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Friday, July 23, 2021
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Mayor Quinn-Davidson: The children shall be masked

Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson decreed on Friday that all school children in Anchorage shall wear masks. Even while playing sports, such as basketball, and certainly in classrooms, if they are ever able to actually attend school in person.

Currently, most children are still at home. Pre-K through second grade students are currently scheduled to return to classrooms on Nov. 16. The National Education Association has come out against schools reopening. Private school students are currently attending school in person.

The masking of children by the mayor who has no children was one in a series of orders Quinn-Davidson made as the positive cases of COVID are climbing across Alaska.

In addition to the mandate on children, Quinn-Davidson said those with disabilities who cannot wear masks covering their nose and mouth must wear face shields in public or simply stay home. All people who are exercising in gyms must also wear masks.

She said she is closing the “loophole” on masking.

Without calling it a lockdown or “hunker down” order, Quinn-Davidson is also once again limiting the number of people who may gather together in Anchorage. No more than 10 may gather together if they are eating or drinking and no more than 15 may gather indoors if they are not eating or drinking. Outdoors, the limits are 20 may gather if they are eating or drinking, and 30 may gather if they are not. Classrooms are capped at 50 percent capacity.

There are no specifics coming from Quinn-Davidson how this will impact restaurants or bars. At this point, restaurants can seat groups that are six feet apart or 10 feet apart if they are outside, an unlikely occurrence at this time of year, but an order that is on the books nonetheless. No one may sit at a bar in Anchorage under any circumstances.

Quinn-Davidson became mayor after former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz removed himself from the public arena after embarrassing photos of him naked surfaced, and his relationship with a news reporter made him the subject of national news.

Quinn-Davidson will be mayor until July 1, when the new mayor elected during the April 6, 2021 election is finally seated.

“I’ve been hearing that over and over again even before I started, from local businesses, saying if if we don’t have enforcement of our mandates, people won’t take them seriously. We know many are taking them seriously and we thank you for that. For those who can’t, we will be beefing up enforcement. We’ve posted three positions for code enforcement officers.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • “Loophole” is Democrat code for compliance with laws they don’t like or discover they didn’t make draconian enough.

    Sorry Anchorage, you’re getting exactly what you voted for.

    • The Anchorage Assembly -forced- their easily corruptible mail-in vote system on productive residents so no bond, tax, or incumbent gets left behind.
      Anchorage voters had a reasonably transparent, fairly honest voting system with checks and balances that led to voters’ confidence in the system.
      Now they don’t.
      Now Anchorage voters have to figure out how to ditch easily corruptible mail-in voting while they’re mashed under a hostile Mayor, a hostile Assembly, and a court system obsessed with leniency for violent sex offenders and overthrowing Governor Dunleavy.
      Like walking on the moon… Americans never did that before, either. Until they did.
      So do a favor, cut ’em some slack. It’s not voters’ fault that nearly all of what they elected looked good on the outside, but was rotten to the core on the inside.
      Decent people get mad enough, they’ll figure out what to do with this hyphenated creature and its colony.

    • Not exactly, Steve.

      No one has voted this person to be mayor, (save the secret assembly meeting).
      Unbelievable that Anchorage will have an illegitimate, unelected, mayor for over 8 months.

      • ↑ ↑

    • The people don’t want this. The city election process is rife with corruption and fraud. They send out ballots to every person that technically quailifies to vote. It is a dumpster fire. They only get 22% of those ballots back and never check the ballots for fraud.

  • How did we end up with such a stupid mayor? The voters here got to get something fixed to have even countenance this being with no common sense.

    • With advanced education, comes an inability to implement common sense and use basic rational logic. That’s why the last mayor, a married man, who’s way of life was dependent on public service, and the advancement thereof, couldn’t fathom the poor logic in photographing his own posterior and sending it to a local reporter he was illicitly involved with.
      If we had a functional media, these candidates would be vetted thoroughly before their names are even thrown in the hat. I would imagine, a simple personal credit check would be enough to eliminate most. A credit score under 800 should be enough to disqualify anyone from touching the public coffers!

