banned Gov. Cuomo from their restaurants FOR LIFE for the damage he has caused to their lively hood families and businesses. Time to send a message to those that are destroying Alaska businesses.

  • Uhhh… she can’t do that. She’s not queen. Better to read Robert’s rules of Procedure, me thinks.
    I do think she’s scared out of her mindless ways. Does she have one? She must be getting some awful advice from the former mayor. I’ll just enjoy my popcorn and watch how this poop show goes down. I have a feeling this won’t end well…. for her.

  • Maybe I’m way out on a limb here but how about Anchorage allows their restaurants to reopen and the good people of Anchorage can decide if they want to go out…you know, a personal decision. Then, if someone feels unsafe going to dinner they can decide to stay home!

    • We have household items labeled “toxic” and “keep out of reach of children” and all that. Those items aren’t banned. People are given credit for common sense, and the occasional bad event doesn’t raise a hue and cry for banning whatever.

  • If you let politicians to break the law in an emergency, they will create an emergency in order to break the law.
    And, that is where we are now. A perpetual emergency. Why? Because of a virus that is impossible to contain. Because the politicians want to look like they are doing something, even if it does nothing.
    And, because tin pot dictators must tin pot dictate.

    • Agree

  • Yeah, she’s not “elected” and prohibiting an “elected” assembly member from attending. The acting mayor doesn’t have these powers and has gone rouge.

    • You mean she has gone “Khmer Rouge”. Almost literally!

    • Actually, the Assembly gave the acting mayors that power and authority.

      It is all in the Declaration of Emergency that they continue to extend, even though it is no longer necessary.

      • No they did not. Seven of the ten assembly members voted to give her emergency powers. The Municipality Charter paragraph 10.3 requires 3/4 of the Assembly to pass an emergency ordinance which means it needed eight votes to pass, not seven.
        The businesses who were fined last week should take the Muni to court. As long as they do not get a biased judge, it should be a slam dunk win.

    • If she has any sense of shame, she should be red-faced.

  • Are we not isolated enough from government…. At Her request….
    cmon. They work FOR US anyone can show up an see how OUR employees are doing!!

  • Madam Mayor,

    Your recommendation is quite offensive to the idea of democracy.

    It’s an act of rudeness, too, towards another elected official and, thus, towards her constituency.

    Plain decency would ask you to issue an apology to the citizenry of Anchorage.

    • Edited for brevity:

      Madam Mayor,

      Get stuffed.

  • I’m confused, the meeting sounds like it is a private meeting between the acting mayor and private businesses/sectors, not an assembly meeting. Why does the acting mayor have to invite Assemblywoman Allard?

    How would this be different than any liberal rep or senator asking to be part of meetings with Gov Dunleavy when he meets with private businesses/sectors? I don’t think it would be appropriate there just like it really isn’t here either.

    I could see it being a different situation if one of those businesses that were invited asked Assemblywoman Allard to join, but the article doesn’t state that.

    • Fair question, to which we respond with one of our own…
      What acting mayor, Mike?
      Anchorage’s Assembly installed an unelected fraud in the mayor’s office.
      This fraud came with the obvious intention of ruling, not representing, constituents.
      In this atmosphere of mistrust in, and contempt for, city government, it looks unfortunately like productive residents and their one true representative have to reassert their right to constitutional government.
      If that means inviting themselves to meetings which the Fraudulent Hyphenated-Mayor wants to use as a platform for imposing its will on the business community already damaged by its policies, so be it.
      If the Fraudulent Hyphenated-Mayor is allowed to blunder on unchecked, who knows what’s coming next?

    • It is my understanding that all government meetings in the state of Alaska are bound by state statute to be transparent and open to the public. AS 44.62.310 gives the details. Unless there is some clause that I am missing. From my observation though the Anchorage assembly seems to think they are above state statute.

  • As the former Mayor of the City of Wasilla 2008-14 I would expect the citizens of this valley city to show up and cable me and pull me out of city hall to the street if I disrespected the citizens and city council members the way that the apparent lawless Anchorage government is acting!

  • Marxists tactic is to impose as much control as they can, and if there’s push-back, they retreat, never more than half way. It’s this incremental march to communism which is so difficult for the average person to catch on to.
    Communism attracts mostly those who have so little self control, that they need to control others so they don’t implode. Hitler, for example, displayed very little self control. So little that he had an irresistible compulsion to control the entire world. Nazis, Commies, Marxists, NWO, and etc. are just different flavors of the same thing.
    Most of them are all about “law and order”. They’re compulsive in creating new and more laws. One way or another, they try to impose their will on everyone that they can.
    Many who never turn to politics beat their small children for even imaginable “offenses”. They’re some of the ones who were attracted to the “Me Too” movement. They complain a lot, nagging everyone, over nothing. They’re vicious when they don’t get their way, and are vindictive to the max.
    They get those little lap dogs, the “ankle biters” which their husbands hate. It’s a way of controlling their husband. An act of defiance, owning a “little person” that they “protect” from their husband’s failure to be acceptable of. They’re man haters.
    They’re favorite song is usually “I hate myself for loving you” or something similar … having a woman’s empowering theme.

