Mayor Dan Sullivan named to Regulatory Commission

Former Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan has been named to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. Sullivan was among several Alaskans named to various boards and commissions today.
The RCA has broad authority over certificates for public utilities and pipelines; including projects as small as village water and wastewater systems to as large as regulated telecommunications, electric, and natural gas monopolies.
Sullivan’s appointment by Gov. Michael Dunleavy must be confirmed the the Legislature in joint session. His term will last for six years. Commissioners and staff work full time in the commission’s Anchorage office. He’s at a Range 27, which is about $103,000 per year.
The RCA may be the entity that will be asked to set some parameters for the merging of ML&P and Chugach Electric, an arrangement made by Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and former Sen. Mark Begich.

Fifteen other people named to boards and commissions include:

Alaska Public Offices Commission

  • Suzanne Hancock of Anchorage (APOC nominee)

Board of Dental Examiners

  • Dr. Jesse Hronkin of Wasilla
  • Dr. Timothy “Jon” Woller of Fairbanks
  • Dr. Kelly Lucas of Wasilla
  • Dr. David Nielson of Anchorage (reappointment)
  • Brittany Dschaak of Dillingham

Board of Examiners in Optometry

  • Dr. Brad Cross of Soldotna

Board of Marital and Family Therapy

  • Dr. Noah Shields of Kenai

Fisherman’s Fund Advisory and Appeals Council

  • Marilyn Charles of Emmonak

Real Estate Commission

  • PeggyAnn McConnochie of Juneau (reappointment)
  • Margaret Nelson of Anchorage
  • Jesse Sumner of Wasilla
  • Jamie Matthews of Glennallen
  • Cheryl Markwood of Fairbanks
  • Michael Tavoliero of Eagle River 


The Regulatory Commission of Alaska consists of five commissioners appointed by the governor and confirmed by the legislature in joint session. Commissioners are appointed to six-year, staggered terms. The commission annually elects one of its members to serve as chair for the following fiscal year. The term as chair is one year. The chair may be elected to not more than three successive terms as chair.