      • Well said!

    • She went to ASD school system. Do I need to say anymore?

    • We need to get her out. More people going to hospitals over wearing masks. Nobody should ever wear then for sports and working out. People are having panic attacks wearing them.

  • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sheep Anchorage you are pathetic. The Stalinists rule

  • Hockey parents travel from community to spend money at local businesses. It is a win win situation for the players and mothers because it gets them out of the house. It is good for Fathers because men need the physical challenge and it gets them out with their kids. It is good for the kids of all ages because everyone is Zooming and mothers are stuck with kids who have ADD, ADHD, Autism and I could go on and on. Kids need hockey. But, asking kids to wear masks when they are playing is oppressive, when spectators and parents are 30 feet away looking through a plastic barrier, the hosts are taking temperatures and we are all signing in. It takes a lot of money to pay for hockey. Many families go without so their kids can be a on team. We make sacrifices for our kids. Now parents are being told there will be a limit to how many people will be in the rink. I think the number proposed is 50. The rink hosts have used tape everywhere to keep us away from each other. I think every hockey parent in Anchorage understands how serious this is. The Subway Center, The Harry McDonald Center, The Dempsey, and The Boeke all count on ice fees to stay in business. The powers that be really need to take mercy because history is repeating itself at the expense of Anchorage. We no longer have the Alaska Aces as they could not afford The Sullivan Arena Fees. Now the Sulliven is a mens’ homeless shelter. Please let hockey parents and families be their own pods. If hockey means nothing to the assembly members, than they need to really think on a moral level is prioritizing pot shops more important than kids? But for the sake of keeping these rinks afloat, their personnel and money flowing in Anchorage, please recind this decision. Hockey families will be taking their money to Wasilla, home of Sarah Palin and Anchorage’s financial problems will grow. It would just be better to send an inspector to each rink, undercover with a muni id rather than shut Hockey Town Down. I don’t hink any rink owner wants to stand in line for Covid money. Hockey is like apple pie, every color of kid, every nationality and every culture plays hockey. This is a real slash to moral goodness and the American/Canadian/Native/European/Philipino/Asian/African way of life.

    • Betty, Betty, bettee… have you tried running with a mask on? I ran for just three minutes and was simply gasping for air, causing me to suck the mask into my mouth! I had to take my mask OFF to recover. The kids doing sports with be running for long periods of time. It’s not healthy.

  • So what if more people are getting the “virus” and numbers are climbing? I have worked in offices where half an office would be out because of a flu. So what? The mayor is a ding bat and so is the medical group with Crum and Dunleavy. Its been proven that the number of deaths has been lied about and that the numbers of deaths have actually been a different reason and not the virus. The state medical doctor is one of the ding bats I am talking about. The best thing that takes place is the use of the virus money it was intended for and not the lying intentions of the mayor, Crum, Dunleavy and the state medical doctor.

  • Do you know why Bats are not affected by Covid-19?

    no masks

    • Because they have an active immune systems that constantly work to fight infections, even if an infection is not present, unlike our passive immune systems which only activate in response to an actual instance of infection.

  • “Shall.”
    Yes your highness, the little ones will obey your command.

    • Nope they don’t obey it when it specifically says “SHALL” in the Anchorage Charter for the Special Election. They don’t abide by it neither will I.

  • A thug in a skirt.

  • Robert get your wool out, Biden & Harris will be coming for you too.

  • What are the consequences, ie fines? If VP Biden shuts down resource development and locks down Alaska tourism, then Anchorage temp mayor won’t need those code enforcement officers and many other city employees.

  • I keep saying if Dunleavy would stop extending the emergency declaration, then these local examples of fascism will quickly go away.
    This is partially because our governor has given power to local leadership.
    None of this B.S. would happen in South Dakota.

    • Then go to freaking South Dakota so you can deal with that brainless twit Kristi Noem. South Dakota has so many cases now, between 2 motorcycle events and the insane political rallies, that they are going to have to export people needing a hospital bed or triage them and just let the older folks die a miserable suffocating death.