  • She should attend anyway if she desires. Make the mayor kick her out if she dares.

  • Bars included?

  • To Anchorage’s Fraudulent Hyphenated-Mayor may we respectfully recommend not excluding Assemblywoman Allard.
    Nothing in Anchorage’s Charter empowers even a Non Fraudulent Mayor to exclude Assemblywoman Allard from public meetings.
    Regarding agenda, that train left the station. Productive Anchorage residents seem intent on restoring their economy with or without mayoral “permission”.
    Regarding “enforcement”, we note the Fraudulent Hyphenated-Mayor relies not on the armed might of Anchorage’s sworn law-enforcement community, but on Peoples Official Code Enforcement Commissars to break what looks a lot like the Anchorage Awakening..
    Intriguing… could this be because Anchorage’s law-enforcement community and the citizens they serve share similar contempt for their FH-M?
    We wish the Anchorage Awakening every success. Undoubtedly the Empire will find a way to strike back, but we take comfort from the notion that even the Empire can’t stick everybody in jail
    …and a Fraudulent Hyphenated-Mayor’s regime won’t last forever, even when propped up by an easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme.
    Why? Simply because corruptibles eat their own, dynasties end, nothing assures Anchorage’s FH-M won’t be on some rising star’s menu sooner or later.

  • The acting mayor is the least luminary star in the political oligarchy, and that is really saying something. It’s liking watching a second grader with zero skills be given a trophy and hugging it as if she earned it. What a useless article, And SCREW Johnston. Nobody elected her, her opinion is no more valuable than anyone else’, she is just the shill in the tubby acting mayor’s dog and pony show.

  • The Lawless left is at it again! Come on Anchorage take a stand against them!

  • Do what Assemblyman Michael Dukes used to do up in Fairbanks. Arrive to the meeting wearing an open carry 9mm Glock. Yes sireee.

  • Bruce Abel has the most sensible plan yet! Let the people decide whether they want to eat out or stay home and cower. Politicians be damned!

    • You think just because people stay home are little scaredy cats? I stay home cuz I don’t want one of you fools to make me sick since I’m over 60 and have multiple illnesses. I call that being smart not a chicken rat. I do call people who go around without a mask irresponsible and have no care for their fellow citizens. That’s just my opinion but I’m usually right. You people just don’t want the government telling you what to do. Probably the reason you’re in Alaska is so you can either run away from something or hide from somebody. Living in a dream world that doesn’t exist anymore.

      • “Probably the reason you’re in Alaska is so you can either run away from something or hide from somebody.’

      • “You think just because people stay home are little scaredy cats?”
        Wow, Greg. I did not know you could read minds. That is amazing. You read Wildlupine’s comment, and decided they think people who stay home are afraid. Not sure how you got that from the words written.
        “That’s just my opinion but I’m usually right.”
        Oh, now I see where you get your super ESP abilities from. You are usually right. Funny, I have not actually seen that from reading your comments on MRAK, but then again, I do not have the same mind reading ability that you seem to believe you possess.

  • NEVER vote anyone into office who has a law degree. They’ll bend, and twist, every syllable of everything ever written or spoken to their advantage. #doublespeak
    “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the—if he—if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement. … Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true.” ©Slick Willie

    • ‘They’ve a temper, some of them — particularly verbs: they’re the proudest — adjectives you can do anything with, but not verbs — however, I can manage the whole lot of them!’ Through the Looking Glass

  • At this point the businesses should just skip the “feed you full of BS” meeting and open their businesses wide open. Save yourselves from wasted time you’ll never get back.
    Colorado Ventilation fixes,?.. sounds like more mandatory out of pocket business owners expenses happening here, only to still not be able to fully open up. “BS”
    Like Bruce said, open up fully, if people want to go, then go, if you don’t feel safe, then stay home. Leave it up to the people.
    This unelected mayor and the assembly need to stop with their closed door rule making only to feel self important and for trying to justify their jobs.
    But If you do happen to go to the meeting, make sure as to not point at anyone, otherwise someone might start crying again.

  • I live in copper center, my wife and I are doing are best to support Ak businesses, but we are doing less in Los Anch. How can they prevent their own from attending, and how are those type getting in. I grew up here just south of Paxson and I see use turning into Wash., Or., and Cal. Please urban areas vote, and vote to keep Ak. Fiercely independent.

  • Unchallenged, Little Hitlers bloom into full-blown dictators with life-or-death power over individuals, not just businesses. Does anyone even vaguely recall…….”then they came for me”?

  • Can someone point out where it says the meeting with the private businesses is a public meeting? Based on other comments, I feel like I’m missing something.

  • The mayor is a tyrant and a “wannabe” monarch. I would say to all Anchorage businesses, open now. Set your own parameters, abiding by state recommendations and get your businesses open. At the same time file a class action lawsuit against the Mayor and the borough for damage and loss. I have zero legal knowledge so have no idea how this gets organized but I know it can be done. Also, what legal grounds does the faux mayor have for prohibiting Assemblywoman Allard from any assembly meeting? How can the faux mayor be allowed to blatantly violate state statue requiring open meetings?

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