Mayor of New York: Don’t enter stores with your mask on


It was just last June that New York City Mayor Eric Adams made face mask wearing optional for 2- to 4-year-olds. Times have changed. Now, the mayor is telling people to not wear masks when they enter stores and banks.

As it turns out, the masks have led to a crime spree in the Big Apple.

“We are putting out a clear call to all of our shops, do not allow people to enter the store without taking off their face mask,” Adams said in an interview with a local radio station. “Once they’re inside, they can continue to wear it if they so desire to do so.”

Lowering masks also allows security cameras to get a good look at you, the mayor said.

Of course, in New York City, where people were ready to mask up as soon as the Covid-19 virus hit, many stores still have posted reminders and orders to people to wear masks inside their establishments.

“When you see these mask-wearing people, oftentimes it’s not about being fearful of the pandemic, it’s fearful of the police catching them for their deeds,” Adams was quoted as saying on the radio.

In February, New York dropped the mask requirement for health care facilities.

Some liberals are unhappy with the mayor over his policy and say that it amounts to discrimination.

According to NPR, robberies in New York City spiked in 2022 to 17,411, compared with 13,831 in 2021.


  1. Go figure. Same thing here, but the mask wearers have a different motivation. They can be rude without recognition. Most are.

  2. I am so confused — I thought my double masking was the right thing to do. What does Dr. Fauci say? What is NPR saying? What if I have had my five boosters? Does that mean I can continue to double mask? This is most certainly is Russian disinformation.

    • Pretty sure confusion is the goal of our confused leaders that have been elected by a confused electorate. When Light, and Life, and Truth are rejected, this is what a nation has left.

  3. There is a theft-while-masking exemption just as long as the mask has the following two lines printed on it:
    Tik Tok Made Me Do It

  4. It used to be a bad sign if you entered a bank with a mask on. Now Walmart is closing stores because of masked bandits. The more things change the more they stay the same.

    • Weed used to be banned, and plastic bags legal in grocery stores. Now weed is legal, but plastic bags are banned.

  5. Shoot back! After a couple of instances where the ‘peaceful’ robbers are gunned down by store employees and customers, the robbery rate will magically fall. And it won’t matter if any of them are masked or not, so the fouci types can remain faithful to their god.

  6. Is NYsure the so-called criminals aren’t practicing wealth re-distribution what their
    PS taught them to share wealth.

  7. “…it amounts to discrimination.” Love this. Apparently, criminals from certain discriminated cultures want to continue to wear their masks during their daily activities. Thus, the mandate to lower masks “…amounts to discrimination.”
    Do people not know what they just said?

  8. The NY maskers are redistributing wealth.
    That’s what NY (& now AK) votes for.
    Why is this a problem?

  9. Wear masks! Wear two masks! Wear three masks!! Now don’t wear masks!! Now jump up and down on one leg!!! Obey us and do as you’re told!! What a great flock of sheep the US citizenry have become. The founders must be rolling over in their graves.

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