      Alaska is getting close to the same choices.

      You people harassed duly elected Berkowitz out for bad judgment that happened before he was mayor and was between him and his wife. It didn’t affect his job.

      So now you’re stuck with what you have until the next election. Deal with it.

      If you don’t want to wear a mask when you engage in sports, get a shield! Medical tests have definitively proved that masks do no harm!! Not wearing one can kill your mom or grandma or neighbor’s diabetic kid or your asthmatic niece! There’s just no cure for stupid and Anchorage has way too much stupid. So please…take your stupid and your stupid spawn to South Dakota!!

      • Spoken like a truly ignorant individual. These masks do nothing to help. Studies show that. Berkowitz and the Assembly were and still are following an ultra leftist agenda against the needs and wishes of the majority of the people of Anchorage. His cavalier behavior revealed his poor decision making. The interim Mayor is another petty tyrant with no regard for the State or Federal Constitution.

  • Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss.

    • Only worse.

  • So glad I have no kids! Much less in Anchorage schools. Home schooling would be happening real fast!

    • Anyone who is still allowing their children to be intellectually and morally lobotomized by state indoctrination centers is part of the problem.
      Unfortunately, I suspect the goons will be coming for homeschoolers soon.
      Batten down and pray.

    • We have several grandkids in the Anchorage School District. By the time they return to the classroom they will know that Biden stole the election, socialism sucks and to never ever vote for a Democrat. And they’ll also know the Pledge of Allegiance, which they apparently never learned before.

      • So true…

      • Bush stole an election. Biden WON the election.

        • LOL

        • You must have Covid of the brain….but since you don’t have a brain, you need to get off this forum…you don’t belong in Alaska.

  • Those poor kids are gonna be passing out with masks on while running this is stupidity.. Is there anyone out there with brains anymore or are we just serving up the kids without a word? Anchorage parents keep your kids at home or home school. When they can’t pay the light bill for the stupid school then they will have to close. No more masks the insanity needs to stop. Herd immunity, people… That is what the answer is.

  • The tyranny continues with the move of one of the oligarchy into the mayor’s seat. The illegal cancellation of the special election is just one more of the many illegitimate decisions they have made to indenture the Anchorage property owner with even more debt. The Alaska AG should not be silent, the Muni Ombudsman is supposed to be the citizen’s representative when city government runs amuck, but is also silent.

  • So now the people of Anchorage are being ruled over by a dictator who received 7,700 votes from the residents of a city with a population of 291k people.
    She is ruling over you by decree, and totally ignoring science to push her personal agenda.
    Will the residents of Anchorage actually get out and vote during the next election?
    I doubt it….

    • No need to. The Muni is essentially mail-in ballot voting only.

  • No one can tell you what to do with your body and your children’s bodies unless you acquiesce . Why are we letting this acting mayor dictate our lives? Peaceful non compliance. Are we going to stand for this or are we going to take our city back. The time is now. V for Vendetta!

    • Absolutely correct!
      Protest at the Assembly meetings!
      Our Founders are rolling in their graves!

  • This article explains why kids are not walking time Covidbombs.

  • Mink, geese (see Danish news) and canines all carry variants of COVID-19.

  • We should follow the Dakotas-they have the lowest covid cases per capita in the country if not the world.

    • North Dakota has the highest number of cases per capita in the US. Where do you get your info? QAnon???

  • Anchorage?

    Stick a fork in it.

    It’s done.

    Killed by a liberal mob.

    • If we had a Costco out here in the Valley there would be no reason for me to do business in Anchorage.

      • I’m sure you know and would politely suggest that you consider that Three Bears has many of the Costco products you may want… And or Source whatever you need from someone else. Close to where you live, a local Merchant. Pay more? Yes. Stand on principle and not do business in Sin City… Priceless. You decide.
        Bonus… No commute into that rat hole/fighting traffic/save gas. Remember, time is the one thing none of us can get any more of. Why waist time on aggravation that’s not needed?

