Mara Kimmel, wife of former mayor, is new head of ACLU Alaska


The wife of former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is the new executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska.

Mara Kimmel said, “In these turbulent and trying times, the ACLU of Alaska is doing the work it takes to ensure that all Alaskans have the equal protection and equal opportunity promised under the Constitution. It is an honor and an inspiration to join in this work, where every day the team’s passion for a better community demonstrates a belief in our core values of individual liberties, civil rights, and racial justice.”

Kimmel has had a career in public policy, legal, and advocacy work in justice, immigration, and tribal subsistence. She has also been faculty at the Seattle University School of Law, the University of Alaska Anchorage, and Alaska Pacific University and served as a Senior Research Fellow at the Anchorage Museum. 

Kimmel has been involved in several Alaska initiatives focused on equity, resilience, combating human trafficking, and she’s led the development of Welcoming and Resilience initiatives at the Municipality of Anchorage. 

She takes the reigns from interim executive director Susan Orlansky during a soft transition in May. Kimmel will start full-time with the organization June 1. Orlansky will continue to volunteer with the organization as cooperating council.


    • Thanks for this story. Another cover-up by the Democrats, in their efforts to protect a killer. Well written article. Thanks.

  1. So, passing around nude pics of Ethan with hot tv reporters is still protected free speech? Yep. And the ACLU will be there to defend. Luving it!

    • Good one, Android. I can actually see why Berk took the low road, though. He needed an escape. Big time! Run, Ethan. RUN!

  2. “In these turbulent and trying times, the ACLU of Alaska is doing the work it takes to ensure that all Alaskans have the equal protection and equal opportunity promised under the Constitution”
    That guy Mara killed on arctic boulevard could’ve used some protection like this.

  3. A woman with no respect for America, civility, liberty, or union. Curious choice.

    • No, Ethan stayed with her. ACLU attorneys may be lousy wives, but they sure come in handy from time to time. And this one even looks scarey.

  4. Equal protection, right. Like if I ran someone down on the street, man slaughter. She runs someone down on the street, no problem. These people are like a fungus, they keep growing back.

  5. The ACLU over the years has devolved into an organization that defends the left’s ‘right’ to transform this country into socialist hellhole. It would be interesting to ask Ms Kimmel about her views about the new Ministry of Truth that The Biden regime is pushing. Or about what the definition of ‘misinformation’ is? Or what the ACLU really stands for these days.

  6. Civil liberties ?
    Seriously she and all the other like minded were silent for 2 years while all of our most basic liberties were stolen . Or Is the whole scandemic now forgotten in the fog of War for profit and screaming of “ My Body My Choice “

  7. Another commie socialist regime pick
    Anti american, anti semitic, self loathing demoncrat ready to do more van damage to us all.
    This is just the continuation of the destruction of our once magnificent city from the inside.
    We deserve better than the ex wife of berkoshitz

  8. Kinmel apparently thinks that a Con Convention is only about the right to privacy. Why am I not surprised. Rather than have the people of Alaska review the Constitution and tweak it where needed, she thinks it’s all about women’s rights. It’s not!
    How about reviewing the way Judges are appointed? How about whether the State’s Attorney General should be elected rather than appointed? What about the management of our fisheries resources? Should it be made clearer that Alaska’s natural resources belong to all Alaskans rather than, say, favoring commercial interests. And yes, let the people decide if Alaska’s right to privacy is accomplishing what Alaskan’s want. If the people of Alaska believe the so called right to privacy is interpreted too broadly or too narrowly, why not explain it’s coverage in the Constitution. Times have changed dramatically in the last half century. Let us look at our current constitution and determine if it needs changes consistent with the changes that have occurred since Statehood.
    What is Kimmel so afraid of letting her fellow Alaskans determine the kind of State they wish to live in and raise children

  9. Our town is infested with leftist goblins. The ACLU is more dangerous than a terrorist organization and is responsible for the homeless, mentally ill, and drug addicted roaming our streets.

  10. The ACLU is a hollowed out husk of its former self during its glory days. Why would anyone want to associate with such a biased and political organization that is the absolute opposite of their lofty name.

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