Mayor-select to Allard: Butt out



We have to ask the question: Why would Anchorage’s placeholder mayor bar an Eagle River assemblywoman from a meeting she is having with restaurant owners today?

It just seems such a terrible idea.

Turns out, Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, intent on reopening the city’s economy, asked about the meeting where it was expected the discussion would center on the whozits and whazits of reopening the eateries with dining capacity set at 50 percent.

Instead of a “the more the merrier” response, Mayor-select Austin Quinn-Davidson invited Allard to butt out.

“Thank you for reaching out to our office; however, the administration feels it is unnecessary for you to attend this meeting,” was the response Allard received, reports.

It should be noted Allard, along with Assemblyman John Weddleton, offered a resolution last week – AR 2020-447 is on the agenda for tonight’s Assembly meeting – that would allow the plug to be pulled on Quinn-Davidson’s emergency order closing the restaurants. The emergency order, to end Jan. 15, is the latest in a series of such orders issued by the city mayor’s office since March 12.

Those edicts have all but crushed the city’s restaurant industry and battered its economy.

The Allard-Weddleton resolution would allow the Assembly to vote the emergency order up or down and also members the option to pick and choose which, if any, elements of the order or regulations should be canceled.

One might think the mayor-select would want the Assembly aboard as she does and says whatever she likely would say or do at the meeting with restaurant owners, and having Allard or others there could be helpful in presenting a full picture – if that is the aim.

We are surprised the city’s faux mayor would be so disrespectful to a sitting member of the Assembly. Nowadays, maybe we should be surprised we are surprised.

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  1. We the citizens of Assembly Woman Allards district will come with her as Security so this unelected garbage of Mayor does not harm her.

  2. Does this mean Jamie will not be getting her 4 hours of Christmas bonus and maybe not a letter from the Mayors office thanking her for her service through these trying times..??

  3. Our positivity rate just fell below 5% which Dr.Zink said was the target for reopening. So, follow the science!

    • Those kinds of people do not wish to listen to cold hard facts, because the facts don’t fit their agenda. They are power-hungry and that is all there is to it.

    • Sickening, seditious and treasonous behavior by these people. Maybe we should insist on a full forensic audit of their recent elections thru Dominion software machine tabulators, along with full forensic audits of each of their petsonal bank accounts. I’d bet they are also guilty of embezzlement by setting aside for themselves a few thousand misappropriated dollars from the CARES ACT funds.

  4. The leftist liberal assembly members feel empowered by the silence from the liberal media and the corrupt justice system.

  5. Allard was about to speak about the experimental vaccine topic before the convenient dinner breaks, so the members and the staff can stuff their faces! How is it the city can be sure people will get the experimental vaccine by May 2021? Not many will be getting it! Which leads up to the speculation, Government will follow Isreal and start issuing Corona vaccine cards showing proof before entry on planes, hotels, government buildings, cultural centers like theaters and museums, or else face problems without it. What was she going to say before she was censored tonight Tues Dec 22nd, 2020?

  6. Quotes from Thomas Jefferson:
    “What country can preserve its’ liberties if its’ rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

    “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and Patriots.”

    Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    Time to stop being sheeple Anchorage.

  7. Run this dip stick so called dictator or I mean mayor out of Anchorage after you run her out of office. She is an insane power hungry loon not a public servant.

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