  • Class action lawsuit… now! One of the mayoral hopefuls should organize a class action lawsuit on behalf of Anchorage residents and businesses… tens of thousands would join. Prove that you can lead right now and you will have no problem getting elected. Right now is your interview, show us what you are capable of. Mike Robbins? Bill Evans? Which one of you can organize this city to fight this tyranny? Whoever does so now, I am sure will carry the election. Government can not force me to put a cover on my breathing holes. Government can not force me to muzzle my kids. No one is stopping anyone from covering their face; if your face covering works then you shouldn’t care whether or not I am covering mine.

  • All these mandates are encouraged and permitted by the Governor.

    Just saying.

  • She better enjoy the next 80 something days until she is no longer the legitimate mayor per the LAW.

    In the mean time, this citizen shall be practicing civil disobedience:)

    • Laws that hinder their foul cause mean nothing to leftists. The only laws that matter to them are the ones they enact, which are designed to solidify their grasp on power.

  • This chick needs to get off her sugar high and put down the damn donuts.

  • Dunleavy is far too nice. The man may mean well but he’s too nice.
    He will do nothing. There will be no course change. Unless… By some miracle he gets a clue… sad, because I do like the guy.

    • Yes, many of us really wanted to like Dunleavy, and supported him in his campaign, but he’s turned out to be a real dud. He should walk away if he can’t bring himself to do the job. He even has a perfect example in Gov. Kristi Noem to emulate, but apparently does not have the spine. “Stand tall,” my foot.
      And I can’t call him “nice” when he is complicit in the destruction of Alaska’s economy, and in Anchorage’s enslavement. In fact it sounds like he sees himself as some kind of hero for accomplishing this. Definitely not “nice.”
      I think the word is “RINO.” The governor apparently does not believe in inalienable rights, the US Constitution or the intelligence and ability of Alaskans to make their own choices and run their own lives. So disappointing.

      • I agree with both you and Craig.

      • It’s just not in our “nice governors” nature to fight, even in defense of our most basic values. George Patton said “All real Americans love to fight”… and when it comes down to where we are now in this state and Nation… No truer words were ever spoken.
        A not sure what the governor thinks he has to gain/lose by remaining silent on so many issues. Too nice. Perhaps thats all it is. I guess maybe he thinks we should all just get along. Such thinking is Fantasyland. I pray that he will engage at some level.

  • Where do they come up with these numbers that will make us safe?

  • Your mask protects people from you if you have Covid. Their masks protect you if they have Covid.

    • How very convenient Marc Elliott…I am responsible for your well-being and you are responsible for mine….what a nice little subject you will make for your communist masters to rule over.

      This liberal assembly is a disgrace. Who does this latest idiot-mayor think is going to be the enforcers of her little power trip? The police she wants to defund?

    • Have you stopped to think how ridiculous this statement is?
      We’re all still waiting for a rational explanation of why viral particles, or the aerosols they travel in, can only move one direction through cloth. Hint: there is none. If you can breathe through the mask, vapor can obviously move both ways. If you can breathe around a face shield, aerosols can move around it too. Even N-95s, designed for filtering small particles (and which significantly affect the wearer’s oxygen levels), only block a percentage of them. Unless you’re in the habit of getting in people’s faces or spitting at strangers, a cloth mask or face shield will not protect either of us from any respiratory virus.

  • Where is that petition to recall this moron?

    • It’s being snuffed out by the leftists in control of Anchorage.

  • Dunleavy like the conservative state of Utah’s governor must be in Soros’s pocket with all these unnecessary mandates for the baby flu.

    Can you say statewide mask mandate in Utah-

    follow the money-who funded these corrupt conservative governor’s campaigns? Soros? Gates?

  • A hyphenated last name is a warning others they’re about to encounter damaged goods. In this case it’s clear; we’ve been saddled with a substitute that’s less than the genuine article… And that was a guy that set the bar pretty low.

    This one needs to go, too. Let’s vote a real one in, soon.

    • Exactly.

  • “No more than 10 may gather together if they are eating or drinking and no more than 15 may gather indoors if they are not eating or drinking. Outdoors, the limits are 20 may gather if they are eating or drinking, and 30 may gather if they are not”.

    I’m going to exceed these numbers at Thanksgiving Dinner and Mayor Lumpy can get stuffed along w/ the turkey.

  • I cant wait to be approached by a one of her brown shirts for not wearing a mask! I have something for them.

    • Her goon squad will be going after businesses, not individuals. They will not have law enforcement powers like the police do. And the police will not enforce a mask mandate. That’s why the goon squad is being hired.

      • I will be calling the police/Quinn Davis enforcers to report myself and my family as a form of peaceful protest over the holidays. Ten people is not very many on Christmas or thanksgiving might as well try to swamp her enforcers and gridlock her enforcers as much as possible

  • The best thing about MRAK is all the positive, hopeful and optimistic comments which are posted. Rarely have I seen or read such kind, thoughtful and compassionate views and opinions about people and politics. Never rude and never judgmental. The mayor is an idiot. A moron. A thug.

    • That’s because MRAK is a conservative based pub. If you want your safe space go to the ADN let down your man bun and top off a tank of your favorite vape juice. Trump supporters have been called racists, bigots, clan members and homophobes just for starters now for 4 years and now you talk about wanting unity a peace and healing?!

    • You must rarely read the truth – it’s hard to come by in most media. The people in power in Anchorage don’t care about the rest of us, and they get what they want by hiding while they’re lying, cheating and stealing. It’s true that name-calling isn’t the high road, but people are fed up; and it’s pointless – in fact in this situation, downright counterproductive – to try to sugar-coat a turd.

    • ADN would never let you post this. That should say a lot!

  • Behold, Idiocracy

  • This is what happens when you elect Liberals from outside the 907. Lower 48 Libs will continue to ruin the state as long as we let them.

    Wake up!

  • They are intentionally conflating positive test results with cases. A case requires a positive test result plus symptoms. They are reporting all test results as cases. Cheers –

    • My hometown in Bandera Texas no longer requires masks and leaves it to businesses to decide yes or no. Including bars. Visited recently and it was great. Felt like I was in America again in a place free of semi martial law. Burn the masks!

  • So the acting mayor says “The kids shall be masked.” I wonder if her definition of the word “shall” here is the same as the definition of the word “shall” in the city charter where it directs that the city “shall” have a special election to fill the vacancy in the mayor’s office.

  • Not to a liberal…

  • Why is military mandating mask wearing at JBER?
    It is just the baby flu.
    Who got to the military?

    Soros again?

    follow the money

  • The voters of Anchorage have met the enemy and it’s them.

  • The Muni by laws or such say an election shall be held. Muni attorney says shall does not mean you need to do it. Does this ruling mean shall wear mask does not mean you need to? Or are there different meanings of law for “them” and “us”?

  • As if Berkowitz wasn’t bad enough, now this Gov. Cuomo want to be is placing Draconian mandates on Anchorage again. Wake up Anchorage! Denounce and throw out your oppressors! Masks and shutdowns do not work but do destroy economies which is their plan. In order to overthrow our nation, they must keep you in fear and shutdown your ability to have a mind of your own. Now the facts about COVID-19. It is more contagious than the flu but less deadly! Protect the most vulnerable with compromised immune systems and leave everyone else alone. It will take its course and Americans are building immunity to it. Stay away from Bill Gates vaccine! The therapies are more effective in stopping it. Do not be afraid of it! The global elites want to shutdown everything again to stop Trump and control you. Biden talked about a Dark Winter (economic reset) for a reason because they need the USA to follow suit with them and they know Trump isn’t going to allow them to destroy us!

  • Did anyone else receive an emergency alert on their phones this morning from the State about COVID-19? When I went to check it, it magically disappeared.

  • Why did my previous post get removed? Hello moderator? What happened to my post?

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